Thursday, March 31, 2011


Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – you choose.

An experiment was said to have been carried out in the western world to find out the power of words. The research involved a class of young students, divided into two groups and sent into two different rooms. They were to speak over boiled rice which had been kept in these rooms. In one room, they were to say curse words which included “ugly” and in the other they were to say good words which included “beautiful”. The outcome after a number of days was that the rice over which good words were consistently spoken turned out golden yellow in color while that over which curse words were spoken turned dark brown in color. Both portions of rice came from the same source and were supposed to be decaying. The story may either be concocted or real but the truth behind it is in no way demeaned.

In Mark 11:12 – 14, we see the account of Jesus speaking in response to the fig tree which means the fig tree spoke initially by the way it appeared. When Jesus spoke to it, according to Matthew’s account, the tree withered immediately. (Matt. 21:19)

We have the authority to talk back at the things in our lives that are not going the way we want them to. When a work of our hand is not going the way we envisage, it is making a statement directly opposite to what is written in Psalm 1:3b. Every aspect of our lives answer to what we are saying and some of those things are not words but actions and reactions. The way we dress for example is a statement to the world of the worth we place on ourselves. Dress the way you want to be addressed even if you can’t disclose your address yet. Dress for where you are going and how you want to feel not where you are or how you feel. God called us as His children to be thermostats and not thermometers in our surrounding. We call the shots.

This country, Nigeria, is answering to what we the citizens are calling it. Unfortunately, it is sometimes the echo of what foreigners, who do not know Nigeria like we do, are calling it. We are royalty and we ought to be mindful of the things we say because kings don’t make passing remarks, they decree and the subjects enforce it. We have been given the gift of a mouth that cannot be contradicted (Luke 21:15). So, do take care to watch your words because they form your world. We don't just speak when we utter words, we are creating.

Perhaps one of the things that set David apart as a man after God’s heart was that he was wise enough to have prayed to God to set a guard over his lips. (Ps. 141:3). We might want to take a cue from him.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


…male and female, He created them.
Gen. 1:27

Adam says: I want my woman to be quiet, well mannered and not be someone given to nagging. I desire honesty and transparency in her. She should be a good cook, clean and well organized in the kitchen. The fear of God is another virtue I would want. She should be enlightened and not clumsy or portray a lack of people skills especially when she has to welcome guests into our home. She should be teachable and humble, neat and tidy, know how to dress like a sane person – stemming from a true knowledge of what she’s worth; (if she shows all her features to everyone, then what is left for me to see?). She should be down to earth; her ideas of life should not come from a magazine or novel. She should know what she wants, praise me for who I am, give me my space sometimes and tell me what’s on her mind always (am not a psychic). I desire her to be deep, intellectually compatible, and full of virtue and understanding. She should be supportive as the help meet. Simplicity of dressing and makeup is fine by me. She should respect herself, be consistent, not over-demanding, independent financially and able to take initiative. I need her to be there for my children, friendly (even if more wealthy), a good communicator and a hardworking personality. She should brandish an inner beauty of character with a ravishing outward beauty. She should give me the benefit of the doubt and should be one that has past the process of still trying to figure out exactly who she is. She should be given to worship and be fun to be with. She should be cheerful and smart with a priority on being in shape especially after giving birth...

Eve says: He must be a true worshipper of God and a Christian who has a proper reference of love. He should place emphasis on very good personal hygiene – no wet armpits, mouth odors, stinking socks, rumpled clothes and so on. He should be courteous once in a while (what does it take to say “thank you” or “please”?), he should be responsible for his actions (“am sorry” should not be rare in his vocabulary). He should pay his bills and be honest with his income. He should also be smart and humorous, willing to improve himself and acquire more knowledge. I would appreciate him being a good listener, confident and respectable. I can’t follow a parked car – he should be focused and know where he’s going without any confusion about it. He should carry me along and also be teachable; he should not be insecure and unwilling to follow my suggestions because we were both given the mandate to rule and dominate (…God blessed them …Gen. 1:27-28). He should be my friend and shoulder to cry on. He should be intelligent and a good cook…at least to an extent...

God says: Stop impersonating, you’re a god! Be yourself. Be like me and you won’t have any problem. I want better for you than you want for yourself. Rise above stereotypes.

What do YOU say?

 - 'Bayor