Saturday, June 29, 2013

Social Media 400 BC | Holy Lafta and Musik


I got a BB broadcast message some time ago that I considered funny (Thanks Grace). It inspired me to come up with something similar which I hope you find comical. I don’t know about you but it gladdens me when people around me are happy and elated - especially if I had a hand in producing that joy and laughter. 

I admire people who have a good sense of humor and can make people laugh. A merry heart is good medicine you know. 
Perhaps that’s why I’m looking forward to being at Holy Lafta and Musik tomorrow, Sunday 30th June 2013 by 5:30pm at the Citadel and Towers. 
Oh, you haven’t heard of it? 
Please see the advert after the cut.

Now, just imagine Akpororo, Owen Gee, Freke and Yaw all under one roof. Hilarious is definitely an understatement. Besides the humor, there’s also good music from Tim Godfrey and the Extreme Crew, Tehillah Company and Rock City Crew. Hope we’ll see you there? For details on the event, please watch the clip above if you haven’t done so already.

Now, back to the broadcast I spoke of earlier. It was titled “Statuses we would be updating on FB, Twitter and BBM if we were in the times of Moses, Noah, Adam and Abraham”
Here are some I came up with (yeah yeah, they’re not that funny I know, just work with me here...)

1. Tweet from an Israelite: @omoisreali
“So Samson still tells Delilah his weakness knowing full well that she meant no good? Na wa o. Judge indeed. #which kain love be dis?

2. BB Status of the Butler in Pharoah’s Palace: 

Guys, it’s official! That handsome dude is now Prime Minister! He's not even a citizen o! 
#Favored Joseph

3. BB Broadcast from a member of the early church: PIN ACTS5111
Breaking News!!! Couple drops dead before service for telling lies! Talk about ‘call to worship’... #I fear God#

4. Balaam Tweets: @showmethemoney
 omg! My donkey just spoke! It sounded like that Eddie guy. #Shrek tinz

5. Facebook user on Elijah’s 40 day walk:
...So the Prophet walks for forty days on just a meal? Need the address to that bakery. #beefing all diz eateries dem

6. Tweet from Soldier on Wall of Jericho: @mumusoja

My comrades and I having a good laugh hia! Diz Israelites av been marching round this city 4 six days now. What? Is this endurance trek ni? #smh Mstcheeeew!

7. Tweet from a Zarephathite: @inodeybible
So the Prophet lived with a widow for that long? Wow! Do those kinda MOGs still exist? Just saying #sealed lips #straight face

8. FB status of 3rd Captain in 2nd Kings 1

But really, did 102 people have to die just because a king wants to talk to a Man of God? Why didn’t they just arrange the meeting on the mountain? Annoyingly enough, the king still dies. #smh# RIP guys...

9. BB DM of Widow's Neighbour: PIN 2KNG417
Like seriously, she borrowed two pots from me and now she's a dealer in oil? Please, has anyone got Elisha's PIN? #double portion tinz #oil and gas on my mind

10. Tweet between Israelis during the Exodus
@mannamuncher: is it just me or our garments seem to have become spandex ever since we left Egypt?
@deut8v4: yeah babe! noticed it too. I'm saving the shopping money. By the way, do you want some quail stew? Think I picked one too many of 'em birds. Don't blame me, they were all over the place na.

To be continued...

Below is the original broadcast I received as a BB BC. Enjoy!
1. Guys its scary, LOT's wife just turned into a pillar of salt #shaking#
2. Pimping my camel, Jerusalem here I come..
3. Just chilling in first class at Noah's ark, the view here is fantastic.. But these
Lions keep staring at me weird. #Noah's voyage#
4. Chilling with Moses by Mt Sinai. Some miracles going on here..
5. Eve and hubby got banished, they ate the forbidden fruit. I mean who does that? #smh#
6. Jacob's status: Things we do for love, cant believe I served her father for 14 years just to get her. Love u Rachel
7. Some people are so cruel hey. Cain how do u kill your own brother? RIP Abel
8. I'm just coming back frm a weddin @ Cana MY GOSH the wine there was the best I've ever drank! But they said earlier the wine won't b enough. #pokerface
9. One of Jesus' disciples post :Wat a long day.. Walking and preaching the gospel. Now chilling with my brothers. These guys are funny..(LLP) Laughing Like Pharaoh.....


