Saturday, May 18, 2013

Power Project

Great One,

I felt to share with you, a BBM broadcast I got this morning from a Music Minister of no mean repute - Nathaniel Bassey.
As I always like to say, please feel free to ignore this if it makes no sense to you or you are of the opinion that you do not really need to do this per say. But for the rest of us that are on board with it, please read the broadcast below.

“The 1-month Power-Project
I went for a prayer walk a few days ago, and somewhere in the process, I thought of what would happen in our lives if we prayed in the spirit (or in tongues) for One hour consistently for one whole month, and also read, memorised and meditated on the Word of God for 1 hour as well for one month.
May be you do much more than 1 hour, but I'm just saying we do 1 consistent hour for 1 month and see what difference it makes in our lives.
Oh! You can in addition have a time of praise-worship; ministering unto the Lord apart from the hours of prayer and the word. But this is just some kind of a spiritual exercise or experiment to see what a month of consistent praying in the spirit and time in the word would do.
I perceive our lives would never remain the same again. I see a new dimension of insight and revelation of God after this one month. I see a life of power emerging.
Please reply if you would sign up for this. And remember, there is no room for looking back. If you decide to get in on the 1 month power project, then you have to follow through.
You may chose any time of the day for prayers and the word, but just make sure you don't miss a day. The whole idea is to see the benefit of an uninterrupted prayer and word life for just 1 month.
You may also split your hour. E.g. 30 minutes in the morning, and another at a convenient time of the day for both the prayer and the word. But at the end of the day, you should accumulate your 1 hour each for the prayer and the word.
After the one month, we then come back to share the changes and experiences in our lives, and to decide if it's a project worth sustaining for a life time.
(for more information on the Man and Ministry of Nathaniel Bassey, please click here)

When I saw the date, I purposed to start today and make it up to my own one month.
Whenever you get to read this, you might decide to start your own “One Month Power Project”
Now, people have already started sending in strange testimonies to the BB group. We can write our own testimonies as comments here. Do please inform your friends (and enemies if you have about this remarkable exercise.
Like in the animated film, “Houghton hears a who” (yes, I do like animations a lot), who knows maybe this is one of those events that will send a sound loud enough to pierce through to the heavens in an unprecedented way to deliver to earth, unprecedented miracles.

To post a comment/testimony, kindly just select the profile “Anonymous”, type in the comment and then sign your name. Just in case you have any difficulties doing this, you could please send the comment to me either via twitter, sms, facebook etc so as to have it published on your behalf.

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Thank you!




  1. I am sooooo interested. Just saw this and am starting tomorrow, not by my power,but God's spirit. Thank u. Yvonne.

  2. JACOB:
    Dear Father,

    Thank you greatly for the gift of Your Spirit to them who believe in Your Son Jesus Christ, making us inheritors of eternal verities. This group has been created with a burning desire to know You more as we fellowship deeper and longer with Your Spirit and Your Word.

    As I (we) wait on you these 30days, I (we) declare that:

    1. Your Holy Spirit that dwells in me (us) causes me (us) to experience the glory of Your Presence as though I (we) were in Your innermost court in Heaven.

    2. Your Holy Spirit causes me (us) to see visions of You and I (we) experience Your glory; mysteries hidden to the ordinary man are revealed to my (our) spirit(s).

    3. Your Holy Spirit carries me (us) daily to a higher place of revelation, truth, love, anointing and glory in Christ Jesus.

    4. Your Holy Spirit brings me (us) to that higher place of communion where I (we) always hear Your voice clearly at all times.

    5. Your Holy spirit by transportation causes me (us) to see those things even pertaining to my life (our lives), destiny (destinies) and Your purpose for me (us). My (our) eyes are open to see the areas of my life (our lives) that I (we) need work on and I (we) set them straight as I (we) walk with You. Your Spirit lightens the dark spots/areas in my life (our lives). Your light shines in me (us), shines through me (us) and I (we) glow for You. The world see this light and comes to the brightness of my (our) rising.

