Sunday, December 12, 2010


I’ve had memorable days in all of my years,
Some filled with laughter, some filled with tears.
Some of them I remember, others I wish to forget,
Seeing that instead of joy, these ones brought regret.
But there is a day which stands out from the rest,
This was the day I came to know one of God’s best.
I remember that day as though it didn’t end,
It was the day I met my pastor, the day I met my friend.

When I walked in that day through the doors of the church,
I seemed to have entered his heart, as I left the porch.
Somehow though, he didn’t need to walk into mine,
It just felt like he has always been there from time.
I had walked in as a reject and a nobody,
Wanting to see how I will blend in with everybody.
He taught me that I’m not just anybody,
He made me see that in God, I am indeed somebody.

He believed in my dreams before I knew I had any.
He’s more than Joseph, his interpretations bring liberty.
Much more than a baker, he’s skillful in making bread,
Not the one you’ll take with tea; this kind gets your spirit fed.
Much more than a butler, he’s there to serve you wine,
Not like those from breweries; this one comes fresh from the vine.

What can I say about his spirit of excellence?
How can I describe his wealth of competence?
He’s got character, courage, commitment, compassion,
He’s a great leader in words backed by action.
In diction and elocution, he’s just so winsome;
In looks and complexion, good Lord, he’s so handsome!

Sometimes I inevitably get on his nerves,
Times I feared I’ll get the punishment I deserve.
But in these situations he maintains a calm reserve,
The friendship we share, he would rather preserve.
With gentle words and the maturity he shows,
He gives the rebuke so the child in me grows.

It might be easy to build structures and companies,
But only the truly sent can build lives and destinies.
They make you do much more than what you intend,
They are a few, like the one I call my friend.
So who is this my friend, you might say,
The one I’m speaking about this Lord ’s Day.
More than an acquaintance, he’s such a sweetheart,
He’s my pastor, my friend, his name is GoodHeart


My pastor is a man I see in different lights.
He’s blessed by God with deep insight.
When I’m like a starved sheep in dire need,
God’s Word from him is like succulent feed.
When I feel my search for nurture is complete,
He shows me there’s much more beneath my feet.
He prefers that I don’t run with the herd,
At such times in my life, he is my shepherd.

In seasons of life when like a defeated athlete,
I lay on the floor, intending to quit.
At his counsel I’m strengthened to take it on the chin,
He helps me to remember it’s not over until I win.
With his drills and exercises, mental and spiritual,
I build muscles of endurance and resilience to every trial.
He’s more than a cheerleader in his approach,
He’s my trainer, yes, he’s really my coach.

When in life’s school, it’s like a tough semester,
With so much expected, like one in her third trimester,
He moves me gradually from problem to solution,
Initial stumbling blocks become stepping stones.
Line upon line and precept upon precept,
His instructions make me so much more adept.
These are the times that he’s more than a lecturer,
He brings me to school and he is my teacher.

In happy times of increase and blessing,
I see he’s not intimidated by my lifting.
Though he’s glad that I’m now experiencing comfort,
He’s not hypocritical to be quiet when I fall short.
To those places that I need to go that he’s been,
He shows me an easier path than it was for him.
These are the times that he’s more than a motivator,
Without a doubt, he is my mentor.

Whenever I visit the House of Bread,
I’m always nourished, always well fed.
That’s because whether or not he’s around,
He ensures there’s enough bread to go round.
Like a butler he sees to drinks being on each table,
The wine of the Spirit he pours for all to drink as able.
These are the times that he’s more than a baker,
More than a brother, he is my father

There’s more to him than the eyes can see,
So many things that he’s been to me.
But one thing he’s really been, that’s hard to comprehend,
Is how sincerely he’s always been my friend.
Only a friend would be all the above to me,
Yet relate with me with such great humility.
Handsomely crafted like a great work of art,
He’s a sweetheart, a brave heart, his name is GoodHeart.