Monday, June 17, 2013

To My Father on Fathers' Day | Celebrating Dad at 75

Dear Dad,
Although those are only two words, I want you to know that there are paragraphs with much more sentences behind them. Let me confess before I even start that words are not enough to express my gratitude to God for giving my siblings and I the sort of model you are of who a real Father should be.

First of all, thank you for marrying mum. You both modeled for my siblings and I, what a home should look like. The very air and atmosphere we grew up under was that of peace, love and harmony. I never heard you and mum arguing or fighting. I cherish the memories of you both eating at the dining table and chatting away about events that took place during the day. Thank you for loving mum and us all so much. 
I learnt that a father who’s deeply involved with his children, experiences beneficial health results. I’m sure this is one of the many reasons I don’t have a memory of you hospitalized on account of any ailment. You are as young and vibrant at Seventy Five years as you were many years ago. I also learnt that a father being present at his child’s birth, protected against birth complications and further illness or trauma in the newborn. Little wonder I had to call Mum Ope some time ago to ask her “please have I ever been admitted in the hospital?” and she couldn’t remember also. Thank you for being such a blessing to us all.

We want to thank you for our education. From day one in school till I graduated, we were never sent home for owing school fees. You placed such a high premium on our education that we never lacked ample resources for our education. You and mum made huge sacrifices for us just so we go to the best of schools. It’s no surprise that you are a Professor today because you’ve always valued knowledge and have been an addicted and voracious reader. I’m not sure which one is more likely to happen; that there will be Christmas this year or that you’ll buy another book shelf before the year runs out. Thank you for being such an inspiration in this area.

We want to thank you for a few of the many values and virtues that we have seen you radiate from our years of knowing you as our father. One that stands tall amongst them is your Life of Prayer and Fasting. You apparently didn’t need to tell us too much about God because you’ve spent hours upon hours telling God about us. It’s easy to relate to our Heavenly Father because we see in you a father that truly loves and cares for his own. Amongst many, one instance that sticks to my memory was the day I was sent home from Secondary School because a pen had pierced my gum. I remember you calmly told my Aunty that you had been shown the day before, the initial intention of the enemy which was to have the pen pierce my oesophagus but while praying about it, my throat was shielded and thus the pen was deflected to the gum. Thank you for being a true Priest in our home. You would anoint us, pray for us and give us scriptures to pray with often. You shield us in prayers and our lives are the better for it.

You are an epitome of Humility and Respect for others. Like Mum Ope said during the Thanksgiving Service today, you are “Humble to a fault”. Then there’s also your Integrity and Good Name. I recall a testimony from Elder Atoyebi of when you were given some money to keep and when after a long while the money was requested, it was not just intact in amount but in denomination so much so that the notes had begun to stick together attesting to the fact that they were never touched. Not only are you disciplined concerning money but also with women. Mum testified herself that she never had to question you about any woman. This adds to the many things that give you a good name. My siblings and I are accustomed to the fact that when we hear the question “are you the son of Ade Martins?” it’s an indication that favour is about to come our way. Thank you for building such a strong legacy of Discipline and Order. May you indeed become an institution to reckon with.

Your life of Care and Hospitality is also another quality of noteworthy mention. It’s no surprise to us that we as your children have never been stranded in another land because you’ve been hospitable to many people and have housed, clothed and fed even much more. Your Dedication to duty and Loyalty to your call is simply amazing. You are indeed a man of Purpose and Vision.
You are also tender in your Guidance in that you never pressured anyone of us to study a particular course but would rather instruct us and make us aware of our areas of strength and gifting. Speaking of gifts, we are into music today because you created the enabling environment. Besides sending us to music schools, hardly was there a day without good music playing in the house.

