Monday, June 17, 2013

To My Father on Fathers' Day | Celebrating Dad at 75

Dear Dad,
Although those are only two words, I want you to know that there are paragraphs with much more sentences behind them. Let me confess before I even start that words are not enough to express my gratitude to God for giving my siblings and I the sort of model you are of who a real Father should be.

First of all, thank you for marrying mum. You both modeled for my siblings and I, what a home should look like. The very air and atmosphere we grew up under was that of peace, love and harmony. I never heard you and mum arguing or fighting. I cherish the memories of you both eating at the dining table and chatting away about events that took place during the day. Thank you for loving mum and us all so much. 
I learnt that a father who’s deeply involved with his children, experiences beneficial health results. I’m sure this is one of the many reasons I don’t have a memory of you hospitalized on account of any ailment. You are as young and vibrant at Seventy Five years as you were many years ago. I also learnt that a father being present at his child’s birth, protected against birth complications and further illness or trauma in the newborn. Little wonder I had to call Mum Ope some time ago to ask her “please have I ever been admitted in the hospital?” and she couldn’t remember also. Thank you for being such a blessing to us all.

We want to thank you for our education. From day one in school till I graduated, we were never sent home for owing school fees. You placed such a high premium on our education that we never lacked ample resources for our education. You and mum made huge sacrifices for us just so we go to the best of schools. It’s no surprise that you are a Professor today because you’ve always valued knowledge and have been an addicted and voracious reader. I’m not sure which one is more likely to happen; that there will be Christmas this year or that you’ll buy another book shelf before the year runs out. Thank you for being such an inspiration in this area.

We want to thank you for a few of the many values and virtues that we have seen you radiate from our years of knowing you as our father. One that stands tall amongst them is your Life of Prayer and Fasting. You apparently didn’t need to tell us too much about God because you’ve spent hours upon hours telling God about us. It’s easy to relate to our Heavenly Father because we see in you a father that truly loves and cares for his own. Amongst many, one instance that sticks to my memory was the day I was sent home from Secondary School because a pen had pierced my gum. I remember you calmly told my Aunty that you had been shown the day before, the initial intention of the enemy which was to have the pen pierce my oesophagus but while praying about it, my throat was shielded and thus the pen was deflected to the gum. Thank you for being a true Priest in our home. You would anoint us, pray for us and give us scriptures to pray with often. You shield us in prayers and our lives are the better for it.

You are an epitome of Humility and Respect for others. Like Mum Ope said during the Thanksgiving Service today, you are “Humble to a fault”. Then there’s also your Integrity and Good Name. I recall a testimony from Elder Atoyebi of when you were given some money to keep and when after a long while the money was requested, it was not just intact in amount but in denomination so much so that the notes had begun to stick together attesting to the fact that they were never touched. Not only are you disciplined concerning money but also with women. Mum testified herself that she never had to question you about any woman. This adds to the many things that give you a good name. My siblings and I are accustomed to the fact that when we hear the question “are you the son of Ade Martins?” it’s an indication that favour is about to come our way. Thank you for building such a strong legacy of Discipline and Order. May you indeed become an institution to reckon with.

Your life of Care and Hospitality is also another quality of noteworthy mention. It’s no surprise to us that we as your children have never been stranded in another land because you’ve been hospitable to many people and have housed, clothed and fed even much more. Your Dedication to duty and Loyalty to your call is simply amazing. You are indeed a man of Purpose and Vision.
You are also tender in your Guidance in that you never pressured anyone of us to study a particular course but would rather instruct us and make us aware of our areas of strength and gifting. Speaking of gifts, we are into music today because you created the enabling environment. Besides sending us to music schools, hardly was there a day without good music playing in the house.

Like I said at the beginning, this note cannot be an exhaustive list seeing that there are more virtues than can be enumerated. It is our heart’s desire that not only will you live long; you will also live to see the fruits of your labor. Your great grand children will get to see and know you. As your days are, so will your strength be.

God Bless you Daddy!
Reverend Professor Titus Ade Martins
We love you.

