Wednesday, December 24, 2014

From Me To You

Dear One,

As we celebrate the Giver and His Gift in the person of Jesus Christ, please permit me to share the links below with you.

I hope they are of blessing and benefit to you.

God bless you.




Morning Wind


Pastor GoodHeart & Pst. Bimbo O. C. Ekwueme
Prof. & Lady Evangelist T. Ade Martins
Sir Lucky and Mrs Nosen Omoluwa
Pst. and Pst. (Mrs) Peter Balogun
Barr. and Mrs Dipo Onifade
Pst. Uche and Chichi Aigbe
Pst. Dr. and Mrs. Temi Odejide
Pastors Edbert and Opeyemi Abebe
Pst. Dr. and Mrs Chinedu Nwosu
Pst. and Mrs Dandison Okubo
Mr. Emmanuel Ameh
Min. Nathaniel Bassey
Min. T.J Hakeem
Exalted Horn Music
Absolute Worship Crew
Min. Micheal Oladipo and Tehillah Company
Mrs Chichi Akinkuade and Destiny Voices
Mr and Mrs Olatunji Fatogun
Mr and Mrs Samuel Martins
Mr and Mrs Abayomi Micheal Fanwo
Mr and Mrs Eyitayo Oyebamiji
Mr and Mrs Ayo Owolabi
Pst. Bola Martins
Pst. Mammah
Management and Staff of Pinnacle Communications Limited.
The Board of Governors, Management and Staff of The Centagon International School, Abuja
Ark Image and Events
Tri-Cam Images
Brainsaiv Photography
Tehillah Gold
Cre8ive Consults
Ade Slim Graphics
Emma Cee
Shola Emmanuel (Rhythm and Sax)
Abiodun Okewoye (Good Life Music Project)
Friends and Well wishers
Great Ones

Song Credits
Afro Medley: Jerry Omole
Morning Wind: ‘Bayor Martins
Worship Medley: More - ‘Bayor Martins; Oghene Do – Frank Edwards
Praise Medley: Mike Aremu
HimPossible: ‘Bayor Martins

Mrs Deborah Owolabi
Mr Abraham Waya
Ms Precious Nkalari
Ms Aderomoke Oni

Mr Anuoluwapo Cornelius – Drums
Mr Femi Adeyemi – Percussions
Mr Tunde Popoola – Talking Drums
Mr Kenneth Ogueji – Bass Guitar
Mr Evans Odion – Lead Guitar
Mr Ifeanyi Nmezi – Keyboards
Mr Andrew Ubogun – Synthesizers
Mr Olorunmoteni Temitope – Saxophone
Mr Oluwakayode  Abe – Saxophone

Mr Samuel Martins

Ark Image and Events

Tehillah Gold

Audu Sunday
Williams John
Moses Yarkwan
Abubakar Mohammed

Paul Johnson for Soundberg Studio
Temitope Olorunmoteni for Leftob Studio
‘Bayor for Soundmind Productions
Adex Okewumi

Paul Johnson for Soundberg Studio
Temitope Olorunmoteni for Leftob Studio

Tri-Cam Images

Adebayo E. Martins (‘Bayor)

L. G. Almighty

 “Morning Wind”


WETIN YOU CARRY??? (What do you carry) | Nathaniel Bassey

Shalom saints, this is a hard Post, but I have to share it all the same. To those who take this in humility, and act accordingly, it would sure change your life. But to those who don't, good luck.
JOHN 7:3-6 (NLT)
3 And Jesus’ brothers said to him, “Leave here and go to Judea, where your followers can see your miracles! 4 You can’t become famous if you hide like this! If you can do such wonderful things, show yourself to the world!” 5 For even his brothers didn’t believe in him. 6 Jesus replied, “Now is not the right time for me to go, but you can go anytime

I'm quite concerned for our younger brethren, in a hurry to shine. I see too many young folks who are in a hurry to shine, have their faces on flyers and billboards, and platforms who have no business holding a mic yet. Most don't even know who they are to begin with. No revelation of God yet. But they want to have albums and sing everywhere. They have not served, but want to be served. They are quick to say God told me, when it is clear God didn't. If you are one of those, can you just SIT DOWN! And know God first!!!! That thing driving you may just be your flesh. A desire to be a star, and that's all. There is time for everything. Your job now is Psalm 27:4. Do that first until the anointing comes on you. Behold the glory first before trying to reflect it. You sing from an overflow of revelation of God. Most don't even have yet. JESUS, the son of God, and God by all standards, spent years learning and asking questions from doctors of the Law. And even when he was asked to "Show himself", said "my time has not come", when you come out before your time, you fizzle out fast!!! And without any impact. The crave to be celebrated is getting out of hand in our time. Truth is, People don't want to celebrate mediocrity. Get some substance first. Haba!
Most genuine music ministers we celebrate today had to go through a path. One of consecration, mentoring and discipleship. Look at Sinach, though not someone I know one on one, apart from meeting her at the Experience. Even after having her songs everywhere, still didn't go everywhere. Only until recently do we see her coming out frequently. She still serves in her church, and submits to her pastor.
By God's grace, I had to be mentored for about 10 years by my late pastor, ESKOR MFON. People would come asking him to have me minister outside, but he would tell them I wasn't mature yet. I could play the trumpet so well, sing and etc. but he insisted I had a lot more to learn.
But now, someone just sings a note, plays a few scales and they want to be independent. They print business cards, have a website, get a PR consultant and want to travel the world. HOW NOW?????
Sit under the Word first. Be mentored. Serve. Submit to a local church and pastor. Practice and work on your craft and character. And when the time comes, it will be very clear.
You won't have to beg to minister, the world would practically chase after you, because you carry something. I ask you, WETIN YOU CARRY?
You want to have REAL IMPACT, with posterity? This is THE WAY. At least in this kingdom. Don't be deceived. There is a path in this kingdom. If you sense a calling to the music ministry, the next thing to do is not to SHEW YOURSELF. RATHER, HIDE YOURSELF....seeking God, until you find him. It is what you have found that you then sing to the world.

This is a hard saying, who shall hear it. I say this out of love. It's hard, but it's the truth. God bless you.

Nathaniel Bassey

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Conversation Worth Sharing...

Last time I came for the Experience, a great trumpeter; Phil Driscoll was among the ministers and President Goodluck had the elections in view.
This year, he also has his re-election in view and there's a great trumpeter on stage also...seems to me, Heaven heralds the right king before the elections...

Nathaniel Bassey:
Hmmmmm..... deep. that's my boy. You are a wise man. Very wise. So proud of you BAYO. You make me proud always.

Monday, December 1, 2014


8 Finishing is better than starting! Patience is better than pride!
-          Ecclesiastes 7:8 (TLB)

Not everyone that started this year is alive this day…
If a living dog is better than a dead lion (Ecclesiastes 9:4), how much more a living lion that’s destined by design to be victorious (Proverbs 30:30)…?

19 Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at the last.
-          Genesis 49:19 (KJV)

Regardless of what this year may have been like, 
have a guarantee in God that we are NOT leaving 2014 defeated!

7 Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase abundantly.
-          Job 8:7 (NKJV)

Just like the children of Israel left Egypt with much spoil (Exodus 12:36), 
we will NOT enter 2015 empty handed.

Like a runner winning the race, the clock has all hands up at 12 o’clock.
In this 12th month, may you with hands raised, 
proclaim "VICTORY AT LAST!" as we approach 2015!

God Bless You!