Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Psalm 2013:1-12

To the Chief Musician. On a three-valved horn. A Psalm of Bayor.

1. May the LORD thy God bless thee and thy seeds.

2. They shall smite all thine enemies at the gate (plus those hiding in thine habitation).

3. Their names shall be great and although as their parents thou art great, very great, thine greatness will be a fraction of theirs in their generation causing men to call thee an exalted parent of nations.

4. All that thine heart desireth to see them be, do and have (not have, do and be), the LORD thy God will cause thine steps to be ordered into the right places, meeting the right people and executing the right plans for its actualization.

5. Thine head and that of thine spouse shall be lifted amongst thine equals in your time and the times to come.

6. Favor shall be the hallmark of thine times.

7. Thou art blessed and highly favored.

8. Mine heart rejoiceth at the knowledge of thee and the great things yet to come thine way.

9. I beseech thee to not let the book of the law depart from thine handheld devices, laptops and plasma tvs so that thou mayest continually lay the path for thine seeds and generations yet unborn.

10. Stay blessed thou highly favored vessel of the Maker of Heaven and Earth.

11. The Lord smiles on thee and a mind blowing testimony awaiteth thee on the other side of every act of obedience.

12. Thine experience shall be one of such that shall cause NATIONS to fear the LORD thy GOD whose you are and whom you serve.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Your Excellency | Word and Worship Leaders

I have a measure of respect for presidents and kings who can cause men to rise to their feet in applause by the mere sound of their voice.

However, there are some people who by virtue of The Sound behind their voice; get even presidents and kings on their knees in worship of The King of kings.

They are called Worship Leaders or better still, 'Presence Bringers'...

To every True Leader in Worship or Word reading this missive;

Thank you for being a channel and a voice to this generation.

May the oil on your life ceaselessly flow.

May nations answer when you call for one.

May your supplies arrive before the need presses in.

May the Voice behind your voice and behind you be constantly audible and ALWAYS louder than the voices from the crowd and the noise of popular demand.

May that Voice which spoke the world as we know it into existence, accompany your every word to see that none of them falls to the ground.

Like a mirror, may people have to adjust to the right and proper way of living as they bounce their standards for life off the radiance of your pristine personality.

May the 'question-mark-issues' in your life that make people ask 'why?' concerning you, become exclamation marks that'll make people say 'this is God at work in your life!'

May the voices from lips that have the ears of kings and the attention of presidents, mention your name for good in the corridors of power.

May you indeed Finish Strong as one who wasn't merely singing or speaking about Him but rather as one who did so from an abundance of intimate and personal knowledge of Him.

May Heaven's applause of your welcome Home be much more than the sure celebration you'll get when you're full of years and your job's done on this side of eternity.

Thanks for being you Dear Minstrel.

I celeb-rate you; I rate you a celebrity. 

May you NEVER lose relevance. 

May you know HONOUR and FAVOUR from GOD that NO MAN can take credit for.

God bless you...and that's an understatement.

03.03.13 | 10.01.2013 | 03.01.17

Thursday, January 3, 2013

On Board Flight FT2013

Dear Papa,

Even the ears of a deaf man under the sound of your voice during the Cross-Over Service would have popped open because simply put, that was HEAVY!

A plane can't travel faster than the pilot and even those in first class still sit behind the pilot...

As the Captain On Board Flight FT2013;

May your life EFFORTLESSLY be at the forefront of the breakthroughs in The Refuge of House On The Rock this year to the intent of being an infallible proof of the Fast Track Mandate.

May the Clarity of the Voice from Heaven's Control Tower to your heart this year be interminable as you receive orders to steer this plane in the direction of Heaven's Agenda.

May the Wisdom to give Divine Instruction which prevents destruction, rest on you as you marshal out directives to the "Cabin Crew" of Pastors, Ministers, Deacons, HOD's et al.

Dear Mama,

The passengers have no business knowing the discussions that go on between a Pilot and the Co-Pilot and in times of turbulence or situations needing a critical second opinion, the composure and counsel of the Co-Pilot matters...
As the Co-Pilot On Board Flight FT2013;

May the needed grace for words that are like apples of gold in settings of silver, rest on you profusely.

May the ability to hear not just the words but also the gestures of Captain PGH rest on you graciously.

You both see where we are going before we get there and you understand what those gadgets say although it makes no meaning to some of us...

May the grace to communicate the next step clearly to all on board, rest upon you lavishly.

Some of us fall asleep and even watch movies during the flight but you have no luxury of sort.

May the reward of diligence and dedication to duty, be CLEARLY seen in your lives by the time the flight is about land.