Meet my Shepherd, meet my Coach,
Meet God’s servant without reproach
Meet my Teacher, Mentor and Father,
Meet God’s gift to the church like none other.
Meet my Pastor, meet my Friend,
Meet Revd. GoodHeart O. C. Ekwueme.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear Mr. Finisher

Thank You for the privilege to see yet another year end. Indeed, You only start what You’ve finished.
I remember those times at the beginning of the year when, being full of hope and aspirations, I wanted to take on all the good looking opportunities that came my way. Thank You for instructing me at those instances that not all that glitters is gold and not all gold glitters. This made me see the blessings of shut doors and open windows. I’m grateful Sir.
I also remember sometime in the middle of the year when I faced some tests I couldn’t comprehend. Those times when it looked like You went quiet on me because all my prayers seemed to “go into voicemail”. I’m glad You later helped me to understand that The Good Examiner doesn’t talk to His candidate during the exam. Not because He hates him but because He’s confident in both the things He’s taught him and the student’s ability to remember them.
When the end of the year drew near and I didn’t know what to make of the things I wanted that hadn’t come, thank You for reminding me that not every thing that is delayed depreciates in value. Sometimes, we don’t value time enough until we have to wait for it. A minute may seem small until it stands between us and a miracle. A time frame is more valuable with expectation at the end of it. Like vintage wine, passage of time causes growth of not just price but value. Thus, even if some of the items on my list are still not ticked, I’m grateful that You have ticked out all the items on Yours because You know the plans You have for me. Surely, I’ll tick out all items on mine before the year ends.
I would also like to thank You for reminding me that a prophecy isn’t what I’ll see when You do a thing but what You’ve done that I’ll see in time. You went on to say that a wait can become wasted at the last minute because, like someone meeting another person for the first time in a crowded place, everybody seems to be that person. So, I’ll wait until what’s mine arrives.
Looking back, I see that I’m not where I used to be and all worry about the rest of the journey fades away when I remember You are the one leading me. I’m effusively thankful that not only is this year ending well, this decade is ending even better. I could go on and on but please note that the brevity of my words in no way measure up to the intensity of my gratitude. Thanks so much.

Yours in writ,

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Sunday, October 10, 2010


She had been unhappy for quite a while and had been putting down her thoughts in a diary she’s had for years.

One day, she left her diary on the dining table and went to the porch. My curious mind couldn’t resist the temptation to know what she had been scribbling.

I checked her latest entry, the one she made on the 1st of the 10th month being her birthday. It read:

Mirror mirror on the wall,
I’ve got to be the fairest of them all.
Cause, with every stride I get the second gaze,
Sometimes I think I’m just the latest fashion craze,
With my ‘Y’ shaped necklace of twisted river beads,
I’m not surprised my saunter always turns several heads.
The guys kept promising I’ll no more be in need,
It turns out all they were after was just to fill their greed.
Another year has turned and as l look to my clock,
I know the time has come that I need more than just good luck.

It’s been a while since I walked away from nannies,
All those who wanted me just for my goodies.
Now I see my younger ones do far more than I do,
I watch in dismay because I know I’m capable too.
I know success is not how I measure with their deeds,
It’s how much I’ve done against how much I could have achieved.
I sense greatness in me the world is yet to see,
But how can all this be if I don’t even know me?

I’m not the weeping lady with just a jar of oil,
Because on the surface and beneath, I’ve got such great spoil.
The masters didn’t see it and it’s sad to say,
Some of the keepers also misused it and that’s why I’m like this today.
My neighbors get to see and use the sun all through the day,
Sometimes I have to do this my own unique way.
But like a brand new product, I feel life anew,
I’m the brand to rebrand; to rebrand me, rebrand you.

They call me many names but that’s okay,
I remain just who I am no matter what they say.
They label me because they think I’m just another nigger,
But I’m the mother can’t you see, turn the map, I’m the trigger.
See, I know just what they say about a fool at forty,
Of course I should know since I’m ten from sixty.
Please don’t join these folks in this name calling game,
Because every name I bear, you surely bear the same.

Won’t you please arise, o noble compatriot?
It’s me your nation calling, I’ll be glad if you’ll obey
Great lofty heights await, there’s greatness in what I see
Won’t you to be the good you, so I can be the great me?
This is my Jubilee cry, I’m out of all known wrongs
Blow the horn, sound the alarm, ‘cause I’m out of the storm

I believe in me, do you believe in me?
‘cause in reality you are the me they see.
I can’t be me if you won’t be you
So please arise and shine ‘cause everything depends on you.

I closed the diary and Granny walked in, holding a newspaper in her hand that described her birthday party. She looked with heavy eyes at me and said “did you know that the pilot hears two sonic booms as he breaks the sound barrier and enters into a realm of peace?” I was still pondering the relevance and significance of this question when she said “you read my diary didn’t you?” I answered with another question “who were you talking to”. She reached for her seat and said “go look in the mirror on the wall”.

