Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Dear One,

May your life be so significant that your parents will always be honored because of you.

May books upon books be dedicated to your life and times.

May you become a topic of reference and a personality worthy of emulation in the same schools you go through.

May you be a redefinition of the young believer and entrepreneur.

May your voice be an authority in your chosen field of endeavor.

May countries consider it a privilege to have you come over for a holiday or business visit.

May the weather and the elements of these nations NEVER have an adverse effect on your well-being.

We can't spell "health" without the word "heal" so being in health is as though having healing happen so fast that we don't notice. That said, may you NEVER have gory memories of staring at hospital ceilings; from a bed of sickness or affliction.

May you be "economy children" - education paid for via scholarships, clothing, feeding, accommodation paid for via sponsorship.

May you be full of wealth, riches and especially the intangible assets of love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, self-control, meekness, aptness, agility, dexterity etc.

May you repel negative friends and attract positive ones.

May you NEVER have friends that drain you physically and emotionally.

May those that positively motivate and inspire you surround you always.

Be released into your destiny:
Go and prosper!
Go forward!
Go upward!

Be twice your age in wisdom and half your age in visage, vigor and vitality.

You're blessed and highly favored.

Bayor | 9th December 2015