Monday, September 21, 2015

I GIVE YOU ALL | Grateful For Life

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I  really don't have much to say as I begin this new year of mine but I hope the lyrics of the song below helps in an attempt to express my gratitude to God.

I give You all the glory, I give You all the praise,
I give You all the majesty, blessed be Your name.

When I take a look at all You have done
When I reminisce about Your goodness my Lord
Where other fellows have fallen and gone
You gave me the grace to sing a new song
To You my Father

Father I thank You, for choosing to set me free
Lord I praise You, for giving Your life for me
Before time, You knew who I would be
The more I look to You, the more of me I see
In true colours

For all that You give; Your faithfulness and love,
Your goodness and your mercy, Your favour like a shield,
The breath of life in me, the gift of everyday
Though I can’t repay, I’m here just to say,
In my own little way

I give You the glory, Lord I give You the praise
Take all the glory, Lord take all the praise

Lead Vocals: 
Samuel Martins 
'Romoke Martins

Background Vocals:
Precious Ehichanya
'Romoke Martins
I-fee Ajayi

Roy: Piano, Synths, Strings...
Chika: Drums
Emmanuel: Bass
Bayor: Trumpet

Mixing + Mastering
I-fee Ajayi

 © 12th September 2006 | 16th September 2015 | B.A.Y.O.R | Martins



  1. LORD,


    Lord, who am I that you have given me such a good and sweet treasure like Bayor (Blessed, Amiable, Youthful, Original, Remarkable)?

    Words fail me to sincerely appreciate you for the life of my husband but this I say to you on his birth date "THANK YOU".

    I thank you for his humble spirit and kind heart which continually reflects the life of Jesus in all that he does.

    Thank you for his sweet soul, giving heart, creativity with music,words and IT.

    I thank you for his selfless spirit and the desire to grow on a daily basis.

    I thank you for his thoughtful spirit that touches everyone at the time they are in need of it.

    Lord I am indeed grateful.

    Lord I pray this day;

    May he have wisdom and strength to be the exemplary leader over this home and continue to help him effectively and efficiently use his time well given all the various tasks he needs to take care of in each beautiful day.

    May he continue to share your goodness and love that generations will see he has an encounter with the God of love.

    Help him have wise discernment to the things of the Spirit in his daily decisions.

    In Jesus Name



  2. You are and will remain a blessing to this generation. It indeed is a pleasure to be related to you. Martina Aderonke Fatogun.