    In Jesus' Mighty Name. Amen
    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  3. May 20 Mon 02:35

    A pastor friend that joined in a few days back shared a testimony today.
    He's a top military official serving in the Niger delta region.
    He was preparing his sermon for Church Yesterday but spent some time praying in the spirit.
    He said he literally felt rain drops coming on him.
    At some point he had to jump off from where he was, opened his eyes thinking it leaked from the ceiling only to realize it was in the spirit.
    He said they experienced a massive harvest of souls today in church.
    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  4. May 20 Mon 07:03

    Praise God.
    It's amazing how I got such a strong conviction to take some particular decisions.
    I had been confused about certain things but by just praying in the Spirit, I know exactly what to do.
    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  5. May 20 Mon 07:30

    Good morning everyone.
    I just woke up from a plethora of visions.
    It's nothing my mouth can really explain.
    This thing we are doing in some dangerous stuff.
    I was in bed doing about 2hrs until I slept, oh my!
    I believe God was showing my stuff about my family.
    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  6. May 20 Mon 08:40

    The spirit of God directed me to the book of Acts 2, its amazing what the Holy Spirit can do in and through a man's life..... God is pouring out his spirit in these last days upon every flesh... but like Jesus said to his disciples, they must wait, and not leave Jerusalem until the holy spirit comes.
    I am taking this 1 month power project, as the "UPPER ROOM" experience in my spiritual life.
    God bless Nathaniel for starting this.
    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  7. May 20 Mon 09:44

    Juzzy production:
    I believe God gave me a word yesterday... I just wanna share with everyone....
    Psalms 46:10(NAS)
    "Cease striving and Know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth"...

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  8. May 20 Mon 11:4

    Goodday everyone.
    Since this project started, av been studying psalm 119. And David's longing and desire to know and understand God's word( throughout the psalm he keeps begging God for understanding) has made me judge myself....I realize I don't long for God's word enough. It has driven me to a place of reflection and a longing to know more now.. That is my testimony.

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  9. May 20 Mon 15:09

    Lanre Kunnuji Olaminrewaju:
    Hmmm, grace is available at this time of need. I sense very strongly that all those who would take advantage of this praying in the spirit will have a harvest of God's goodness. I feel spiritual freshness.
    There's a need to warn that the devil will try to prevent us from doing spending that time praying in the spirit, but we have overcome by the blood of Jesus.
    I just noticed that when I want to spend that time, I'll remember all things I'm supposed to do, But that's only a trick of the enemy
    There's something about this corporate prayer
    Let's just take advantage of this grace that's available.

  10. May 20 Mon 10:32

    Tony 'Excel' Yomi:
    After, today's prayer early this morning...I received a solution to a very long challenge I've been facing in my life.
    The Holy Spirit was so explicit in teaching me His word...I feel so relieved now. Praise God!
    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  11. May 20 Mon 19:19

    Here are some extracts from Dave Roberson's free e-book on praying in the holy spirit - highly recommended.

    Pursuit of His Presence

    Page 14
    Once I asked the Lord, "Why did You give us such a peculiar language to use in prayer?" This is what He spoke to my spirit:

    "Among men a language has never come into existence that carries the vocabulary to express everything I am in you through Christ Jesus. Since there was no language with such a vocabulary, I had to create my own and loan it to you while you are on the earth. I just loan it to you till you come up to Heaven; then it will cease.

    The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power by Dave Roberson.

    "Meanwhile, you know in part, and I know everything - My entire redemption plan for all eternity. Whenever the devil comes against you, don't worry about it. Because of your infirmities, I will start making intercession for you according to that plan. And even though you only know in part, I will pray the part you need."

    Free pdf download of the best teaching on praying in the spirit I have heard.

    The Great Exchange: Trading Our Plan for God's Plan

    There is a supernatural exchange that takes place as we pray in other tongues.
    Look at what Romans 8:27,28 says:
    And he [the Holy Spirit] that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

    And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  12. May 20 Mon 19:19

    Page 15
    What does it mean, "he that searcheth the hearts"? It means that the Holy Spirit continually searches your heart with the intention of removing everything that is contrary to the will of God, your Father the Planner. Then the Holy Spirit replaces it with the plan He heard for your personal life before the beginning of time when God formulated His plan for you. He prays the perfect plan of God into your spirit so you not only know what you are called to do but how to fulfill that call in the perfect timing, will, and power of God.

    God trades your natural plans and ideas for His through the supernatural medium of exchange, tongues for personal edification. You can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that as you yield to that divine exchange, all things will indeed work together for good for you, because you love God and are called according to His purpose.

    He Helps Us Find Our Calling

    However, you can't discover the purpose God has called you to fulfill just by reading His Word. Now, you can find out in the Word everything you need to know pertaining to the inheritance that belongs to every believer. You can learn all about salvation, healing, prosperity, righteousness, Heaven, the blood, and ministry offices. But you cannot find out from the Word alone what God has called you to fulfill as an individual member of the Body of Christ.

    There is no "Book of Roberson" that I can turn to for personal instruction. I have to discover my divine calling by revelation through the personal inward work of the Holy Spirit.

