Sunday, December 12, 2010


I’ve had memorable days in all of my years,
Some filled with laughter, some filled with tears.
Some of them I remember, others I wish to forget,
Seeing that instead of joy, these ones brought regret.
But there is a day which stands out from the rest,
This was the day I came to know one of God’s best.
I remember that day as though it didn’t end,
It was the day I met my pastor, the day I met my friend.

When I walked in that day through the doors of the church,
I seemed to have entered his heart, as I left the porch.
Somehow though, he didn’t need to walk into mine,
It just felt like he has always been there from time.
I had walked in as a reject and a nobody,
Wanting to see how I will blend in with everybody.
He taught me that I’m not just anybody,
He made me see that in God, I am indeed somebody.

He believed in my dreams before I knew I had any.
He’s more than Joseph, his interpretations bring liberty.
Much more than a baker, he’s skillful in making bread,
Not the one you’ll take with tea; this kind gets your spirit fed.
Much more than a butler, he’s there to serve you wine,
Not like those from breweries; this one comes fresh from the vine.

What can I say about his spirit of excellence?
How can I describe his wealth of competence?
He’s got character, courage, commitment, compassion,
He’s a great leader in words backed by action.
In diction and elocution, he’s just so winsome;
In looks and complexion, good Lord, he’s so handsome!

Sometimes I inevitably get on his nerves,
Times I feared I’ll get the punishment I deserve.
But in these situations he maintains a calm reserve,
The friendship we share, he would rather preserve.
With gentle words and the maturity he shows,
He gives the rebuke so the child in me grows.

It might be easy to build structures and companies,
But only the truly sent can build lives and destinies.
They make you do much more than what you intend,
They are a few, like the one I call my friend.
So who is this my friend, you might say,
The one I’m speaking about this Lord ’s Day.
More than an acquaintance, he’s such a sweetheart,
He’s my pastor, my friend, his name is GoodHeart


My pastor is a man I see in different lights.
He’s blessed by God with deep insight.
When I’m like a starved sheep in dire need,
God’s Word from him is like succulent feed.
When I feel my search for nurture is complete,
He shows me there’s much more beneath my feet.
He prefers that I don’t run with the herd,
At such times in my life, he is my shepherd.

In seasons of life when like a defeated athlete,
I lay on the floor, intending to quit.
At his counsel I’m strengthened to take it on the chin,
He helps me to remember it’s not over until I win.
With his drills and exercises, mental and spiritual,
I build muscles of endurance and resilience to every trial.
He’s more than a cheerleader in his approach,
He’s my trainer, yes, he’s really my coach.

When in life’s school, it’s like a tough semester,
With so much expected, like one in her third trimester,
He moves me gradually from problem to solution,
Initial stumbling blocks become stepping stones.
Line upon line and precept upon precept,
His instructions make me so much more adept.
These are the times that he’s more than a lecturer,
He brings me to school and he is my teacher.

In happy times of increase and blessing,
I see he’s not intimidated by my lifting.
Though he’s glad that I’m now experiencing comfort,
He’s not hypocritical to be quiet when I fall short.
To those places that I need to go that he’s been,
He shows me an easier path than it was for him.
These are the times that he’s more than a motivator,
Without a doubt, he is my mentor.

Whenever I visit the House of Bread,
I’m always nourished, always well fed.
That’s because whether or not he’s around,
He ensures there’s enough bread to go round.
Like a butler he sees to drinks being on each table,
The wine of the Spirit he pours for all to drink as able.
These are the times that he’s more than a baker,
More than a brother, he is my father

There’s more to him than the eyes can see,
So many things that he’s been to me.
But one thing he’s really been, that’s hard to comprehend,
Is how sincerely he’s always been my friend.
Only a friend would be all the above to me,
Yet relate with me with such great humility.
Handsomely crafted like a great work of art,
He’s a sweetheart, a brave heart, his name is GoodHeart.

Meet my Shepherd, meet my Coach,
Meet God’s servant without reproach
Meet my Teacher, Mentor and Father,
Meet God’s gift to the church like none other.
Meet my Pastor, meet my Friend,
Meet Revd. GoodHeart O. C. Ekwueme.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear Mr. Finisher

Thank You for the privilege to see yet another year end. Indeed, You only start what You’ve finished.
I remember those times at the beginning of the year when, being full of hope and aspirations, I wanted to take on all the good looking opportunities that came my way. Thank You for instructing me at those instances that not all that glitters is gold and not all gold glitters. This made me see the blessings of shut doors and open windows. I’m grateful Sir.
I also remember sometime in the middle of the year when I faced some tests I couldn’t comprehend. Those times when it looked like You went quiet on me because all my prayers seemed to “go into voicemail”. I’m glad You later helped me to understand that The Good Examiner doesn’t talk to His candidate during the exam. Not because He hates him but because He’s confident in both the things He’s taught him and the student’s ability to remember them.
When the end of the year drew near and I didn’t know what to make of the things I wanted that hadn’t come, thank You for reminding me that not every thing that is delayed depreciates in value. Sometimes, we don’t value time enough until we have to wait for it. A minute may seem small until it stands between us and a miracle. A time frame is more valuable with expectation at the end of it. Like vintage wine, passage of time causes growth of not just price but value. Thus, even if some of the items on my list are still not ticked, I’m grateful that You have ticked out all the items on Yours because You know the plans You have for me. Surely, I’ll tick out all items on mine before the year ends.
I would also like to thank You for reminding me that a prophecy isn’t what I’ll see when You do a thing but what You’ve done that I’ll see in time. You went on to say that a wait can become wasted at the last minute because, like someone meeting another person for the first time in a crowded place, everybody seems to be that person. So, I’ll wait until what’s mine arrives.
Looking back, I see that I’m not where I used to be and all worry about the rest of the journey fades away when I remember You are the one leading me. I’m effusively thankful that not only is this year ending well, this decade is ending even better. I could go on and on but please note that the brevity of my words in no way measure up to the intensity of my gratitude. Thanks so much.

Yours in writ,

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