Thursday, February 23, 2017



A good woman like you is quite hard to find.
Your worth is far more than diamonds.

I trust you without reserve or reasons to regret.

You never spite me; you treat me generously at all times. 
This is evident in the way you prefer, refer, confer and defer to me.

You’re enterprising and industrious to the core; your hands are ever diligent.
You’re like a trading ship that sails to faraway places bringing back exotic surprises.
You are a treasure that keeps giving; every unveiling layer a blessing.

You’re up before dawn, preparing breakfast for us all and organizing the day; as though the preparations the day before didn't suffice.

You’re ever intuitive with loads of foresight.

Your passion towards work and service is unrivalled; you're ever ready to serve…and with the right attitude.

Your sleep is always well deserved because you just don’t know how not to spend yourself for any given task; at home, the church or at the office.

You’re an expert in the crafts of home and hearth, indeed, a diligent homemaker you are.

You’re quick to assist people in need, even those who have never verbalized this need to you.

Your dress sense is just fabulous and progressive; you’re not one of those women on their way back to “Eden’s Couture”.

Your trust and dependence on God makes you face each new day with a smile.
Speaking of your smile; it's simply dazzling. 
Your laughter is music to my ears.

You are always worth hearing; in speech or song. Your words are seasoned with grace and kindness of heart.

You were made to care and nurture; the mother in you finds expression at the sight of children.

Your love for nature (air, greenery, animals etc) is just so beautiful and sweet.

I rate you a celebrity; I celeb-rate you.

Many women have done wonderful things, but you’re in a class all by yourself.

Beauty is fleeting but women like you will forever be admired because you live in the Fear-of-God.

You are greatly cherished Woman of God.




  1. Beautiful! God bless you and keep you ever strong.

    Martina Aderonke Fatogun.

  2. Happy birthday Woman of God. You shall continue to be a blessing. You shall be famous and also flourish on every side. We love you woman of God.
    -Chairman (Fanwo Abayomi)

  3. appy birthday to you, Mrs Diva!!I wish you God's favour and immense increase! Amen!

  4. Happy birthday to the woman who won the heart of my mentor,uncle and brother@diva God bless you beyond your expectations,God bless your ministry "amen
    "Bankole onaolapo

  5. On point poem written by on point Poet to on point Diva. Everything said here is true... From the dazzling smile to love for children to dress sense.... You're just it Woman of God. Grace Grace. Happy Birthday.

    Bukola Owolabi