    Page 16
    No one knows our calling better than the Holy Spirit. He was in the Presence of God when our call was first planned. That's why He brought His supernatural language with Him when He came to live inside us. We're just too ignorant to know how to pray about our call. So His great reservoir of wisdom and counsel resides within our spirits, just waiting to be released through tongues.

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  13. May 20 Mon 20:21
    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi:
    As we go through the 30days, diligently fellowshipping with God's Spirit & His Word, He says to us:

    " * You would become positioned in the centre of God's Perfect Will for your life. (Note here that there is the good and acceptable will of God. He didn't refer to any of these two but talked about the Perfect Will.) In other words, you would always do what you ought to do at the time you ought to do it and you'd always be where you ought to be (the right place) at the right time, as featured in God's calendar for your life.

    * Through you, the wells of salvation would flow to your world. You'd just find that you are suddenly the one everyone comes to for prayers, counsel and ideas. You become a teacher to even your bosses. Just like Daniel, you would begin to explain hard sentences and dissolve organizational doubts and unravel departmental mysteries. Hahaha! Glory!

    * Some of you would see Jesus in revelation and glory just like in Bible days.

    * Some of you would see glimpses of Heaven and hence birth new visions for your world! You would receive prophecies for your people and nations (this we already are experiencing with the vision of muslims embracing Jesus Christ and much more)."

    There's so much, I'm already full of the anointing putting this down. I'm trying to contain myself

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  14. May 20 Mon 20:48

    God's been waiting for young men and women that would rise above the materialism and cares of the life to seek and chase hard after him.

    And pls for those of you than can, pls check out ANDRES BISSONI on youtube. A young Argentine evangelist doing great stuff for the kingdom around the world !

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  15. May 20 Mon 20:50


    Just on saturday while praying in the Spirit, my attention was suddenly focused on a couple and a friend I'd been praying and believing God for their salvation. I was too glad to find out they finally honored my invitation to church on Sunday and just today one of them called to tell me she had finally surrendered her life to Christ and was going to be on for the Bible school coming up soon for new converts. Dis may sound ordinary, but brethren am so glad God did so cheaply and on a platter of gold what I had prayed in my understanding about for some time, just within hours!!

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  16. May 20 Mon 20:51

    And guess what, one person is in charge of the move - THE HOLY GHOST !
    Isaiah 32:15 "Until the spirit be poured upon us from on high, and the wilderness be a fruitful field, and the fruitful field be counted for a forest"

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  17. May 20 Mon 20:51

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi:
    He says to you & to me: "For those of you with a passion to give for Kingdom expansion and for the good of humanity (who have made giving your lifestyle), I am ready to bring you into the ministry of giving (Hahahaa!)". Let me explain something about the ministry of giving the Holy Spirit is talking about. In this ministry, you not only receive for yourself all that you need/want, you begin to receive from God on behalf of others and then make the needed resources available to them. Imagine for instance that someone calls me and says "pls ARM, we need about 1m to organize an outreach or to do something (that is good with God and good for humanity). All of a sudden, someone calls me to say 'ARM, the Spirit of God just told me that you need 1m to do something. I'm sending the cash to you.' This is what the ministry of giving entails. Malabayashalegebos! Glory to God!!!

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  18. May 21 Tue 07:28

    Good morning all,I just want u to help us thank God for saving my older broda from d tornado dat hit oklahoma yesterday....words r not enuff to express my gratitude but I give God all d glory

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  19. May 21 Tue 08:49

    Do you know this Holy Spirit is just so fantastic ???? And please, don't just expect him to show you some great and grand visions and pictures alone, He's also in the business of directing us in the seemingly small and negligible things of life.

    Imagine, after praying two nights ago, one of the things He showed me was the dangers of using my phone while driving.

    I must confess, sometimes I get in the bad habit of phoning and doing some quick pings while driving. He is saying to me STOP IT ! And I have, with effect from today.

    So I say to us all...STOP IT :| ! No pings and calls while driving.

    He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying o !;)

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  20. May 18 Sat 08:45

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi: Well, I started mine yesterday and its been a great and beautiful experience
    I did mine for 10pm to 11pm
    It was a whole new dawn for me
    I cudnt wait for the group invite. I had to share it with some friends (Ikechi inclusive)
    I didn't only pray in tongues
    I sang in tongues
    I danced in tongues
    I laughed in tongues
    I jumped in tongues
    I shouted in tongues
    And the most beautiful, I interpreted tongues cos the Holy Spirit was communicating some prophecies to me in tongues
    I had to pray for the interpretation & I got it
    This is new and an amazingly beautiful experience

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  21. May 19 Sun 09:19


    Ezekiel 43:3

    "So the SPIRIT TOOK ME UP, and brought me into the inner court; and, behold the glory of the LORD filled the house."