For: Honored and Blessed members of your Mishpocha,


  1. You have a great, well mannered son, so you must be a great man Sir. I do not know you, but this post shows the dignity, valour and decency of the man you are. God bless you.

  2. Omo, this your Dad na fine man ooo

  3. Ha! Revd and Professor!
    Na wa oh!
    I throw way cap for am o


    My father is a man like no other.
    He gave me life, nurtured me, taught me, fought for me, held me, shouted at me, kissed me, educated me, clothed me, sheltered me, fed me; and most importantly, he loves me unconditionally.

    Daddy, there are not enough words I can say to describe just how important you are to me, and what a powerful influence you continue to be.


    Your Daughter,

  5. Happy birthday to a great mentor, teacher, father, friend, author, poet.... You have been all dis n even more to my family, all dat I knw about God 2dai I owe it 2 u because my parents learnt under ur tutorlage n passed it onto us rit 4rm wen we were born up until nw we r still baskin in dis knowledge we have of God n his words. Words r jst not enough but we jst want 2 say: We love you a whole lot.
    Thank you daddy
    Omotolani for the Adunbis

  6. Papa,Daddy, I want to say a Happy Birthday to you on your 75th Birthday! Its indeed a very special occassion and I count it a previledge to be able to say this words: You are indeed a Great Father and an excellent epitome of that word,"Father" who may not have borne all your many children biologically,but we have be blessed to share a small part in various area,as a Spiritual Father,as a mentor and as a Teacher.
    I celebrate u" PaPa" and Have more healthy and many more years Ahead


  7. We love you grandpa at 75. As your years so shall your (physical & spiritual) strength be. Signed on behalf of all other grand chn: Aduke (Funmilayo Adebitan) and Mr NO (Joshua Adebitan)

  8. i remember @ command childrens school wen he comes to pick Funmi n siblings. hes a responsible Father. Happy birthday sir.
    Abiodun Ajala AKINWUMI

  9. Am glad I have u as a Father and Father-in-Law. U are a rare gem. Your humility and kindness is worthy of emulation. Happy Birthday Daddy. - Chairman (Michael Abayomi)

  10. Happy birthdAy to Bayor's Daddy.Many more impactful and prosperous years.Funmbi

  11. "The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him." Proverbs 20:7


    God took the strength of a mountain,

    The majesty of a tree,

    The warmth of a summer sun,

    The calm of a quiet sea,

    The generous soul of nature,

    The comforting arm of night,

    The wisdom of the ages,

    The power of the eagles flight,

    The joy of a morning in spring,

    The faith of a mustard seed,

    The patience of eternity,

    The depth of a family need,

    Then God combined these qualities,

    When there was nothing more to add,

    He knew his masterpiece was complete,

    And so,

    He called it … Man

    Sir, I may not have met you personally but you are very highly spoken of by 'Bayor' (who, by the way, is a living proof of Prov 20:7)and I've come to hold you in high esteem. So, it is with great honour, pleasure and respect that I join with all well wishers today to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!! God bless you richly Sir.

  12. Hmmmmm daddy martins where do I start 4rm?? Is it all da tyms u came 2 my home 2 beg my dad not to flog me?or da tyms u called 2 counsel my parents?or wen u came 2 our home 2 pray 4 us?? U hv bin n will always be a father 2 Prayer I always say weneva I tink of baba martins is"God pls kip him alive so he can be da priest dt joins me weneva I tk a spouse"and I know ds prayer will be answered..I remember wen u had ur 60th n 70th birthday..nw its daddy u still luk SWIT..I know God will kip u till 100 n he'll renew ur strength lk dt of an eagle..u will kip soaring high sad I missed da parry

  13. Daddy, Congratulations sir. Emi yin ase pupo. U will continue to grow in grace and strength of our saviour. We appreciate u always. God bless u sir. Enjoy your day!

  14. A great tree is known by its good fruits....Happy 75th Birthday Rev. Ade-Martins...You are indeed a blessed man &its seen thru your children...Even greater years to come for you as you live to celebrate more of their achievements...Have a beautiful new year sir!
    - Yemi

  15. I celebrate with you on the occassion of your 75th birthday... May God keep and guide you in his vineyard. God bless you Sir!