- 'Bayor.

10:10:10 | Facebook: Adebayo Emmanuel Martins

Monday, September 20, 2010


Reaching through eternity into time, the Writer brings under the spotlight of His reading lamp, one of His many bestselling books. Published in the 80’s with handcrafted mocha genuine leather finishing, this book is an explicit summary in the series of six volumes from the publishing house of C&T Martins.

The Writer turns to the first page of the 29th chapter and He smiles as He observes the book’s sections in decades of age range, chapters of seasons, pages of months, sub-headings of weeks, paragraphs of experience, sentences of days and words of friends.

Spread out in gratitude, eyes wide shut in worship, the book smiles back at the Author, thanking Him for His choice of words: the verbs that account for action, the adverbs that help these verbs, the nouns, the pronouns that stand in for the nouns and the adjectives that describe them both.

The Author alone knows how to make an entire book feature as a word in another book and that’s why this book is grateful that YOU are one of such words.

Your being a bestselling book of meaning and being a word with great meaning, makes meaning.

As one of the Writer’s bestselling books, this book title wants you to know that though silver and gold I’m still acquiring, what I have I humbly share and declare:

May you become a word loaded with such meaning that every where you feature in His-Story: this book or others, the world will not only need a dictionary but an encyclopedia to unravel the mysteries of blessings the Writer has loaded you with.

May the Author, God of the Prophets and Poets, make you such a bestseller that your new tithe will surpass your previous income.

May the Writer delete from your life every word that either changes or adds no meaning to your life so that the pages to come in your future will out do previous chapters of your past in meaning and relevance.

May the WORD, cause every Word that He’s spoken over your life to go beyond just being spelt to beginning to count.

Thanks again for adding such meaning to this book title called 'Bayor.

As always and with ever true sincerity,

Thanks for being YOU!

- ‘Bayor

21st September 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010


Driving down the road to the office this morning, I was amidst feelings about the amount of money I had just withdrawn from the bank. This amount of money, little over the price of an iPod Classic of 250GB at the time of this writing, was just taken not because I wanted to get this iPod which I really desire to have but because it accounts for the full amount from one of my income streams. I wasn’t directly worrying about the amount but I could use some more.

This thought was running in the background under layers upon layers of several other things on my mind as I came to an intersection and had to make a stop behind a car that was trying to buy newspapers from a vendor. Now, it was raining, the sort of mild downpour capable of leaving one drenched and sentenced to a night under thick blankets sniffing whilst sipping hot tea. But despite the seeming excuse to stay at home, this vendor guy was selling his papers, carefully kept away in the polythene bag he had secured under his arm for those times he might have to literally make a run for his money if the traffic lights go "green" amidst transactions. I was taken aback in thought as I wondered what the guy would think of if he learnt of my worries. I am quite sure he would give anything to be in my shoes even though I would love a better pair (I also mean that literally).

With this thought, I came to see that sometimes, what we call a problem is someone else’s prayer point. Where someone is whining about his job, another is asking if he could at least have one. A mother is complaining about having to spend so much money on diapers but the one yet to have a child of her own would call that silly. There’s the guy who wants to buy a better car and another who would go to any length to own one. A bloke is bothered about the paint on his house while the other needs a place he can call a house first of all then perhaps a home at some point. And there’s the sister that desires a divorce so badly yet there’s one who doesn’t mind who he is, she just wants to be married.

I don’t know about you, but I have come to learn that one of the best ways to make bad become good is to do what you would do when the good comes even while in the bad. Since joy comes in the morning, I had better start rejoicing in the night so that the day breaks earlier. In the order in which it comes to mind, I am grateful that:

1. I have a God I can thank for giving me things to thank Him for.

2. I have things to be grateful for.

3. I am alive and well, not been to the hospital or admitted for over two decades.

4. I am able to see, talk, think, walk, run, sit, dance, eat, drive, sing, write, read, drink, smell, feel, love, give, taste, swallow, remember, forget, appreciate, urinate, masticate, gesticulate, meditate, contemplate, etc

5. I have a family that is not ashamed to call me a son, brother, uncle, nephew etc.

6. I woke up this morning and didn’t have to ask “where am I?” because I have a sound mind and didn’t need to be told my name or who I am.