    Do you know that the Holy Spirit is a means of transportation in the realm of the Spirit ? looking at the scripture above, you'll realize we cannot get into the presence of God without Him. It's impossible to worship God in spirit and truth without the ministry of the Holy Spirit. That's why it's of utmost importance to develop a deliberate and conscious walk with him and never begin a time of prayer and devotion without him.

    Because of what I do, I have to get on air planes quite frequently. And reading through some scriptures I realized that the Holy Spirit is quite similar to the aircraft in a way.

    Check these out

    1 Kings 18:12

    " And it shall come to pass, as soon as I am gone from thee, that the Spirit of the LORD SHALL CARRY THEE thee whither I know not...."

    2 Kings 2:16

    ".... and see thy master: lest peradventure the Spirit of the LORD hath TAKEN HIM UP.."

    Ezekiel 3:12-14

    " Then the Spirit TOOK ME UP, and I heard behind me a voice..."

    Ezekiel 8:3

    "...and the Spirit LIFTED ME UP between the earth and the heaven, and brought me in the visions of God to Jerusalem, to the door of the inner gate that looketh toward the north..."

    Ezekiel 11:24

    "Afterwards the SPIRIT TOOK ME UP, and brought me in a vision by the Spirit of God into Chaldea"

    Acts 8:39

    "..the Spirit of the LORD CAUGHT AWAY Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more..."

    Do you notice some similar running across these scriptures???

    You may pray these prayers as I did

    1. Father as we wait on you, Let your Holy Spirit take me into your inner court, your very presence, to experience your glory

    2. Spirit of the living God, please lift me up in the visions of God that I may experience the glory and mysteries of God.

    3. Holy Spirit carry me to a higher place of revelation, truth, love, anointing and glory in Christ Jesus.

    4. Holy spirit, take me up to that place where I can hear the voice of the LORD clearly at all times.

    5. Holy spirit carry me in the spirit to see those things even pertaining to my life, destiny and purpose. Open my eyes to see the areas of my life that I need to set straight with you. If there be any dark spots or areas in my life, Spirit of God, please shine your light and make me glow for you.

    In Jesus' mighty name.

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  22. May 19 Sun 13:09

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi:

    Hi & Good Afternoon Everyone
    I had a splendid time in service this morning & I trust each did too
    Thank you Mr Nat for sharing those great scriptures, words & prayers
    One of the things the Spirit of God has taught me as a Christian which I see in His Word is the fact that for the Christian, all things are his!
    In other words, whatever he would ever need in this life are his by virtue of inheritance
    Amazingly, we studied today about "Who Is A Christian?" in church today
    As I read through the proposed prayers Mr Nat, this is what the Spirit of God said to me
    He said He would rather His children pray as Possessors of the inheritance rather than as ones desiring to possess
    The Spirit of God has been given to us by inheritance, so we pray with understanding
    In order words, permit me to post same prayer points but from the perspective of the Possessor to whom God has given all things.
    Do I have your permission?

    Go ahead

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi:
    Ok thank you kindly

    Dear Father,

    Thank you greatly for the gift of Your Spirit to them who believe in Your Son Jesus Christ, making us inheritors of eternal verities. This group has been created with a burning desire to know You more as we fellowship deeper and longer with Your Spirit and Your Word.

    As I (we) wait on you these 30days, I (we) declare that:

    1. Your Holy Spirit that dwells in me (us) causes me (us) to experience the glory of Your Presence as though I (we) were in Your innermost court in Heaven.

    2. Your Holy Spirit causes me (us) to see visions of You and I (we) experience Your glory; mysteries hidden to the ordinary man are revealed to my (our) spirit(s).

    3. Your Holy Spirit carries me (us) daily to a higher place of revelation, truth, love, anointing and glory in Christ Jesus.

    4. Your Holy Spirit brings me (us) to that higher place of communion where I (we) always hear Your voice clearly at all times.

    5. Your Holy spirit by transportation causes me (us) to see those things even pertaining to my life (our lives), destiny (destinies) and Your purpose for me (us). My (our) eyes are open to see the areas of my life (our lives) that I (we) need work on and I (we) set them straight as I (we) walk with You. Your Spirit lightens the dark spots/areas in my life (our lives). Your light shines in me (us), shines through me (us) and I (we) glow for You. The world see this light and comes to the brightness of my (our) rising.