As a privileged passenger On Board Flight FT2013;

Permit me to say it's an honour to be on board a flight steered by competent hands.

Awaiting instructions aye!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

An Open letter to Mrs. Bayor Martins | 2013 Epistle

My Treasure,

It’s obvious I’m missing you deeply and can’t wait for us to see. How was your visit to the Fatogun’s? I hear Opeoluwa is now almost your height and Taade’s twins are also enjoying the holidays. Good to know dearie. Did Connie and GoodHeart get to visit Disneyland with their cousins the second time yet? If not, no worries. We’ll go together when I arrive. I’m sure Connie wants daddy around this time also. By the way, I’ve shifted my arrival forward. I’m not sure I can wait that long before seeing you and our children. I am really enjoying my time in His presence and in fact, this missive is to share with you some of the things I’m hearing the Spirit say about this wonderful year 2013. Honey, I can’t really quantify my joy and delight on receiving the various things He had to say about 2013. This God eh? Anyway, make I attempt to gist you small.

You remember how all through last year, He kept saying it was “Glory Dawn”? well, I started asking toward the end of 2012 what He had in mind for this year and one of the things I heard in my spirit was “the Sun changes everything”. I kept wondering what this meant until I understood that the dawn may be confused for sunrise until the leading edge of the sun itself appears above the horizon. This was when it suddenly occurred to me that the twelve months of 2012 were more or less like twelve minutes of twilight between the Glory Dawn of 2012 and the Morning Glory of 2013. O babes, I just dey happy as that Word come. He didn’t stop there o, he revealed several other things that lead to the January “text of the month” that I sent to my friends; The Great Ones. You remember the text read: “Changes of Teenage years are hard to hide. As we move from Glory DAWN to MORNING GLORY, May the next 7 SEASONS of change announce U! 2013: It’s MORNING! Ekaaro o” abi? Now let me try to highlight some of the things that lead to that text.  

Changes of Teenage years are hard to hide: Teenagers are bound to undergo not just physical but emotional changes. Thank God for the foundation we’ve given Connie and Goodheart so I’m confident they won’t follow the band wagon of teens that feel they know it all or can dress like crazy with trousers going down and skirts going up. Now, for this year, I believe we need to step up our walk of obedience and humility because I discovered that according to the Law of First Mention, the number 13 first appeared in Genesis 14:4: “Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and in the thirteenth year they rebelled” and I also found out that to write thirteen in Hebrew, they wrote two Hebrew letters: yod-gimel. And these letters signify the hand (outworking) of pride. Little wonder there’s this element of pride and “I know it all” that’s characteristic of teenagers who are those from ages 13 through 19. Speaking of which, that’s the reason for the line “May the next 7 SEASONS of change announce U” in that text. It’s seven years from 2013 to 2019, and should Jesus tarry, it’ll be years of abundance and of glorious and EVIDENT change in our lives and most especially in our nation – Nigeria. (He even reminded me about the message uncle FD preached during KMN years ago when he spoke about Nigeria being the most desirable nation to live in years from now. Similarly, while we were in Kenya, Daddy G.O. also said that very soon, when presenting the Green Passport at the airport, they won’t ask you to step aside because they want to search you again but because they want you to pray for them).
Furthermore, you obviously know more than I do that the changes of the teen years, especially in the female gender, draws attention to them (no wonder some of them play hard to get and overdo it till they are hard to find. Lol!). So, this informs me that the year is replete with favour and open doors.
Before I forget, abeg remind me to always end every monthly text this year with “2013: Ekaaro o!” or “2013: It’s Morning” because that’s the running theme more or less. I believe it is so because of the other phrases of that text which are “MORNING GLORY” and “It’s MORNING!”. Let me try and explain these also.

MORNING GLORY:  The sun has its glory (1st Cor. 15:41). This is linked to the first thing He said about the sun that I stated earlier (i.e. the Sun changes everything). Two scriptures; Psalm 30:5b and Mal. 4:2, help to further clarify this. You know Psalm 30:5b says “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” right? Now, that implies that the sun can be a metaphor for joy. So, Shouts of Joy won’t cease from our lips this year. Also, Mal. 4:2 reads “But to you who fear My name the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings; and you shall go out and grow fat like stall-fed calves.” That reaffirms the Covenant of Health to us as a family dearie. When I come, we’ll study these things in detail but let me quickly highlight some other things I saw under this point.

