Wednesday, November 30, 2011


But now, God has set the members, each one of them, in the body just as he pleased.

1st Cor. 12:18

A woman was given a beautiful wind chime which she admired so much. She put the gift, designed for the open, in her house and occasionally would run her fingers against it to get it going in gracious chimes it wasn’t able to produce on its own because it was in the house. After a while, she let go of her attachment to the gift and hung it close to the door in the foyer. And so with every passing of the wind, time and again, the chime would sing in its dulcet tones to inform all who cared to know that air was in motion. It was now serving its purpose and the manufacturer would indeed have been pleased. With the passage of time however, the voice of the chime began to wane as age took its toll. It was then taken out from the open and like a veteran being laid to rest, it went back into the same case from where it was revealed to the world, leaving behind its position on the porch for the new chime that now must be bought to fill the currently glaring vacuum which would never have existed had the chime not been released into its purpose. Howbeit, the new chime now has a benchmark to relate performance to. It can only be better and not be any less else it would be seen as defective.

 There are no two exactly alike human beings on earth. We were all made with a unique mold and like the chime in the story above, there is a purpose we were created for. We are meant to find and die fulfilling that same task. Jesus walked the earth as a man of purpose. He found what was written about him and died fulfilling it. (Psalm 40:7-8, Luke 4:17-18) Your purpose is that one thing that the world will always remember you for even after you are long gone. Your purpose is closely related to your natural gifts and tendencies. It is that area or field of endeavor where people show you the greatest regard and respect. Your purpose is fueled by passion and when you are passionate about something, you won’t mind doing it for free even if it costs you. It’s something you can do for fun and still earn money. Like Moses who was grieved by the maltreating of a Hebrew slave, those things that frustrates you the most when poorly done are pointers to your purpose. You usually lose track of time when you are doing something you are configured for, something that speaks of your purpose. People are most likely to always meet you for help in your area of purpose.

The extent to which purpose is fulfilled in one generation serves as the yardstick for the coming generation because the glory of the latter is meant to be greater than that of the former. We move from prosperity to posterity when we give our best in and during our time because those coming behind start from where we stopped. Find your purpose and fulfill it. Let it be your one point agenda.

(Inspirations: W2W Magazine - HOTR Lagos, etc...)