7. I have the ability to create music and enjoy music.

8. I know people who have misunderstood me thus making me understand myself.

9. I have people who believe in me even when I don’t believe in myself.

10. I don’t look like what I’ve been through in preparation of where I am going to.

11. I have access to things money can’t buy, things money can buy and money itself.

12. I have mentors and spiritual fathers who are men after God’s own heart.

13. I have contacts on my phone some people book appointments and fill forms to see e.g. the person whose eyes are reading this…YOU.

14. I have people who are actually willing to associate with me - meaning there must be something I have or do and someone I am.

15. I have seen eight months of this year and some people barely made it through the first.


The list goes on but I believe the message is clear.

Thank you so much for taking out time to read this far. When something grand happens to you, I’ll surely be there to cheer but, in the meantime, what are you grateful for?

August 30, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Mr. Author

 I am so honored to be writing You this letter on a computer knowing that You’ve been writing even before writing materials were discovered. I read that You wrote on tablets of stone, palace walls and even on human hearts – with your finger… I won’t bother thinking about how that was achieved. I prefer just standing in awe that You did, hoping that I would not hear of anyone You slapped.
Your Book is to my mind, best-selling, best-read and best-written. That it’s been given out to quite a number of people all over the world and has been quoted, reprinted and revised more times and into more languages and versions than I can dare to enumerate, lends credence to this. The fact that Your Book contains over 60 books and efforts of several authors, perhaps over 30 in number, speaks volumes of Your influence in no small way.
Also, I learnt that You are the only Author that’s present anywhere, anytime, everywhere and every time Your Book is read and will go the distance to explain the text to the one who asks. Indeed, if life is a movie, Your Book is The Script; No wonder it’s called SCRIPT-URE.
Your Book teaches the needed language to study so as to understand when You communicate in similar parlance. It’s little wonder then that people read Your Book and surrender their lives to You.
Your Book describes Your kingdom with the streets of gold and I long to meet You there with as many people as possible that I can get to love reading Your Book.
By the way, permit the use of “Mr. Author” because going through Your Book, I knew I had to pick a name seeing You have quite a “few”.
Motivational speakers get paid to talk about great people but You, greater than the greatest, will pay those who talk about and properly represent You both now and in eternity. Now, that’s what I call Great.
I want to be a bestselling author someday like You when I grow up and I am grateful that You have put in some of the strategies and business ideas into Your Book.
I would have asked for an autographed copy of Your Book but the signature of Your presence is already appended on every page of it.
My warm regards to Your Son; the Word and main theme of Your Book.

Yours in scribbles,
Bayor Martins

22nd May 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Swagger Home

My Head of Department asked to see us all so I had to stay back when most members had gone. I kept poring over the unique teaching I received that evening and the emphasis on understanding the glorious future ahead, made me feel like starting the service all over. I walked to the main street to pick a cab after the meeting and I opted to alight at a point that though much closer home, wasn’t as well lit as the one I would have stopped at usually. However, being already late, I didn’t want to spend any more time outside than usual. So, I started walking towards this eerie path through the “woods” just opposite my apartment. Midway through, I could almost hear footsteps behind me but the much louder voice within me saying ‘I do not have a spirit of fear’, made me pound my feet harder into the ground. With my laptop backpack and my hard-sole ankle shoes, thumping away with so much audacity, you would think it was a one man army approaching.
Seeing there was a gorge of some sort across the route, I decided to follow another path that led to the street in front of the house facing mine so I get to walk around the path and not through it as it were. As I moved toward the street, I saw a figure lurking at the narrow exit from the dark alley to the street. I thought to myself that he definitely chose a wrong day if he intends to mug anybody because with the Word I just heard brewing in me and the song “I’ve got the light of God in me… I've got the spirit of the Son of God” playing out in my mind – a song I haven’t heard or sang in ages that came completely out of the blue – I knew something was about to happen…or so I thought. With the thump in my strides sending shockwaves through the ground towards him, he moved out of the way quickly and when I made my way through, I was expecting him to foolishly lift a finger so I would once and for all confirm if what I was feeling inside of me was the anger that led David to tear open a lion and kill a bear or not. On the contrary, with a rather puzzled voice, he told me “bros, I was just robbed there (referring to the path I just walked through), so please be careful”. I gave a casual response and walked on thinking to myself if he was really robbed or was too confused to rob when he saw “us” coming. The rest of the walk home had more swagger because now I had a further confirmation that “yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”
Well, you don’t need to tell me, I won’t walk that late through the path again but if I have to, it will be a physical “us” this time around and I will be the one holding the cudgel.

