Saturday, August 26, 2017


Let me start this by asking a practical question: what's the probability of an uncontrolled ship sailing off the shore of your country?  Will it get to its intended destination without any form of control?  If your answer is "miraculously" then yes; It will only take a miracle for such to happen. However, the probability of the ship arriving at an undesired destination is very high.

If the ship must sail to its desired destination, it will need the expertise of an experienced sailor working with other crew members.

No matter how good the sailor is, he needs to communicate with people on both sides of the journey (starting and finishing point), he needs to be skillful at reading and interpreting the road map (navigator) and this skill comes from training and consistent practice.

He also needs to be willing to work night and day (hard work) in other to steer the ship and must have the patience to wait until he finally gets to his desired destination.

If we remove any of the listed virtues: knowledge, communication, hard work, persistence and patience; he may not get to his DD but will end up wherever the waves of the sea take him.

These same virtues are needed for us to achieved our desired end in life.

I have heard parents say things like: my children will read the rest, It's too late for me now (even though they are just 37, 38, 39 or 43.... Seriously!??!). In this case, persistence, patience and a burning desire are the missing virtues.

I have also seen lone rangers, who believe they have all the knowledge required  to succeed in life via imagination; you may be smart, but I counsel you to learn to communicate with others either via reading, watching or listening.

Above all, you need to communicate with your spirit man; The Spirit of God in you via deliberate mediation.

You have to be deliberate in your practice to achieve the success you so strongly desire.

You need to be persistent like the woman who persisted with the ungodly judge (Luke 18:1-8) and you need to be patient. Don't give up. Remove every unnecessary back up plans that make you slack. Tell yourself "if I have to fall, I won't fall backward to anything but fall forward towards my desire"

If left uncontrolled, life will steer you to an undesired end via hypnotic rhythm. Remember, fire is good, but if uncontrolled, it will burn your food, leave you hungry and if care is not taken; destroy the building.

You need to put discipline in place in your journey of life; focus on your desired destination and communicate with others (reading, listening, watching and practicing what you've learnt)

Be persistent.

Don't give up, rather, give it all it takes.

What you want is possible; your desired destination is "arrivABLE"


 God bless you.

 Tope Moteni (T.M) | 26th August 2017

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Dear One,

May your life be so significant that your parents will always be honored because of you.

May books upon books be dedicated to your life and times.

May you become a topic of reference and a personality worthy of emulation in the same schools you go through.

May you be a redefinition of the young believer and entrepreneur.

May your voice be an authority in your chosen field of endeavor.

May countries consider it a privilege to have you come over for a holiday or business visit.

May the weather and the elements of these nations NEVER have an adverse effect on your well-being.

We can't spell "health" without the word "heal" so being in health is as though having healing happen so fast that we don't notice. That said, may you NEVER have gory memories of staring at hospital ceilings; from a bed of sickness or affliction.

May you be "economy children" - education paid for via scholarships, clothing, feeding, accommodation paid for via sponsorship.

May you be full of wealth, riches and especially the intangible assets of love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, self-control, meekness, aptness, agility, dexterity etc.

May you repel negative friends and attract positive ones.

May you NEVER have friends that drain you physically and emotionally.

May those that positively motivate and inspire you surround you always.

Be released into your destiny:
Go and prosper!
Go forward!
Go upward!

Be twice your age in wisdom and half your age in visage, vigor and vitality.

You're blessed and highly favored.

Bayor | 9th December 2015

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


The sluggard and the diligent have equal number of hours in a day but their outcomes are poles apart.

Great men approach life with a business mindset; they invest time rather than spend or waste it.

15 So be very careful how you live. Live wisely, not like fools. 
16 I mean that you should use every opportunity you have for doing good, 
because these are evil times.
Ephesians 5:15-16 (ERV)

A new month may have a different name from the previous month; 
However, if the decisions, indecision, actions or inaction are the same as that of the previous month(s), 
it won’t be much of a new month – prayers and well wishes notwithstanding.

12 So teach us to number our days, that we may get us a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12 (AMPC)

May our hearts be guided to do the RIGHT THINGS that bring about the right results this season.

God Bless You.



Excerpt: As it was at the Upper Room, may Unique Gusts of awe-inspiring DIVINE FIRSTS be your experience all through the thirty one days of this month.
May this month indeed mark a New Beginning for you in many areas of your life especially those you have been believing God for a turnaround in.

Excerpt: A woman, when married may still look the same (at least for a while) but her status and name has changed!
May this eight month be for you, the beginning of a POSITIVE CHANGE OF IDENTITY... You WILL be called by a NEW NAME!

Persistence On The Eight Lane | August 2015
Excerpt: A runner dresses close to skin so as to pierce better and faster through the wind. As we race towards the end of the year, it will do us good to travel light; Clad in humility, joy, love, peace etc
May the Grace to run Persistently till the end of this year and all our years,
be multiplied to us this eight month.

Excerpt: God knew Abraham's age before He made the promise to him.
Our future is in God’s memory like our past is in ours.
Let's keep H.O.P.E alive; Having Only Positive Expectations
God IS Faithful; Too Faithful to fail.


If you’re reading this and yet to accept Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and personal Saviour, please pray the below:

Heavenly Father, I come to you today in the name of Jesus. I am a sinner and cannot help myself. I believe with all my heart, that Jesus died for me, that He was buried for me and that He rose triumphantly for me! Forgive me all my sins. Cleanse me with the precious blood of your son, Jesus. Deliver me from sin and Satan to serve you, the true and living God. Today, I accept Jesus as my Lord and personal Saviour. Thank you for saving me! I am born again. I believe that I’m now your true child, in Jesus mighty name.

If you prayed the above prayer sincerely, welcome to a life of victory as a child of the living God! You have been set apart by God. If you need further instruction on this pathway of life, please locate a Bible believing church around you or online. We could also connect on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Please click on any of them below and send me a direct message.

Unless otherwise stated, all scripture references above were taken from the 

New King James Version of the Bible.
Where applicable, emphasis mine.

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Dedicated To All Those Born this Month!