    In Jesus' Mighty Name. Amen

  23. May 22 Wed 08:05

    Ikechi Ugwoeje Photography/Video:

    Words are powerful! A man's word is actually part of him. You can't separate a man from his words just as God is one with His Word so are we. The ancients understood this well, some how its no longer a matter in our generation, words have become so cheap. Its this understanding that made Isaac cry when Esau asked him for one more blessing. The word/blessing (which was part of him) had left to Jacob and he couldn't say 'Ah! Jacob, that was a joke o, I meant it for Esau'. Words, once spoken are eternal decrees released for creation or destruction. That is what we do when we pray in tongues; we are creating and destroying as the Spirit gives utterance. Halleluyah!

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  24. May 22 Wed 10:54

    P. Serita Amaka:

    What d Lord is talking abt here is not being just a good preacher! There are many gr8 preachers who hv lost brightness!!! He's talking about doers!!! We have bn called preaching christians!!! Revelation-loaded christians!!! It's time for the world to call us practising/doing christians!!!!!

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  25. May 22 Wed 10:55

    P. Serita Amaka:

    The combination of professing christianity and practicing christianity will put darkness out and shine His light!!!!! This is d word and d interpretation from d Lord!!!! Praise ye the Lord!!!!!

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  26. May 22 Wed 20:45


    I woke up yesterday night to pray around 3:15am. For some reason, I began praying Psalm 91 and for those of you who would remember, you would have noticed a Psalm 91 update on my profile. Reading the psalm, you probably get what it's there for.

    Now, I'd been reading a book by JP Timmons, about the antics and workings of the kingdom of darkness and how demons and unclean spirits posses the body of animals to perpetuate their evil deeds.
    Now, I'm not the "spooky-spooky type", and would not spend my energy on minding the devil.
    Anyway, this evening, my wife and I were watching the news and a black bat came flying across the sitting room. It kept moving so fast, I got angry in my spirit, picked up a throw pillow to hit it down, but missed. But as soon as I said I hit you in the name of Jesus, the next thing we found lying dead was a slim bat. Anyways, it's been roasted and dusted. Whilst I'm not quick to attribute it to some workings of the devil, even though......
    At the end of the day, the name of JESUS won!

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  27. May 22 Wed 22:58

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi:

    While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18).

    The verse above shows us a vital principle of faith; you've got to see the unseen! You should be able to visualize what you desire; see it inside first. This is important because you can't possess what you can't see. Any change you desire that hasn't first taken place in your spirit, or which you haven't yet seen on the inside will not manifest outwardly.

    Abraham, the great patriarch of faith, had to first see the vision of God's promise to him of becoming a father of many nations: "And he (God) brought him (Abraham) forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them: and he said unto him, So shall thy seed be." (Genesis 15:5-6).

    As Joshua planned to attack Jericho, the Lord said to him, ".See, I have given into thine hand Jericho, and the king thereof, and the mighty men of valour" (Joshua 6:2).

    Jacob, when he was being cheated by his uncle, Laban, used his imaginative power to get plain coloured lambs to reproduce spotted, speckled, ringstraked and grisled (read the inspiring story in Genesis 30:25-43, Genesis 31:1-13). He tells the spiritual side of what happened in Genesis 31:10: "And it came to pass at the time that the cattle conceived, that I lifted up mine eyes, and saw in a dream, and, behold, the rams which leaped upon the cattle were ringstraked, speckled, and grisled."

    These examples show how important it is for you to have the vision of your desire with a positive attitude, for the extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing! Your imaginative power is your creative ability; you've got to "see the unseen"; you've got to see the way God sees. Picture yourself living in the reality of what the Word says about you. Contemplate the level of success and victory you want to attain and see yourself functioning at that level.
    What do you see people??? If you can see you it (whatever it is), you have it!
    That car you want, have you seen yourself driving it around town? What model? What year? What colour? Heheheheheheheeee! Seeeeeee! Use the eyes of your spirit!

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  28. May 23 Thu 10:31

    NATHANIEL BASSEY: Urgent need for prayer.
    We are asking for the immediate release of the wife and daughter of a Supreme Court Judge, Justice Rhodes-Vivours.
    These two have been kidnapped for some weeks now.
    Let's pray for their instant release, engaging the ministry of angels to facilitate their freedom from their captors as well as the arrest of these perpetrators

    May 23 Thu 10:35
    JACOB: In name of Jesus they are freed
    Isaiah 49:24-26 sums it up