‘Bayor Martins
November 2009

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Morning Song

I feel your love around me,
Invisible yet my eyes can see,
Gracious goodness, loving kindness,
Tender mercies, boundless blessings.
Strong as a banner, flowing like a river,
Sweeter than honey, richer than manna,
Refreshing fountain, life giving water,
Living spring, bubbling with life forever.

None compares to You Lord, No one,
Am so glad am a joint heir with your Son.

Copyright © Bayor Martins, 27/01/10

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Butterfly

In the premier of my youthful age, I was rather supposed to be proud of the stage. But little as I was back then, I still had a mind for the best of what I could obtain. In those epic and very wondrous years of my metamorphosis, I became quite fed up with the whole process. If it were you, I know you would feel the same. In fact, you might have even felt more shame. Agreed, growing up should be fun and all that but…it really wasn’t that easy because, for me as a worm, all I had to do was eat the green leaves around and hope that someday I would eventually spread my wings and fly. But it just didn’t seem feasible enough for me. I often wondered to myself if all the fancy and beautiful butterflies I see around ever passed through the same stage I was presently passing through. A lot of things went on in my mind and in response to my ardent desire for answers, Heaven sent me a word through Wisdom that appeared as a little white dove. Now, mama told me to stay off strangers but somehow, he looked like me and I would have considered that thought as a stupid one until He spoke up and said;
“thou son of man, why do you complain saying my cause is disregarded by my God? Do not be afraid, o worm Jacob, o little Israel, for I myself will help you…”
In that moment, I became rather mesmerized by the awareness of His dazzling white and radiant presence that I began to tremble. Indeed I was as one that was dead and even thought that he might as well eat me up. Rather, he called my name and I looked up to see a very strange looking leaf stretched towards me and He said;
“that which is set before you, take it and eat it. It will turn your stomach sour but in your mouth, it will be as sweet as honey”
I took it and ate and He went on to say;
“I once was a man like you. You’re the apple of my eyes. I see what you see and my glory today can be traceable to those times on earth that I sat and understood by books and the Book. You must have heard of the impact I made in just three years after my 30 years of growth and preparation. I’ll advise you to stick to your vision which won’t lie.”
He then turned to go and before I called out after him saying “but who are you Lord?”, he was already out of sight. I however heard His lovely voice from deep within me saying “I am that I am”.
Today, I stand as a young butterfly to testify that those times of hard work paid off and though it wasn’t easy, it was worth it. Surely, sometimes, feeding on the Word and study may be tiresome but it makes all the difference between who you are and who you should be.
Friends, don’t give up the struggle. Feed on, read on and move on. You will make it. I have to fly now. See you at the top.

Copyright © Bayor Martins, Winter 2002

Just for You

My heart is filled with a song for You my lover today. I dreamt of you and I wish I were still asleep. Waking up now, my entire being is singing to You and I am so delighted to know You. I remember the wonderful times we have together when You and I sit and discuss in the early hours of the morning and your warm and gentle touch would ignite my spirit and keep me alive throughout the day. It is sweet to remember the wonderful times when we dine together and with a smile on your face, You instruct me in the way I should go. I really do cherish those times at the beach when You would carry me in your arms and all I wanted to do was just forget about the troubles of this world and remain with You. When You cuddle me in your arms and we see the stars together, You would tell me that the plans You have for me are those of peace and not of evil to bring me to a good and expected end. You are so loving my Dear. I love it when You gaze at my form and commend my beauty saying that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Several times my future would appear unsure and I would be afraid but You would comfort me and remind me that the good work You began, You will complete it in me. When afraid to embark on life’s journey, You reassure me with your words of peace saying You will never leave nor forsake me. The other day, our enemy came and You told me to resist him and he will flee from me. I could go on and on about your mercies and love which are new every morning. Thank You Lily of the valley, Shepherd of my soul and the Living Spring of my life and heart. I love you sweet Jesus.

