Monday, September 20, 2010


Reaching through eternity into time, the Writer brings under the spotlight of His reading lamp, one of His many bestselling books. Published in the 80’s with handcrafted mocha genuine leather finishing, this book is an explicit summary in the series of six volumes from the publishing house of C&T Martins.

The Writer turns to the first page of the 29th chapter and He smiles as He observes the book’s sections in decades of age range, chapters of seasons, pages of months, sub-headings of weeks, paragraphs of experience, sentences of days and words of friends.

Spread out in gratitude, eyes wide shut in worship, the book smiles back at the Author, thanking Him for His choice of words: the verbs that account for action, the adverbs that help these verbs, the nouns, the pronouns that stand in for the nouns and the adjectives that describe them both.

The Author alone knows how to make an entire book feature as a word in another book and that’s why this book is grateful that YOU are one of such words.

Your being a bestselling book of meaning and being a word with great meaning, makes meaning.

As one of the Writer’s bestselling books, this book title wants you to know that though silver and gold I’m still acquiring, what I have I humbly share and declare:

May you become a word loaded with such meaning that every where you feature in His-Story: this book or others, the world will not only need a dictionary but an encyclopedia to unravel the mysteries of blessings the Writer has loaded you with.

May the Author, God of the Prophets and Poets, make you such a bestseller that your new tithe will surpass your previous income.

May the Writer delete from your life every word that either changes or adds no meaning to your life so that the pages to come in your future will out do previous chapters of your past in meaning and relevance.

May the WORD, cause every Word that He’s spoken over your life to go beyond just being spelt to beginning to count.

Thanks again for adding such meaning to this book title called 'Bayor.

As always and with ever true sincerity,

Thanks for being YOU!

- ‘Bayor

21st September 2010