Sunday, April 1, 2012

Excellence in the Corporate world

·         Manage your time – think like a business owner and not an employee. This makes you prioritize and delegate properly.
·         Take care, initiative – surprise your boss with extras but be sure you get the most important one done first.
  • Politics: understand it and make it work for you.  – it’s simply humans doing what they’ve known to do since being cavemen…working together. Work on building a network of supporters. A broader base of supporters will give you more power to enact your great ideas in the future.
  • Make your boss look good: when he does, so do you! Think ahead of your boss. Stay above the fray and strive to associate with top producing colleagues.
  • Don’t gossip: try nor to speak ill of others, it does you no good…neither does it do to anyone for that matter! If you need to vent, do so with your family at home. Gossip is a waste of time.
  • Be a good leader: You can be a thought leader as well as being an action leader
-          Follower: Be a follower…even if your title says you’re the designated leader, be open to ideas from people below you in rank and never fear their success, embrace their success and you win too. Trying to squash their ideas and success out of fear only makes you weak and lose respect.
-          Team player: A good team player facilitates the involvement of others on the team according to their strengths.
  • Take smart risks: Forge a new path.
  • Pick your battles carefully: Don’t fight for every idea. Make sure it will benefit the company.
  • Details: find the right balance – don’t forget the details of your job and don’t drown in them either.
  • Work hard, work smart: hard work makes play so pleasurable.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic: don’t think you have to be serious all the time. people want to be around positive happy people. See good, speak positive, encourage everyone and watch it come back to you.
  • Seek out mentors: if you admire someone successful, contact them and offer to help them in some way. You’ll hopefully be able to build a relationship with that person and learn from them over time.
  • Manage your career: don’t wait for your boss to send you on training: set your quarterly objectives, write your reviews or give yourself a career coaching because these things don’t happen sometimes. Take the bull by the horn. Make it easy for your boss to review you by handing him or her all your accomplishments. Seek out coaching all the time from lots of different people.
  • Understand the big picture: make it happen on your own and make do with what is available. Try to understand where the company is headed in the long term and how your team fits into the overall picture.
  • Learn how to motivate people to take action: thus being able to implement your ideas to improve the company and make a difference for clients. This grows your career. Act with integrity and fulfill your promises to build trust.
  • Always be learning: seek out training and education, read business books and magazines, learn from mentors, heroes, enemies and from your mistakes. Make a habit of reflecting on the things you learn each day. Be creative in what you learn. It may be unrelated but is a parallel that fosters a new idea for business growth.
  • Self promotion: let people know the good things you are accomplishing. You won’t always be noticed by just working hard.
  • Focus on excellence: do all you do well – dress well, be on time, deliver on your promises, produce high quality work. Your career will manifest in accordance with your focus on excellence.
  • Recognize moments of truth: everyday you have moments of truth. When you consistently do the right thing at many moments of truth, they will add up to a massive positive impact on your career.
  • Make others feel good: it’s the Golden rule. Celebrate other people’s success. Be sincere and demonstrate that by being specific in what you say.

Source: Woman to Woman Magazine, 10th Anniversary Edition. 

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