Yours in tune,


Monday, March 15, 2010


Upon the heavens above, He sits and looks
He watches everything even the springs and brooks
There is nothing hidden from His view
Nothing occurring ever appears to Him as new
He has made every living thing for His glory
Every tree and fruit, that man may not go hungry
I have watched and seen that all living things
The creeping, swimming, walking and those with wings
Pledge their allegiance to Christ the King
To His Almighty feet, His tribute they bring
They have no job on this earth than to eat and sleep
Yet His loving mercy gives them His blessings to keep
I have had questions about His love for me
Whether or not He harkens to my plea
Then one day, in the midst of those dire straits,
He sent His word to me when I no more could wait
He did not use a preacher or usher, pulpit or pew,
He came to me in a language perhaps known to a few
The heavens declare His glory, the skies His handiwork
Is a Scripture that proves creation does talk
When I received the word, it came quite as a shock
Like manna from heaven, water from the rock
Who did He use, what did He say?
When was it received? Was it night or day?
Well, it was through an animal that chews the curd
Through whom, of all creatures, God sent His word
To me it is like the days of Balaam the prophet
Who received an invitation promising to his pocket
And God called him to order from his fa├žade
When his donkey saw an angel on guard
What that animal said to him, this one said to me
When all his provision and care I no more could perceive
In just seven words, I got the message
That earlier on I had read in a passage
“Can’t you see He cares for us?” it said
Just as Psalm 50 verse 10 says, that’s where I had read!
You see, God has engraved us on the palm of His hands
And trials and storms don’t change the fact that His Word stands
I have come to know that there is no greater love
Than that which God sent from above
This Lord Jesus Christ is the purest form of love
Approved by the father with the descent of the dove
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son
That whoever believes in Him should not perish but have life – an eternal one
There is indeed no greater love
Than Christ, sent from above

Bayor Martins – Copyright ©2nd August 2002


My wife is a God fearing woman. She worships God with the unfading beauty of a gentle and quite spirit. She constantly submits her life to Christ and is careful to do his will at all times.
She is a woman of purpose. She walks in her calling as a help meet to me; her husband and she helps in nurturing and bringing my dreams to birth. She brings up our children in the fear of the Lord therefore we call her blessed.
My wife is a submissive woman who submits to God, his word and his constituted authorities. Therefore, she has no problem submitting to me, her husband, in everything. 
She is a woman of godly character. She clothes herself with the garment of honesty, gentleness and the fruits of the spirit. She concentrates her energies on building godly virtues in her inner man. She is thus favored of God and man.
My wife has the mind of Christ and a humble spirit. She doesn’t think of herself more highly than she ought to but she gives honor to me; her husband and those around her. She chooses to serve in humility, so, she receives promotions from both God and man.
She is a virtuous woman. A woman of great worth and value. She honors the Lord with her body and presents it as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto him. Thus, as her husband, my heart safely trusts in her.
My wife’s tongue is a well of life and she knows how to speak a word in season to him that is weary. Her words are seasoned with salt and they minister grace to everyone who hears her. She speaks to me; her husband, with wisdom and to our children with kindness. She is a woman of prayer. She abides in the secret place of the most high. She walks in faith and she is full of the Holy Ghost. She births my dreams and visions in prayer and prays for our children through the circumstances of life. There is no mountain too high or valley too low that she cannot overcome in prayer.
My wife has the spirit of God in her and thus she is able to forgive every wrong. She relates to me; her husband, and all around her with the love of Christ, so she is not easily offended. Therefore, great is her peace.
She shows respect to all people at all times, irrespective of race or religion; class or status; power or position. She treats others the way God wants her to treat them and she recognizes that God is no respecter of persons. She particularly shows respect to me, her husband, and our children, thus, earning our respect.
My wife is a good woman who looks to the welfare of our children and me. She does not eat the bread of idleness. She is relentless in her efforts to see to the needs of our household and she does not engage in idle chatter and fruitless ventures.
She is content in all things so, she maintains a thankful spirit. She does not walk in covetousness because God supplies all her needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
Compiled by ‘Bayor Martins, 29/10/09;

(Ref: “Priced above rubies” by Pastor Bimbo Odukoya)