  16. Temitayo
    Happy birthday sir,grace and more grace in Jesus name.Amen

  17. I don't knw him personally but happy happy Birthday to ur dad
    Hurry up in giving him his grand children ;)

  18. Happy Birthday Prof. Martins.
    Wishing u glorious and more fulfilling years ahead. Amen! :)

  19. Inspirational write up from a son to a worthy father...he aint your father alone, we also grew up in his care.
    Words cannot convey how grateful we are to God for keeping him.
    Just like you had said "As your days are, so will your strenght be" Amen!
    Samuel Shittu.

  20. Happy birthday to your daddy.
    Fathers are special. :)
    P. N

  21. Dad,
    My Prayer for You;

    "Dear God,
    I pray for Papa, who you have added another year to his days, I thank you for d gift of life.
    You have been too faithful.
    I ask that your hand will be upon him and you will bless him in every ramification of his life.
    He will enjoy the fruits of his labor.
    He will be an example to the nations and a man who will be a source of inspiration to the world.
    Bless him and his generation, with appreciation in our mouths and praise on our lips, we say thank u."


  22. I wish you a blissful year.
    Your best is still ahead of you.
    Thank you Daddy for grooming the gifts called Bayor and Sam.
    You are definitely a General in the Lord's Army.


  23. Tosin Shittu OduleyeJune 17, 2013 at 8:34 AM

    Happy birthday to a true man of God,a teacher,a mentor,we call him DADDY! The Lord ll continue to increase u in every good thing,many happy returns sir.

  24. Happy Birthday Daddy.
    Igba odun Odun kan.
    As the number of your days, so shall your strength be.
    You are all Bayo has written above and much more.
    You are also a true and loyal friend.
    I have known you since the days of KTC, in the 70s when you were colleagues with my mum. Although we have lost both parents, you have continued to check on us and follow our progress every step of the way.
    You are a friend indeed.
    May God bless you sir.
    Your eyes will never behold evil in Jesus' mighty name, Amen!
    May the good Lord continue to keep you and grant you good health, long life, prosperity and peace all around you in Jesus' name. Amen!
    Have a wonderful day sir.

    Lots of love and best wishes
    Ope (Oluyede) Abegude
    For and on behalf of Oladiran and Ibironke Oluyede's Children

  25. Happy Birthday Sir. I bless GOD for making your life so beautiful. HE has blessed you with heavenly blessings. As you mark your 75th Birthday. May Grance and Love continue to abound. God will renew your strenght. HE will cause you to live in good health.

  26. Happy birthday daddy...God has bless u indeed..wish u God protection and more blessing amen..

  27. Happy birthday our daddy...

  28. Happy birthday daddy..indeed God has blessed u...wish u God protection and more blessing amen...becky Esu

  29. Wow!
    More years in perfect health, may his strength be renewed as that of an Eagle in Jesus name. Amen.

  30. I am glad that we still have father like this in the world, indeed he has been a blessing beyond his immediate family,and it reflect in the life of children. Dad you are worthy of emulation; I pray that God shall continue to strengthen you for us.Amen. Banji

  31. Your Dad is a loving, caring and God fearing man, who holds God dear to his heart and who God is crazy about.
    He is a father to all like his Father above he is a father to the fatherless a husband to the widows.
    Daddy Martins a great man worth celebrating.
    Happy Birthday Daddy you will live long in wealth and good health.
    God bless you with the blessings of Abraham, the favor of Joseph and give you the wisdom of Solomon.
    Your generation is blessed because of you forever.
    God bless and keep you sir. Amen
    Happy Birthday.

    Hanatu Agasa

  32. Happy Birthday Dad! Looking very healthy and strong and many more fruitful and restful years to you and your wife! Your son is a fine example of your family virtues and Values! GOD bless You!

