Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Mr. Author

 I am so honored to be writing You this letter on a computer knowing that You’ve been writing even before writing materials were discovered. I read that You wrote on tablets of stone, palace walls and even on human hearts – with your finger… I won’t bother thinking about how that was achieved. I prefer just standing in awe that You did, hoping that I would not hear of anyone You slapped.
Your Book is to my mind, best-selling, best-read and best-written. That it’s been given out to quite a number of people all over the world and has been quoted, reprinted and revised more times and into more languages and versions than I can dare to enumerate, lends credence to this. The fact that Your Book contains over 60 books and efforts of several authors, perhaps over 30 in number, speaks volumes of Your influence in no small way.
Also, I learnt that You are the only Author that’s present anywhere, anytime, everywhere and every time Your Book is read and will go the distance to explain the text to the one who asks. Indeed, if life is a movie, Your Book is The Script; No wonder it’s called SCRIPT-URE.
Your Book teaches the needed language to study so as to understand when You communicate in similar parlance. It’s little wonder then that people read Your Book and surrender their lives to You.
Your Book describes Your kingdom with the streets of gold and I long to meet You there with as many people as possible that I can get to love reading Your Book.
By the way, permit the use of “Mr. Author” because going through Your Book, I knew I had to pick a name seeing You have quite a “few”.
Motivational speakers get paid to talk about great people but You, greater than the greatest, will pay those who talk about and properly represent You both now and in eternity. Now, that’s what I call Great.
I want to be a bestselling author someday like You when I grow up and I am grateful that You have put in some of the strategies and business ideas into Your Book.
I would have asked for an autographed copy of Your Book but the signature of Your presence is already appended on every page of it.
My warm regards to Your Son; the Word and main theme of Your Book.

Yours in scribbles,
Bayor Martins

22nd May 2010

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