Wednesday, September 21, 2011


A musician playing skilfully without an audience listening is merely rehearsing.

A public speaker speaking in public to no one in particular would be a rather queer sight.

Famous people have fans, wealthy people are envied, tyrants are feared, and the successful are admired.

But there's a whole new definition of greatness, such that sees grace on the unlikely, glory on the unsung, virtue on the voiceless and fame on the faceless.

They are those that celebrate stars before they begin to shine and applaud the diligent before they know they could perform.

Howbeit, sometimes, it's not the one they cheer on that deserves the spotlight because only the truly great sees and indeed inspires greatness in others.

I prayed and asked God, "Why are the words to really appreciate uncommon people so common and few?

Couldn't there be more words than mere 'Thank You' to appreciate those that are such blessings to me?"

He answered, "Few Words + Much Heart = True Gratitude"

This is to say 'Thank You' for being You.

If I decide to mention everyone that has been a blessing in diverse ways, then this write up might end up being an epistle.

I will nonetheless want to appreciate several people as the names come to mind for all you are, all you do and especially all you did as regards the huge success of the book and album launch held today, 21st September 2011 which also happens to be my birthday. Please note that this list isn’t really exhaustive and might be updated over and again.

Pastor GoodHeart (Thanks for also being a friend to me) & Pastor Bimbo Ekwueme, Pastor Uche Aigbe (Thanks for your prayers), Pastor Dr. Temi Odejide (Thanks for also being a Dad to me), Pastor Akin Olumodeji (Thanks for always being real & down to earth), Pastor Edbert Abebe (your prayer sessions are much enjoyed), Pastor Dr. Chinedu Nwosu (Want to sing like you when I grow up), Prof. T. Ade Martins (You are a noble Dad...and that’s an understatement. Thanks for being both a biological and spiritual father) & Mama, Sir Lucky Omoluwa (you’re a father indeed) & Mrs N. Omoluwa, Barrister Dipo Onifade (thanks for your understanding and simplicity); Nathaniel Bassey (God hears your prayers over me sir), Tehillah Company (you make it easy to connect to heaven in praise and worship), Temitope Olorunmoteni (thanks for being a source of inspiration), Leftob Music Crew, Exalted Horn Crew, Mr & Mrs Tunji Fatogun, Mr & Mrs Samuel Martins, Mr & Mrs Michael Fanwo, Mr & Mrs Tayo Oyebamiji, Deborah Martins, Karis CITH, “Zone 6 Parish” (Erykah, Eunice, Somto, Nanya, Ziva), Julie B, Vivian A, Fola A, Abraham Waya (thanks for the background vocal on the Third Day album track: Songs for YOU), Pastor Fela Durotoye (Thanks for believing in Nigeria and Nigerians), Emmy Pro, Pastor Sam Oye (Thanks for the prayers), Aunty Bisi, Aunty Sola Allyson – Obaniyi (thanks for being you), Mum Jummy, Aunty Jummy, Staff of Pinnacle Investments, Staff of The Centagon International School Abuja, Stevey and staff of Cre8ive Consults, Victor Fash, Mr Hunt, Min. Richard all that received a text to join in prayers, numerous precious friends and media houses. God will thank you for me.

Friday, September 2, 2011


So he sent and brought him in…And the LORD said, “Arise, anoint him; for this is the one!”…And so it was…that David would take a harp and play it with his hand. Then Saul would become refreshed and well, and the distressing spirit would depart from him.

1st Sam. 16: 12-23

David understood spiritual authority. He didn’t try to usurp the king’s throne even though he knew he was anointed for it. He exhibited this and more attributes during his service under King Saul.
Goal: where you are doesn’t define where you are going. When people comment on who they think you are, they are merely describing what they see. Don’t make it your definition. Peter began to sink when he started seeing more of his environment than his destination. Work yourself out of your present position on the job. If you only do what you are paid to do, you’ll keep getting that amount. Work from the future.

People person: learn to work with people publicly that you won’t socialize with personally. God sometimes blesses us via people we don’t even like. Increasing capacity in this facet is seeing situations not just in black and white but in shades of grey.

Way forward: God won’t send you to a job as a problem solver if you would add to the problem yourself. Nobody promotes someone who causes confusion and chaos amongst colleagues.

Team Hermit: work with everybody whilst becoming involved with nobody. If the enemy can limit you to a clique, he can limit your usefulness. Your creativity may be bigger than the clique you are in. Come out of the box if you want God to enlarge you.

Royal Chant: there should be the shout of a king on your inside at always, a place in your heart for God especially when it seems all hell breaks loose. Like David, get artistic when “Saul” gets sarcastic. When you keep your song near you, the devil gets miffed.

Perception: down the line, David knew he had to thread with caution as he saw that he was becoming envied by his boss. He applied wisdom in his behavior and didn’t lose sight of the one that put him there. (1st Sam. 18:14)

God gave us a principle in creation by resting on the seventh day after six days of prior work. The rest is well deserved only when you can look back at what was done and call it “very good”. Give your best. Fit the profile.

- ‘Bayor

(Inspirations: Bishop T.D Jakes, Samuel Martins, Fatogun Martina...etc)