  33. Daddy is a father to all. We all call him that cause he is one we share our thoughts, Challenges and joy with. He is such a wonderful, humble father ready to listen and advice you whenever you are at cross roads. Of course, you get the best from him. I always feel secure and safe whenever I am with him and always get the greatest gift from him, Sharing the Word of God and Prayers.
    He is such a Peaceful man and truly Ordained by God.
    Daddy, we all love you and the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob you serve will always strengthen you as you grow in age, no wonder you don't look your age.
    The Lord will keep and bless you.
    Happy Birthday, Daddy


  34. After reading this beautiful piece, I no longer where you got your character, integrity, discipline and dedication to work from.
    Thank you Daddy if I may, for being not just a father to your children but a model to all. May your days and influence continue to increase, may your strength be continually renewed as that of an Eagle.
    Many happy returns Sir.
    Abigail Oladipupo

  35. Happy birthday dear dad!you are a very unique dad.wish you many more beautiful years ahead with plenty of Gods guudness!


  36. Dear Daddy,
    I had the wonderful privilege to see you just once when I worked with Bayor at Pinnacle, however I have come to know you through Bayor and must say you are a FATHER indeed.
    Happy birthday and may you continue to bask in God's glory.
    Domsing Esq.

  37. Happy birthday to daddy.I wish him many more year in peace of mind,sound health and prosperity.God bless you sir.

  38. Happy birthday to you Sir. May God smile on you and call you friend in this new season. ..and to the fine gentleman that is your son... good bless you. .you are the kinda son any father would love to have.

    1. Oops I forgot to sign my name... Fola Ojemuyiwa

  39. Happy birthday to Bayo's great dad. Your son must be just like you and then you must be greater than I imagined........Happy fulfilled 75years and may you live an additional fulfilling time of ur life. Be blessed.

  40. Hmm, so "Leader" is 75 today!!! yet he doesn't look it.. Not nice that i missed the party, baba Martins is someone i hold in high esteem. there is this aura he exudes whenever he walks into church and then i know am gonna enjoy the service. is it his preachings? oh! they are everly on point, he is very dynamic in his approach to moving the church forward.. He is truly a father, i won't forget my 13th birthday, when he bought me the much needed "Teens Bible", he made my birthday that year. Daddy may you grow in wisdom and maturity in Christ. Happy Birthday Sir. From Temitope Giwa

  41. Happy Birthday Dad! ... When God gives nay man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work-- this is a gift of God! God will continue to gladen your heart all your days sir! I visited your home and church in kaduna many years back to see bro Bayor, it was a beautiful and lovely reception! And I particularly was impressed at the way you creatively displayed the pictures of every member of ur family on the sitting room wall. I saw love, friendship, unity and harmony in ur home! You are really an epitomy of God's love! God bless u Richly! Amen! Gbayike Victor!

  42. My Daddy,my mentor, words are not enough 2express the gravity of your love,kindness,prayers 2wards me and myfamily....Daddy you are such an icon that can never be comprehended or measured...God in heaven will increase you, the oil upon you will never run dry...many more years Daddy we love you so much sir Happy birthday.....Femi Adeyemi

  43. Daddy!!
    God bless you for being a wonderful father. You have not treated me as a daughter in-law but as your very own child. You have been so supportive morally, spiritually and all other aspects. Your integrity, faithfulness and prayer life is deeply profound and also reflects in the life of my husband. May God lengthen your days and grant you grace to enjoy the good fruit of all your labor. Happy Birthday Daddy!! - Adenike Martins

  44. Papa,

    I have not met you in person, but I have had close interactions with your two sons who I am proud to call friends. They exhibit the characters of men brought up by a legend - You.

    As you celebrate your 75th birthday, I wish to say you are a blessing and I pray for many more years in His presence and may the latter blessings be greater than former.

    Happy Birthday Papa.


