Monday, June 6, 2011


Dear Miss Round Thingy,

In response to your letter, please know I feel your angst. You see, anyone in your position would feel the way you feel. But you don't have to worry. it’s merely a feature in the "game of life". Permit me to explain:

Everyone will try to control you and make you feel insignificant but don’t forget that you are not there because of them, they are there because of you.

On this pitch, you'll find keepers and players. The keepers aren’t really your friends. They may appear to be diving to your rescue but they are actually keeping you from your goal. Don't be surprised to find your family members or loved ones playing this role. The players on the other hand, will strive to get you to your goal by any means possible. They are there to make you uncomfortable with stagnation and complacency. Even when you try to roll away from them or your goal, they’ll come after you to point you in the right direction. They won’t go easy on you to do this. You'll find that unpleasant situations and circumstances play this role all too often.

I believe in your ability to make it through the game because I had a hand in getting the right amount of air into you. I ensured you had just the right gauge to handle everything that would come your way before you were selected. So, when it feels like players can’t wait to kick you around and linesmen can’t wait to tell them you’ve been kicked out, take solace in knowing that at least one person is concerned about when you’ll be done being kicked about so He can carry you. That’s why I keep looking at my timepiece to see when that moment will come. However, since you are still on the pitch, trust me; you are up to the task!

just keep moving! You have many more seasons and pitches to feature in. The first half of this year may have informed the worry you feel but I am certain that you’ll have an UNBEATABLE EDGE in this second half because I’ll make sure you score LAST MINUTE GOALS. 

Yours alertly,

Coach G. Referee

'Bayor | 06.06.2011 | 13.04.2017 | 13.07.2020 


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  1. Wow! Great post, man!!! Inspiring

  2. Awesome!!! A very Creative way to inspire. Well-done Bayor.

  3. Awesome!!! A very Creative way to inspire. Well-done Bayor.

  4. This is really unique and encouraging piece!!

  5. This analogy is spot on�� God bless and keep you great one❤


  6. It is so comforting to know that there's someone waiting to pick you up at the end of game, after being kicked here and there.
    What a great write-up.

  7. Another beautiful piece from Bayor. Very inspiring.