Like I said at the beginning, this note cannot be an exhaustive list seeing that there are more virtues than can be enumerated. It is our heart’s desire that not only will you live long; you will also live to see the fruits of your labor. Your great grand children will get to see and know you. As your days are, so will your strength be.

God Bless you Daddy!
Reverend Professor Titus Ade Martins
We love you.

For: Honored and Blessed members of your Mishpocha,

Sunday, June 16, 2013

MY FATHER IS A CHRISTIAN By Pelumi Kekyawa Ayodele

"The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him." Proverbs 20:7


He leads our household well;
With instruction from the Bible,
Right behaviour he'll compel.

Yet he steers us with compassion;
His gentle love is true:
He conforms to our Lord Jesus
He knows just what to do.

He teaches us with purpose,
Guides us in all Godly ways,
So we will take the right path,
And serve our lord with praise.

I'm glad you're a Christian, Dad
You help me see things clearly.
I'll look up to you,
And love you very dearly.


Dad, if all the fathers
Had lined up one by one,
And God told me to pick,
I'd still choose to be your daughter

I'm proud to have a father
Who's there through thick and thin
Who teaches me and sets fair rules
Without unfair demands

You've been a constant companion
Throughout my life's journey
Even when I didn't understand your ways
You stayed true to your promise

I am who/what I am today
Because you believed in me
You encouraged and stood by me
And loved me every step of the way

My greatest cheerleader you are
Always at the finishing line to welcome me
So dad, if I could pick again,
You know I'd still pick you!

Happy Father's day Popsie mi #Salewa's voice :D :*

(From a Facebook post by Pelumi Kekyawa Ayodele)

Friday, June 14, 2013

As The Days Of A Tree | A Birthday Note To All Great Ones; January - December 2013

The Sun does not argue with darkness, when it appears, darkness disappears!

No matter how long the night season may have been, when the sun rises, everything changes!

A tree by the river in the open field and under open heavens can’t hide from the rays of the sun;


Like a tree in the field, may it be impossible henceforth for you to be denied access to every good gift under heaven.

Like a full grown tree, may you be a shade of protection to nations and a source of blessing to others.

Like a tree planted by the river side, may you never be in want of needed resources that will aid your growth through every stage.

Like a tree with firm roots, may you remain unshaken by the buffeting winds of life and may your connectivity to your true Source be uninterrupted.

Like a tree with vibrant leaves, may your life be all the more colorful and beautiful for the world to see and say “Your God is good”.

Like a tree with strong branches and trunks, may you increase in wisdom to maximize the light that shines on you as opportunities for growth and increase.

Like a tree with seed bearing fruits, may your life yield fruits for good such that generations to come will look back and call you a blessing to your lineage.

...For as the days of a tree, so shall be the days of My people, And My elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands. 

THIS is 2013 and "It's Morning; 
Ekaaro o!"


If you read this on your birthday, do please leave a comment below even if it's just a line with your name and birthday. E.g. I got it. Bayor, 21st September

Monday, June 10, 2013

THE PRODUCT | Inspired By Nathaniel Bassey


(Break All Your Old Records)


Designed And Manufactured To GIVE And To SERVE His Generation By Ministering Before The LORD Using Three Major Creative Art And Scientific Forms Viz; MUSIC, WORDS And I.T. (Information Technology ) Thereby Glorifying Jesus Christ, Establishing HIS Kingdom And Reconciling Men Back To HIM.

Saved (‘Ctrl + S’ed for all of Eternity) - ∞%
R.I.C (Righteousness in Christ) - 100%
DNA (Divine Nature Aggregate) - 100%
Love - 100%
Holy Spirit - 100%
Anointing - 100%
Bitterness - 0%
Strife - 0%
Lust - 0%
Anger a.k.a Folly - 0%
S.O.A.K (Sin Of Any Kind) - 0%
Contains the Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit.
Contains a High Level of Faith and Rhema.