  45. No guilt in life,
    No fear in death,
    This is the power of Christ in you grandpa,
    From life's first cry,
    To final breath,
    Jesus commands your destiny grandpa.
    No power of hell,
    No scheme of man,
    Can ever pluck you from Jesus hands,
    Till He returns or calls you home,
    Here in the power of Christ grandpa, you'll stand-Amen
    Signed: Titilayomi & Oluwabusayomi Adebitan

  46. Wishing Dad a prosperous birthday and glorious years ahead.
    Congrats and best wishes to him.

  47. God's protection never fails,we were all created by him to live life to its fullest.
    May his abundant blessing never cease to follow u and ur entire family.


  48. As We Joyfully Celebrate Today With Daddy We Wish Him More Years Of Resounding Successes

    Prof. Adebitan

  49. Congratulations!
    I wish you a glorious Birthday!
    Really wish I could buy you a jet... why? For being a true mentor and father in every sense, and for not disappointing God; for raising Godly seeds who have now become shinning stars that Men cannot but proclaim!...THESE ARE THE ONES WHOM THE LORD HAS BLESSED!

  50. I can attest to that not because i know Dad one on one but my time as a student in Kadpoly i came across Samuel, Funmi, Adeola, Bayo and Bukky.
    Amazingly all this attribute of Daddy i found in you all.
    You're humble,love God and intelligent.
    God bless Daddy.
    Kaleb Ishaya

    1. Also,whenever you invite us(FCS Band)then to your church,your well organise programme shows how the spiritual leader is well organise.
      I appreciate Daddy and your late Mum for the Godly impartation in your lives.
      Daddy thanks for bringing up great children

  51. happy birthday daddy i pray dat God grant u ur hrt desires and i wish u long life and posterity. u are indeed a great man God bless u sir.
    Tope Omoloye

    You are a Mighty Man, your quiver is full of great arrows. They are vigorous and full of wisdom.
    Your enemies don't stand a chance against you; you'll sweep them right off your doorstep.
    You are a Legacy, a mentor and a Father indeed. Your Children encircle you with a feast of fat things.


  53. Long live Daddy!

    Toyin Titilola

  54. I adore the one and the only for keeping you thus far to celebrate yet another milestone Prof.
    Many hoped and planned to celebrate but left before their days,albeit not their making but God's.
    Thank God for this day and thank God for your life.
    Happy birthday and many happy returns sir.

    Matthew Olabanji

  55. Happy Birthday Sir

    I join your most adorable son Bayor whose lifestyle is so consistent which shows that he has been groomed by a king.
    God Bless you indeed as your age is so shall be your strength be

    God Bless you more


  56. Daddy!
    How do I start, this great man of God is truly dynamic, he is a father in all aspect, he cuts across tribe or religion.
    Happy birthday my daddy & spiritual head, more of God's Grace upon your life, may u continue to wax stronger, we celebrate u dis day.

    Funmilayo O. Gombul

  57. Congratulations Daddy,I celebrate with u sir. D Lord wuld keep u 4us, us wuld increase on every side,d blesses of d Lord wuld neva live ur habitations. D Lord bless u sir HAPPY B'TDAY Daddy WULLNP

  58. Tell him Happy 75 for me, too!
    He is so switched on, he seems at least 20 years younger, and I feel honoured to know you both!


    Mr. Chuck

  59. Happy Birthday Sir, the Lord will give you many more years to celebrate your life and achievements, you will continue to enjoy sound health and prosperity in Jesus Name, Amen. Ms. Ruru.

  60. This is an AMAZING note 'Bayor!! it really brought tears to my eyes. Now i know where you got it all from. Hearty Congratulations to Daddy!! Indeed,we have alot to be thankful for and we are grateful to God for the gift of GREAT parents!! Daddy has, and is still, living a worthy legacy and we rejoice with u all. May He live to enjoy the fruits of his labour and continue to be celebrated by one and all.
    Happy Birthday Sir and a Big Congratulations to the Martins Family.
    We love and appreciate you.
    Inya Ode......For the Ode Clan!!!

  61. Daddy is 75! hmmmm!!!!!
    I have discovered that there are very few Men in this life that i can copy, model my life
    after them and make HEAVEN. Am glad to announce DADDY is One of them....God bless you sir for being a Bible I can read and relate with God.....
    Simon Nyebe