    May 23 Thu 11:42
    TONIA..?: K.....d power of God is at work already IJN

    May 23 Thu 16:02
    P. Serita Amaka??: Amen...even the lawful captive of the mighty shall be delivered in Jesus name!!! We bind that spirit of waster.... We rebuke u in Jesus name... We command u kidnapping spirit that hold people hostage, lose yr hold over the wife and daughter of Justice Rhodes-Vivours now in Jesus name!!! According to Ezk 30:21-end, we declare the arm of Pharaoh the captor broken and shattered to pieces now in Jesus name.... The arm and d strength of d kidnappers are broken right now! It cant be bound up....Father, we turn the captors into captives right now in Jesus name.... We mobilize and engage the ministry of angels now....Angels that excel in strength, arise, go, locate this mother and daughter wherever they've been taken to....cause confusion among d conspirators and captors like u did for king Jehoshaphat in 2Chron 20.... We decree confusion in their midst now. We discomfit them and give them different languages....violent disagreement... Ha! Thank u Lord.. According to Jer 23:19-20, Jer 30:23-24 and Prov 10:25, we release the whirlwind of the Lord against these culprits....fall violently on these wicked humans oh whirlwind!!! Oh wind, u can enter any place where human security agents cannot enter... Locate their hiding place... As they breathe in d air, d air will become their judgement...let the sun, d moon and d stars judge them.... O earth! Earth! Judge them. We decree enmity btw them and the earth they walk on now! We decree enmity btw them and their place of hiding!! Reject them and vomit them! We raise up the banner of the blood of Jesus on behalf of that mother and daughter....rescue angels! Move into operation now! Rescue them! Rescue them from those wicked evil humans....we release d wrath of God against them now....arrest! arrest! Arrest them and bring them and their sponsors to book, in Jesus name....Thank U Lord for setting d captives free!!! Thank u Lord! We rejoice 4 their freedom!!!! Thank u Lord...

    May 23 Thu 16:09
    NATHANIEL BASSEY: Hallelujah
    Pls let's all declare this prayer; creating a chorus and corporate effect in the heavenlies
    @ P. Amaka God bless u

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  29. May 24 Fri 08:15



    Do you know it is possible to have water and at the same time not have it? I'm sure you're familiar with the BORE-HOLE. Indeed God has blessed us with all things pertaining to life and godliness, and this includes water.

    Yesterday my wife drew my attention to the fact that we had no water running, which was due to a lack of power to pump some water.

    "Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God;" (2Cor 1:21-22). Every true believer of Christ is anointed. The Spirit of Christ dwells in us, meaning we have a limitless reserve of power and glory within.

    But just like my wife and I yesterday, sitting on a vast amount of water beneath the earth's surface yet without water at home, you may live life as a believer with tremendous spiritual potential yet not experience the power and glory of Christ dwelling in us by his Spirit. But guess what? as soon as we began pumping, the water started flowing.

    Now, whenever we pray (especially in the spirit), fast, study the word, praise, worship and generally exercise our faith, we are doing some spiritual PUMPING. And before you know it, the rivers of living waters begin to flow.

    " He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water." (John 8:28)

    So, are you experiencing some drought and dryness, a christian life devoid of revelation and power, PUMP ! Pray. Pray in the spirit, pray in your understanding and in tongues. Engage the luminous and glorious light of the word of God.

    Are you depressed, beaten down and discouraged., PUMP. Praise and worship God with joy and gladness. "Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation." (Isaiah 12:3).

    Finally, note however, that PUMPING is not a one-off thing. The more you use water, the more you should pump water.

    So I pray that as you begin to 'PUMP', that you'll experience the precious anointing and power of God's Spirit in a dimension never seen before. Amen.

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  30. May 24 Fri 11:07

    Jerry Omole:

    Wow, thank u bro Nath for being a tremendous blessing, and every believer on this group. This is more than "Church" to me, for once I now understand what it means to fellowship in the Holy Ghost. Am so certain that this fire that He has ignited in our spirits will not only last just for a month but till eternity. I see a people who are the direct answers to the big questions of our generation rising from this place. We'll watch the gates of our nation right from here, we'll determine the destiny of our land in righteousness. The end time church is here, this is wot Christ meant wen he said the True Worshipers will only worship in "Spirit n in Truth". "Worship" has left our various cathedrals and nice auditoriums, the earlier our pastors and leaders stop paying attention to their precious buildings the better cos this is the 3rd day church, the Church of the Holy Ghost...

  31. May 24 Fri 13:37

    Ikechi Ugwoeje Photography/Video:

    The body of Jesus is not the buildings we spend so much to erect, its the coming together of believers in one accord like we are doing here.

    There is a shift!!!

