Sunday, June 27, 2021

ARE YOU AN AUTHOR? | #JustAThought

Over a decade ago, I published a book titled “Crumbs” and after a few years, began to nurture the idea for a sequel. I wrote down the title and started working on some of the contents. 

This year, I began to send missives to many of my contacts and would sometimes include some thoughts that may eventually be in the book. Weeks ago, I sent a message that read:

Our lives are like books being written. We will be read whether we realize we are writing or not. 

If actions speak louder than words, we’re more like audio books many are listening to. This volume, they see. An example or a warning, we decide the tome to be.

The more we live our lives in alignment to The Author, the better we author lives that are well worth the read.

Later, I asked over a thousand people this question:

Please, if I wanted to write a book and asked you to kindly suggest a title or topic, what topic or title would you suggest?

Just curious to know your thought on this. What do you think I should write about?

From the numerous answers, I came to the following conclusions:

1. You are a book: Many of the responses affirmed the message of the week before. People sent in topics that in my opinion, described their perception of me. 

2. You have a book: It is said that we don’t see the world the way it is, we see the world the way we are. I read some responses and said to myself, “that is not a book I should write, that is a book YOU should be writing”. The title was a perfect description of the sender. You alone can describe what you have in your imagination. Until you say it, we won't see it.

3. You don’t need a book: some responses suggested that “we shouldn’t have to tell you who you are, you should know”. You’re with yourself more than anyone else.

4. Who needs a book?: For some reason, some responses (and silences) just communicated to me that “Bros, that is your problem, not mine.”

Maybe sometime soon, I’ll send some of the titles and topic suggestions as a post. 

Just felt to share these thoughts.


  1. Good bless you sir. More inspiration

  2. Wehdone sah! I lost my melancholy to the vicissitudes of life. More grace as you maximise yours.

  3. More grace for more insight in Jesus name, i celebrate you sir

  4. Thanks so much Bayor. "You are a Book" sounds more logical

  5. Really inspiring. You are a great book yourself... A good read I must commend. Pray u more grace and insight.

  6. We don't see the world the way it is. We see it the way we are. Nice one bro. More grace.

  7. Hmmm!!! Your words and thoughts are more like a philosopher. The truth is only you can actually conclude on what to write about. Keep it up.