I am blessed. 
God will bless those who bless me and curse those who curse me. 
I am a blessing to all the peoples of the earth. 
Lord, I am not afraid, for You are my shield and my very great reward. 
I have received all the blessings of Abraham in Christ. 
I will surely become a great and powerful nation and all nations on earth will be blessed through me. 
The Lord has blessed me abundantly and I have become wealthy. 
I planted seed and the same year reaped a hundredfold because the Lord has blessed me.
Thank You, God, for increasing me a thousand times and blessing me as You have promised. 
You love me, Lord; You bless me and increase me. 
The blessings come upon me and overtake me. 
All my possessions are blessed. 
I am blessed when I go in and when I come out. 
The Lord will grant that the enemies who rise against me are defeated before me. 
The enemy comes in one direction and flees before me in seven. 
The Lord sends blessings on everything I put my hand to. 
The Lord blesses me in the land He has given me. 
The Lord has granted me abundant prosperity. 
The Lord has opened the heavens, the storehouse of His bounty, to bless all the work of my hands. 
The Lord has made me the head and not the tail. 
I am always at the top and never at the bottom. 
I fear the Lord and lack nothing. 
My delight is in the law of the Lord. 
On Your law I meditate day and night. 
I am like a tree planted by streams of water which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. 
Whatever I do prospers. 
Thank You, God for You have given me the ability to produce wealth and so confirm Your covenant which You swore to my forefathers. 
I spend my days in prosperity and my descendants will inherit the land. 
I am the righteous and I am flourishing; I have abounding prosperity until the moon is no more. 
I am blessed because I fear the Lord and I find great delight in God’s commands. 
Wealth and riches are in my house. 
I fear the Lord and walk in His ways. 
I eat the fruit of my labor. 
Blessings and prosperity will be mine. 
I love You, and You love me. 
I seek You and find You. 
With You are riches and honor, enduring wealth and prosperity. 
I bring You the whole tithe into the storehouse that there is food in Your house. 
You, Lord Almighty, have thrown open the floodgates of heaven and poured out so much blessing that I do not have room enough for it. 
Lord, You rebuke the devourer for my sake so that he will not destroy the fruit of my ground, nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for me in the field, says the Lord of hosts. 
I have received the blessing of the Lord that has brought me wealth, and He adds no trouble to it. 
I am a generous person. 
I will prosper. 
I have received the righteousness of Christ. 
Prosperity is my reward. 
I have pursued righteousness and love. 
I have found life, prosperity and honor. 
I have received the humility of Christ, and the fear of the Lord has brought me wealth and honor and life. 
God, You have given me wealth and possessions and enabled me to enjoy them, to accept my lot and be happy at my work – this is a gift from You. 
God has blessed me in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. 
God, You grant me according to my heart’s desire and fulfill all my purposes. 
When my desires are fulfilled, it is a tree of life to me. 
God You satisfy my desires with good things so that my youth is renewed like the eagle’s.
I delight myself in You, Lord, and You will give me the desires of my heart. 
You have given me my heart’s desire, and have not withheld the request of my lips. 
For You meet me with the blessings of goodness; You set a crown of pure gold upon my head. 
You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing. 
God, You will satisfy my desires, for I fear You. 
My desires will be granted; for I am righteous. 
Now to You, God, who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that I ask or think, according to the power that works in me. 
I am diligent and my desires are fully satisfied. 
My God shall supply all my needs. 
I prosper in all things, even health, just as my soul prospers. 
For the Lord has pleasure in my prosperity. 
The Lord shall make me plenteous in goods, in the fruit of my body, and in the fruit of my cattle, and in the fruit of my ground. 
The Lord shall command the blessings upon me in all that I set my hand to. 
I seek first the expansion of God’s kingdom worldwide, and all these things shall be added unto me. 
No good thing will He withhold from me whose walk is upright. 
Blessed am I who fears the Lord, who delights greatly in His commandments. 
Wealth and riches shall be in my house. 
I am a faithful person and abound with blessing. 
Blessed is the Lord, who daily loads me with benefits. 
I keep the words of this covenant that I may prosper in all that I do. 
Riches and wealth are the gift of God. 
The Lord will open to me His good treasure. 
I walk in His ways that I may prosper in all I do and wherever I turn myself. 
Jesus came that I may have life, and that I may have it more abundantly. 
I seek the Lord early and find Him. 
Riches and honor are with the Lord; yes, durable riches and righteousness that He may cause me, who loves Him, to inherit substance; and He will fill my treasures.

Compiled by ‘Bayor Martins, 22/01/10;

(Ref: “Think like a billionaire, become a billionaire” by Scot Anderson)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Nigeria Of My Dreams...