    (Culled from the One Month Power Project Group)

  32. May 22


    The secret to answered prayers. - John 9:31
    "Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshiper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth"

  33. May 26 Sun 19:08

    TONIA..: Thank God for this family and thank God for Bro Nathaniel and the inspiration. Last week after an awesome time praying in the Spirit, I had a dream that night and I saw things that pointed to the resolution of some conflicts that have defied solutions for some time now among certain members of my extended family. I was amazed & thanked God for its manifestation. Just yesterday, I urged one of them to speak to the other who had been ill and she consented (something that had been impossible & practically an abomination) brethren I want to thank God that that opened the channels for communication & ushered in the restoration and by today its all resolved. Indeed this God is AWESOME!!

    1. TONIA..: Indeed the moment we engage Him, He brings help faster than we understand!!!

  34. May 26 Sun 19:47

    Ikechi Ugwoeje Photography/Video:
    ...Praying in the Spirit especially in tongues has been amazing!!!
    The revelations in my study time has been equally great.
    I see praying in tongues as a PUMP for the revelations to flow. Those revelations when proclaimed causes amazing transformations.

    I have a testimony o...

    After praying in the Spirit some days ago I got a business idea. I am amazed at it myself. The Holy Spirit is a Master Strategist!

  35. May 26 Sun 22:22

    ...a few days ago, I had a breath taking revelation. I mean, it's probably a very obvious rhema, but u know how something becomes new and fresh to you

    I realized that for some reason(s)
    Most times when I saw the word, will of God, I also say prayer or a word relating with prayer

    Colossians 4:12

    Romans 8:26

    1 John 5:14

    The Lord's prayer... When you pray... Say our father...... Thy will be done on earth.....

    Colossians 1:8-12

    I dare to say that you may never fulfill or fully work in God's will for your life without praying

    May 26 Sun 22:38

    Pat Ackem-Vinger:
    Very true Nath. You will be like a blindfolded boxer trying to hit a target. Beating about the bush.

    May 26 Sun 22:40

    I had to share this after I heard pastor Pat share his perspective on praying in the Holy Ghost

    You may not know this, We may have sorted things far far in our destinies and future
    I have a testimony

    May 26 Sun 22:44

    Ikechi Ugwoeje Photography/Video:
    I think we have and are still doing so... I had this conviction some days ago

    Great! Please share

    May 26 Sun 22:46

    In the past few days, I've noticed that when I go for meetings and begin to minister, there are some unusual demonstrations and manifestations...

  36. May 26 Sun 23:17

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi:
    @Pat, about being careful with the testimony bcos some people aren't getting them as much as others. I have an advice for such people. The Bible says rejoice with them that rejoice. If a testimony is shared here, rejoice with the one who got the testimony. Why? When you want to buy fuel in a filling station and before you is a man with gallons in his boot. No matter how many gallons he came with to buy fuel and how long it takes the attendant to finish with him, you know that after him you're next. What am I saying? When someone close to you gets a miracle or a testimony, it just shows that you're next in line. And your rejoicing with that person hastens your own miracle. See! There's no one here who doesn't and would not have testimonies. It may be an immediate manifestation but it would come to pass. You're laying your foundation by been a part of this project. And remember the foundation of a 10storey building takes longer than that of the bungalow. Its even possible that both builders started laying foundation at same time yet the bungalow would be ready and one is still laying the foundation of the 10 storey building. It's how you look at it. We all have testimonies.

  37. May 27 Mon 08:33

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi:
    I thought to share this with you. It would inspire and bless you.

    It's About What You Say

    Death and life are in the power of tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof (Proverbs 18:21).

    Having a great life and enjoying all the blessings God has reserved for you begins with how effective you are in using your tongue rightly. This is because the principle in the New Testament is, "What you say, is what you get" (Mark 11:23); it's about the tongue. Many are in bondage, not because Satan overpowered them, but because of their negative confessions. Proverbs 6:2 says, "Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth."

    Cultivate a wholesome tongue, for "A wholesome tongue is a tree of life..." (Proverbs 15:4). The word “wholesome" is translated from the Hebrew: 'MARPE' - meaning healing, curative, medicine. Therefore, you should speak words of healing.

    You can control your job, your finances, your home, and your body with your tongue. Your life doesn't have to be a surprise, as you can chart your course in the direction of God's perfect will. You can frame or create your desired future.

    It doesn't matter how much someone says he believes, it takes giving voice to your believing for faith to be activated. Romans 10:10 says, "For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." To enjoy the blessings of your salvation, you must use your mouth.

    Salvation, amongst other blessings, means to be brought out of slavery into liberty, to be brought out of poverty into abundance, to be brought out of sickness into health, and to be delivered from sin into righteousness and the life of God. However, for these and the other blessings of salvation to become your vital experience, your confessions must be in sync with the revelation of God's Word concerning you. So what are you saying about you & about everything that concerns you?

