Saturday, February 24, 2018



I found myself lost for words for a little while this morning; I didn’t quite know where to start in thanking God for the honour of being married to you.

Proverbs 31:10 asks “Who can find a virtuous woman?” well, I did.

Waking up to see such a beauty as you are, is a blessing I can’t thank God enough for. Your smile is like sunshine way before it is day.

Hearing your dulcet tones in song or speech is simply heavenly.

Your mind is ever brimming with ideas, your heart is ever loving. Your hands are ever diligent and our home is indeed blessed because of you.

You are a gift that keeps giving; you epitomize a life of selflessness. You’re truly a woman of virtue.

Indefatigable; that’s you my love. Constantly brimming with life, a woman of valour, vigour, vim and vitality. You’re my very own Wonder-Woman! Ever resilient like Elastigirl! Shuri got nothing on you! 

Thank you for being such a woman of prayer; I think of you sometimes and it’s as though I should just say “Amen” because I know you’ve been praying.

If it’s true that men don’t often say “I love you”, it might just be because they are not married to a treasure like you.

Aderomoke, In addition to all I said at I pray this day that your head will never lack for the oil that allows for greater grace to function in your place and space.

May you never lose relevance my love. May you continue to be filled with God in a way that people undoubtedly sense God when around you.

May this birthday be the beginning of your best years in every facet of your life.

For those needs that only God can meet, may they be met in a way that will cause men to praise our God and our Father.

Diva, God bless you in a way that NO MAN can take credit for.

I love you Schatzi!



  1. Happy birthday Ma'am, wishing you the very best


  2. Happy birthday Mrs Bayor.
    May the blessings of the virtuous woman be continuously yours.
    Happy birthday. Have a fun filled day.

  3. Happy Birthday Romoke. Enjoy your special day.
    Precious Oden

  4. Happy birthday. Wishing you God's blessing and the very best things life gats to offer. .


  5. Happy birthday ma! Of your increase there shall be no end...

  6. Happy Birthday diva��wishing you a world full of God's grace and favour.