Do not attempt to harm!
Product is Blood Bought, Blood Washed, Blood-Covered, Very Hot and Highly Inflammable.
Product Eats Flesh and Drinks Blood often and with other members of THE Kingdom in a Ceremonial Manner thus making him Immune and ‘Un-jazzable’.
Product is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to Satan and all agents of the dark kingdom. Violation of this warning may result in severe burning and roasting.
Product is allergic to Literature, Music or Videos with sensual or non-edifying content hence the preference for clean smooth jazz, animated movies, ambient music and soul lifting instrumentals among others.
Product is greatly irritated by folk of the opposite gender who do not know the meaning of decency or modesty. He will kill (not just spiritually, but physically if the need arises), any of such idiots that attempts to form ‘Delilah’ around him. Product loves his Wife; Treasure.

Product functions exclusively by God’s Grace and is at His Best in the Presence of God - In a holy and peaceful temperature saturated by Love.
Product is suitable for function at Kingdom events as prescribed by The Spirit.
Product needs to update the software of his Operating System often so will connect to Heaven’s Server via Speaking in Tongues to download and install latest updates and apps. If he ever gets to so speak around you, please don’t think He’s mad, KNOW that he is M.A.D - Making A Difference.
Product functionality and effulgence of unfolding destiny isn’t limited by the confines of human expectations and ideologies. 

Ref. Number: #1st.Cor.2:9
Product Number: #1Pet.2:9
Batch Number: #GEN.1:26-28
Expiry date: Eternity long - Heaven Zone
Sealed by the Holy Ghost
For more details, refer to The Owner’s Manual
Manufactured in Heaven by ELOHIM (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)

(Adapted from a Facebook Status Update of Nathaniel Bassey)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Commanded Blessings of the Command Edition

Great One,

For every single seed of Time, Finances, Prayers, Resources and Graces you've put into making JAM MegaFest 2013; Command Edition, such a Huge success;

May your life begin to show forth fruits that the world will testify of that "this can only be God"

May you move forward in Mega Leaps and Bounds in and on all ramifications of your life and brand.

May festivities filled with joyful mirth be the hallmark of your times in this season and especially before the next episode of JAM Mega Fest at the National Stadium.

May the Fast Track Mandate of 2013 be for you, not just an expression in words but an experience in wealth, wisdom and works of noble worth.

May the commanded blessings of working hand in hand with fellow workers, be yours much more profusely so as to enable you to be a "joint that supplieth" in the very sense of the word.

May the previous edition of testimonies in your life be the least in the tomes of mind boggling testimonies about to ensue from your life by virtue of your service to His Majesty, the King!

It goes without saying that I'm honored to be on such a prestigious team of Kingdom Stewards.

God bless you...and that's an understatement!


I’m quite sure you have a testimony. Here’s one of mine: 
I came into the service with my nose thinking it was “Usain Bolts”. I kept sneezing and sniffing whilst thinking to myself why I didn't come with a jacket or something to keep me warm.
Well, by the time we were going home, my “senior colleague” on the winds - Abraham (aka AB Sax, very skillful and spiritually loaded man he is) brought to my awareness the fact that I was healed. I must have been too engrossed to notice when the ailment left.
Well, there you have it. That’s my testimony. I'm eager to hear yours here. Please leave a comment.
Also, please if you have pictures of the event especially those of the setup, event and after-event that you took on your phone or other devices, pleeeeease do share by sending to I’ll be more than delighted to upload them on this post citing the source.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Who wants to be a "Jojo" | JAM Mega Festival 2013

I love animated movies! Among other things, I see them as a wonderful portrayal of the limitless creative possibilities of the human mind. On a long list of such films is Dr. Seuss'Horton Hears a Who!

I learnt quite a lot from that film including persistence, perseverance and above all, the power of just one person in making a world of difference.

To know about the film in more detail, please click here but kindly permit me to draw a parallel from the last point mentioned above - one person making a difference.

In my opinion, besides Horton, one person that made a difference in the film was Jojo who helped to save an entire city by merely making a definite sound - the one that mattered. If you've watched the film, you’ll remember that although everyone else was shouting “we are here”, it was when he ran up to the highest tower to yell “YOPP!” through the horn used to project Horton’s voice, that the collective sound of the city was able to break through the sound barrier and “pierce the skies” so that the Kangaroo's son, Rudy, on hearing the sound, could grab the clover just before the speck hit the pot of boiling beezelnut oil. The speck was going to be destroyed because The Sour Kangaroo had incited the animals of Nool against Horton’s act of "making up stories about people on specks”.

