Sunday, December 12, 2010


I’ve had memorable days in all of my years,
Some filled with laughter, some filled with tears.
Some of them I remember, others I wish to forget,
Seeing that instead of joy, these ones brought regret.
But there is a day which stands out from the rest,
This was the day I came to know one of God’s best.
I remember that day as though it didn’t end,
It was the day I met my pastor, the day I met my friend.

When I walked in that day through the doors of the church,
I seemed to have entered his heart, as I left the porch.
Somehow though, he didn’t need to walk into mine,
It just felt like he has always been there from time.
I had walked in as a reject and a nobody,
Wanting to see how I will blend in with everybody.
He taught me that I’m not just anybody,
He made me see that in God, I am indeed somebody.

He believed in my dreams before I knew I had any.
He’s more than Joseph, his interpretations bring liberty.
Much more than a baker, he’s skillful in making bread,
Not the one you’ll take with tea; this kind gets your spirit fed.
Much more than a butler, he’s there to serve you wine,
Not like those from breweries; this one comes fresh from the vine.

What can I say about his spirit of excellence?
How can I describe his wealth of competence?
He’s got character, courage, commitment, compassion,
He’s a great leader in words backed by action.
In diction and elocution, he’s just so winsome;
In looks and complexion, good Lord, he’s so handsome!

Sometimes I inevitably get on his nerves,
Times I feared I’ll get the punishment I deserve.
But in these situations he maintains a calm reserve,
The friendship we share, he would rather preserve.
With gentle words and the maturity he shows,
He gives the rebuke so the child in me grows.

It might be easy to build structures and companies,
But only the truly sent can build lives and destinies.
They make you do much more than what you intend,
They are a few, like the one I call my friend.
So who is this my friend, you might say,
The one I’m speaking about this Lord ’s Day.
More than an acquaintance, he’s such a sweetheart,
He’s my pastor, my friend, his name is GoodHeart

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