After we left baggage reclaim and made our way out of the airport, I couldn’t but notice that quite a number of people arriving the country weren’t citizens and this got me thinking about that time when Nigeria wasn’t on the top list of tourist attractions in the world. How did we get here? Over four decades ago, most of us were leaving the country for “greener pasture”. I then started to recall, as much as I could, the steps the government took decades ago towards proper management of resources, which took off our reliance on revenue from crude oil and made us create wealth via exploits in the agricultural and mineral sector. Soon, we saw transformation in the transport sector with the introduction of efficient railways that freed the roads from the damage heavy trucks were inflicting. The dedicated truck routes and mobile cold rooms allowed faster road travel and proficient conveying of perishable goods like tomatoes which accounted for great profit via export trades. The release of erstwhile government owned lands for commercialized farming and several other large scale businesses by the private sector, enlightening of farmers on the use technological equipment and breakthroughs in agrarian research yielded more profit than was anticipated.

On leaving the airport, I saw a policeman standing, fully equipped with the works like we used to know in the movies. His appearance wasn’t quite as impressive as the presence he commanded which was once the reserve of military personnel during crisis periods that I now only have a very blur memory of. Security and the value for life had become ingrained into the economy so much it was no wonder we had such an influx of foreign investors.

Just before alighting, I opened my wallet and saw my online voter’s card which brought back to my memory in a rush of reminiscence, the fact that this same country, had gotten our online voting system with real time results displayed on the internet, adopted by the very nations that had called us names in the past. Perhaps it was all these things that made my entry into other countries more and more welcoming every time. The centennial independence celebration would be coming up in a few years and unlike our first fifty years, we now had more than enough reasons to celebrate.

I opened the door to alight the cab, my phone rang, and I woke up in an almost drowning pool of my own sweat because NEPA aka Power [with] Holding Company of Nigeria had done what they seemingly do best. If you’ve travelled across time zones before and have been really jet-lagged, then you’ll understand the way I felt because before the journey in my dream, I could remember how much I struggled to explain to my eldest sister’s granddaughter, what the words “generator” and “pothole” meant. In addition to going online, some pictures I had taken during my early years as a freelance journalist were of great help. Groping around for my phone whose alarm had woken me up, the thought of getting a digital camera didn’t leave my mind. Who knows, a picture of an “Okada” or “threesome bumps” might come in handy someday.



Friday, February 12, 2010


You realize, don’t you, that you are the temple of God, and God himself is present in you? No one will get by with vandalizing God’s temple, you can be sure of that. God’s temple is sacred – and you, remember, are the temple.
1st Cor. 3:16 (MSG)

If someone comes up to you and says “my house is always disturbing me that it is too cold so I tore open the roof to allow the sunlight find its way in. The rain may soak all my furniture and drench me but it really doesn’t matter. I just want my house to be happy”. Your initial reaction might be to wonder if it he was joking or perhaps he has some more treatments to undergo before being discharged from the psychiatrist home he apparently ran away from.

That is the way some humans talk to God with the way they use their body especially when it comes to acts of sexual immorality. When God had formed man, He breathed into his nostrils and man became a living being. Without the breath of God, man is mere dust. (Gen. 2:7). Man is a spirit having a soul and living in a body. The real man therefore is not the container but the content. We are occupants of a house-body and we see our world by looking out through two windows called eyes (Eccl. 12:3). Some of us are storey buildings whilst others are bungalows. Some are narrow, others are wide. Our roof or paint can either be black, brown, white etc depending on the Makers design or the home owner’s renovation.

Sexual immorality is fast becoming a norm in our society with the illusion that “everybody is doing it” – nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that a man can be reduced to a loaf of bread and that his soul is destroyed when he indulges in sexual immorality remains ever true (Proverbs 6:26, 32). 

Are you a tenant in you own body, paying the rent of indulgence to your body at the detriment of your soul? You are meant to mortify the flesh and all the lusts thereof: and that means killing off everything connected with that way of death: sexual promiscuity, impurity, lust, doing whatever you feel like whenever you feel like it, and grabbing whatever attracts your fancy. That’s a life shaped by feelings instead of by God. It’s because of this kind of thing that God is about to explode in anger…you know better now, so make sure it’s all gone for good…(Colossians 3:5-8; MSG)

Same principle of chaste applies to our feeding habits. It is said that the most common form of malnutrition in the western world today is obesity. We are finding it more and more difficult to watch what we eat and it is apparent in lives being cut short because of improper feeding. It’s your house; make it cozy and comfortable for your spirit. Your body doesn’t own you, you own it and God owns you (1st Cor. 6:13; 9:27).