Now, while the previous paragraph may not make much sense to those who haven’t seen the film, the point I’m trying to make is that every individual has a voice, and that voice is recognized in the spirit realm. Words are seeds and when spoken, they go into the future to wait for us as fruits of the tree that grew from the seed of the words we spoke into the atmosphere. Whilst it is easier to say what we see and accept the status quo, it takes a people of vision to say what they are yet to see physically but are persuaded exist spiritually.

I live in Nigeria and to say that my beloved nation is blessed, is a gross understatement. The fact that things are not quite the way they should be yet, informs us that there is, as it were, a thick cloud of resistance, shading us from the radiant reality of our true destiny as a nation. Now, just imagine what would happen if like the inhabitants of the city of Whoville, we all speak positive words over this nation and embarked on corresponding actions geared towards her growth. I am sure we’ll begin to see the Nigeria of our dreams unfold slowly but surely. It should be that we all would seek the unity, peace and progress of this nation not because we are of a particular tribe or religious belief but merely because we are Nigerians.

At most government functions, national gatherings and even in our schools, we sing the Nigeria National Anthem with a seeming sense of formality but sometimes without really taking to heart the power of the words we’re speaking. I’m sure great things will happen if every time we sing or speak the words of both stanzas of the Nigeria National Anthem (especially the second verse) at national gatherings, we were of one heart and purpose toward the good of this nation. Speaking of national gatherings, have you heard about JAM Mega Festival? No? You may please click here for a full detail of the event but just so you know, it is without doubt one of many such events in this great nation Nigeria that affords every Nigerian an opportunity to release positive words and energy into the atmosphere concerning the destiny and future of this nation Nigeria. Please view the ad after the cut.

JAM Mega Festival is a National Praise Festival and JAM is an acronym that stands for ‘Jesus And Me’. The event has a three-point vision.
1.  Raise Praise and Worship to our God for preserving, protecting and providing for Nigeria.
2. Raise Prayers for the nation, Nigeria.
3. To champion a national relevant, positive nation building theme every year!

JAM is an all night musical event that attracts gospel musicians at the forefront of gospel music in Nigeria and beyond. This year’s edition, tagged “Nigeria: Arise and Shine” will be from 8pm till dawn this Friday, 07th June 2013 live @ The Citadel and Towers; James Wolfensohn Drive, Right Turn before the City Gate when coming into Abuja from the Airport.

I believe that with these outstanding musicians and ministers leading exuberant praise and worship, relevant prayer sessions and messages, we would like Jojo, be making a definite and different sound into the atmosphere concerning this nation. While every other citizen in Whoville was saying "we are here", (more like the murmur from the "masses" about the insensitivity of the government), Jojo went up the tower (more like the Citadel and Towers) and made a different sound - "YOPP!" (more like a true Nigerian refusing to complain and murmur about the economy and what's not working and simply taking a stance to "YOPP!" - Yell Out Prophetic Praise!)

Please note that JAM Mega Festival is a free event and you don't need to purchase any ticket to be a part of the festival.

Trust me, you sincerely do NOT want to miss this one. Your voice matters to the destiny of this nation. Not only on that day but at every point in time. Like Horton said, “A person is a person no matter how small”. Pastor GoodHeart says it this way “Everybody can be Somebody”.

Great One, let’s build the future of this nation together. Let’s quit asking and seeking what Nigeria can do for us. Rather, let’s do something for this nation. I believe that joining other citizens of Nigeria this Friday, 7th of June at the Citadel and Towers to speak into the atmosphere is surely a step in the right direction.

You could follow the trend @Jam_MegaFest on Twitter or check out and for more info and the link to the live streaming of the event.

See you there!

Jesus Christ is Lord!


(Written with excerpts from,!)