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#22MinuteChallenge | Bible Project Reading Plan | Day 054 | The Wilderness | Deuteronomy 4 – 6, Psalm 54

#22MinuteChallenge | Bible Project Reading Plan

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Day 054 | The Wilderness

Deuteronomy 4 – 6, Psalm 54

Source: Bible Project Reading Plan

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  1. Israel, listen to the laws and rules I am about to teach you. Obey them so that you will live and be able to enter and take possession of the land that the Lord God of your ancestors is giving you. Never add anything to what I command you, or take anything away from it. Then you will be able to obey the commands of the Lord your God that I give you.
    Deuteronomy 4:1‭-‬2 GW

  2. But you were loyal to the Lord your God and are still alive today.
    Deuteronomy 4:4 GW

  3. Faithfully obey these laws. This will show the people of the world your wisdom and insight. When they hear about all these laws, they will say, “What wise and insightful people there are in this great nation!”
    Deuteronomy 4:6 GW

  4. What great nation ever had their gods as near to them as the Lord our God is near to us whenever we pray to him?
    Deuteronomy 4:7 GW

  5. The Lord your God is a raging fire, a God who does not tolerate rivals.
    Deuteronomy 4:24 GW

  6. But if you look for the Lord your God when you are among those nations, you will find him whenever you search for him with all your heart and with all your soul.
    Deuteronomy 4:29 GW

  7. The Lord your God is a merciful God. He will not abandon you, destroy you, or forget the promise to your ancestors that he swore he would keep.
    Deuteronomy 4:31 GW

  8. He forced nations greater and stronger than you out of your way to bring you into their land and give it to you. This land is your own possession today.
    Deuteronomy 4:38 GW

  9. The Lord spoke to you face to face from the fire on the mountain.
    Deuteronomy 5:4 GW

    - There's fire on mountain,
    come, come, come, come...

  10. Never worship them or serve them, because I, the Lord your God, am a God who does not tolerate rivals. I punish children for their parents’ sins to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me. But I show mercy to thousands of generations of those who love me and obey my commandments.
    Deuteronomy 5:9‭-‬10 GW

  11. “Honor your father and your mother as the Lord your God has commanded you. Then you will live for a long time, and things will go well for you in the land the Lord your God is giving you.
    Deuteronomy 5:16 GW

  12. These are the commandments the Lord spoke to your whole assembly on the mountain. He spoke in a loud voice from the fire, the cloud, and the gloomy darkness. Then he stopped speaking. He wrote the commandments on two stone tablets and gave them to me.
    Deuteronomy 5:22 GW

  13. When the Lord heard the words that you spoke to me, he said, “I have heard what these people said to you. Everything they said was good. If only they would fear me and obey all my commandments as long as they live! Then things would go well for them and their children forever.
    Deuteronomy 5:28‭-‬29 GW

  14. Listen, Israel, and be careful to obey these laws. Then things will go well for you and your population will increase in a land flowing with milk and honey, as the Lord God of your ancestors promised you.
    Deuteronomy 6:3 GW

  15. Listen, Israel: The Lord is our God. The Lord is the only God. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.
    Deuteronomy 6:4‭-‬5 GW

  16. Never worship any of the gods worshiped by the people around you. If you do, the Lord your God will become very angry with you and will wipe you off the face of the earth, because the Lord your God, who is with you, is a God who does not tolerate rivals.
    Deuteronomy 6:14‭-‬15 GW

  17. God is my helper! The Lord is the provider for my life.
    Psalms 54:4 GW