Growth: The Sun facilitates growth in living things. The changes in a teen surely depicts growth and as the second passage states “...you shall go out and grow fat...”, in this year, I see God not just calling us to a deeper walk and intimacy of fellowship with the Holy Spirit, but also to an increase in capacity for the things he wants to do through, to, for, by and with us. There’s no growth if the bones remain young so we have to work on our spiritual structure. Studying the Word and Prayers must go to the next level. I thank God for your amazing depth in these areas but there’s more my sweets, much more awaiting us. It’s a year of instructions and divine directives. Dearie, no dulling o. In fact, speaking of dull, another thing the sun connotes is Light which in this context would mean Revelation. You know, revelation runs circles around resolutions because revelation comes with an understanding of the purpose for the instruction. I’m saying this based on the scripture; Psalm 119:130.

Now, I also found another thing interesting baby girl; it’s the same sun that is much needed in the cold regions on earth for warmth that could literally be a torment in other parts of the earth (in fact I no understand Abuja weather these days o! Like say na rain during Easter wan fall ne or na dry season? Hia! ). Thus, the sun is many things to many places. This also informs me about the year 2013: it will be quick judgement on the wicked and vindication for the righteous.

You know say our gist nor dey gree finish na so we go dey talk more when we see but make I just quickly mention wetin I understand byIt’s MORNING”.
Several things happen (or should happen) in the morning. First of all, people wake up! This speaks of coming back to reality. Getting into the place of doing something about the dreams you’ve been having. (abeg, remind me to play you the demo of the single I’m planning to (and surely must) record with Gospel this quarter for radio play. You go like am!) It’s a time to live consciously. Baby girl, time no dey o! When we enter 2013 sef? Three weeks don waka fa! Tor!

Now, another thing that happens in the morning is that ideally, people should have their breakfast and go to work. Breakfast, they say, is the most important meal of the day and this buttresses the need for study and prayers alluded to earlier. "Give us our daily bread" as you know isn't a prayer merely for the physical seeing that He's the bread of life. In that same Mal. 4:2, we see “and you shall go out and grow fat like stall-fed calves.” Like PGH so adroitly put it, this is a year to work hand in hand with God because  manna won't fall anymore. We must now put seed in the ground and water it. God’s always going to give the increase. We need to get out of our comfort zones and live to do more for the kingdom. Similarly, while at work, it’s good to do first things first. We can’t have Fast Track if we’re on the wrong track. Prioritizing and time management is key. At the office, although some colleagues can be a distraction yet we still need others to achieve more. And like PGH has been reiterating, this year, we should place a premium on networks, alliances, allegiances and relationships. Let me stop here for now.

Darling, I’m sincerely trusting God for a now word for every monthly text from February onwards fa! I want to write more and send more this year but only as led because like during Christmas last year, I felt that when everyone is saying something, no one is being truly heard. Se I told you about the anonymous payments into the account because of those texts ba? In fact, among several other comments, I also got a call from a great man in Kaduna telling me not to stop sending these messages because they are making such impact that I may have no idea about. Whenever I feel like quitting, I remember that somebody out there may just need a word from God and I am ever so humbled that He’ll choose to use this gift and my music to reach out to people. I believe God indeed heard the simple prayer I prayed in 2001(or is it 2003?) when I needed a phone and told God to give me one so I can send text messages. Well, it's all good.

Before I "drop my golden pen" (why you dey laugh na?), Honey pie, thank you for being there for me always. If I attempt to articulate all that you have been and still are to me in these many years (which feels like two weeks by the way) of our being married, I might end up writing a book dearie. Thank you for being my friend for life. Thank you for being such a wonderfully-made companion and close confidant. Thanks for being such a great mother; How you manage being more or less a sylph after the children beats me. I know the healthy diet and exercise play a part but I think your walk with Him adds that extra touch that makes you so pristine. It's easier to remain fit with a weight under 60kg by just being with you. Little wonder I always look forward to our weekly date night. I’m sure Constance Martins is telling everyone in heaven about you. Thanks for dressing like a real woman on her way forward to Heaven and not backwards to Eden. Thank you for being my support because every head needs the neck. Thank you for being my glory like Paul stated in 1st Cor. 11:7. Thank you for such a deep seated passion and love for the kingdom. Thank you for releasing me occasionally to seek His face. Thank you for being such a "Proverbs 31" woman. If, as they say, men don't know how to say "I love you", it may just be because not all men know you. Another reason I'm excited about the future is because you are in it. If I had my way, I would write it on my blog and all available social media to all that care to know that I am the most favored man alive and the reason is not far fetched: I married you!

I love you honey. More gist when we see jare.

 - 'Bayor 

2013: It's Morning!

The changes that occur during the teenage years of an individual are easily noticed. As we move from Glory DAWN 2 MORNING GLORY, may the next 7 SEASONS of change (the teenage years of 13 to 19 are seven in number) announce you!
2013: It’s MORNING! Ekaaro o!