  38. Jun 2 Sun 06:52

    I just thought about this...
    Please take a moment to thank God for giving Us his HOLY SPIRIT. To know that we carry God inside of us is mind blowing. I'm not talking about an assistant or deputy God o, but GOD - JEHOVAH, YAHWEH. Dwelling in us by His Spirit. 1 Cor 3:19. Romans 8:9. If this revelation sinks, we'll never have an inferiority complex the rest of lives. GOD! Lives inside Me ??????? Ha ! This is serious o. So what can sickness be doing there? Demons? Depression? You mean God would have such things squatting with Him? You sef think am naaaa.... Pls give him thanks. He lives in YOU. Yes YOU reading this now.

    Jun 2 Sun 06:52

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi:
    @MrNath Yes ooooooo! To have God live in me is BIG! That's why I think and dream BIG and also do BIG things! Gloryyyyyyyy

    Jun 2 Sun 06:52

    @ARM. Yes ooOooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Jun 2 Sun 06:52

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi:
    I'm totally ever grateful. Never a day goes by without me saying "Thank You Father for the gift of Your Precious Holy Spirit. Thank You Father for choosing to build Your tabernacle inside of me and dwell in and with me. I'm forever grateful". Glory to God in the highest

    Jun 2 Sun 06:55

    Hallelujah... @ ARM, walking in the consciousness just makes life a piece of bread.

    Jun 2 Sun 06:55

    Jerry Omole!:
    Thank you Lord! Thank you for making my life your dwelling place, help me Lord to remain in this understanding even in trials

    Jun 2 Sun 06:57

    Two things every Christian must possess - The knowledge of God and the knowledge of who they are in Him

    Jun 2 Sun 07:07

    B.A.Y.O.R Martins:
    Thank You Father!

    Jun 2 Sun 07:13

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi:
    Yeah @MrNath. Even the mountains become bread. I just eat them and move on

  39. Jun 2 Sun 11:56

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi:
    Ha! This one month power project has done something revolutionary in my life. I find that I am ever full and filled with the Holy Spirit and everyone I talk to easily makes contact with my passion. I am consciously and continuously full of the anointing and its contagious. More than ever before, I confidently say that I carry God in me. I am most definitely not ordinary. I'm doing big things and would yet do bigger things for God. My life (all that I am and have) belongs to Him- for His use and for His glory. Glory to His Name forever. Singing "I'm Yours, Jehovah I'm Yours..."
    In our service today at the Teens' Church, the anointing of God's Presence was extremely tangible and the teenagers definitely made contact with it. At some point, we couldn't sit on our chairs anymore. We were so full of the anointing and we saw ourselves standing and speaking in tongues till the end of the service. Testimonies everywhere!

    The Anointing of the Holy Ghost/Spirit makes all the difference

    It truly does

    Meeeeennnnn, this daily praying in tongues is for life oooo. Naaaaaa! It doesn't end with just one month. A thousand times NO!!!

    Hallelujah! We are taking over the entire world for Jesus!

  40. Jun 2 Sun 12:21

    Joshua: Good Afternoon everyone...just now when I was reading thru d chats and thanking God for the gift of the Holy Spirit, he dropped an analogy into my spirit.

    I just finished using d bathroom and was going to wash and wrinse my hands...I turned the tap for the hot water and thot it wld take a while for it to get hot so I won't need to turn d cold water tap ON @all. In a seconds, it became rly hot and I quickly removed my hands and HE said that what I ALWAYS do to Devil if you are in tune with me (Holy Spirit) always. If you can now speak in tongues, that a 'turbo-charger', He called it! You will burn anything evil that dare you. I felt the pain of the hot water but I was rly laughing and thking HIM for opening my eyes to this.

    Before now I speak in tongues but not frequently and my logical mind tell me to reduce it. Over the past week, I've prayed to that extent that I told the holy spirit that any thing I want to speak in English, HE should turn it into tongues and HE DID...I was so after the experience and guess what, it's not about to STOP.

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi: Lol @Joshua. What a "hot" way to learn something hot! Congratulations. Greatly inspired

    Joshua: Av learnt from everyone in this group and I say a BIG thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you. I found out if you don't want HIM he won't come any close. I chuckle with HIM ever so often these days.

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi: @Joshua Yeah. He never forces His way but when you welcome Him, He goes all the way.

    Joshua: Sometimes it seems he's hanging ard and just wants u to beckon:D...but y do we form sometimes sef?

    NATHANIEL BASSEY: Hallelujah !

    @ARM I agree with you. I've seen remarkable changes in my life and ministry. One thing you find is your level of sensitivity increases radically

  41. Jun 2 Sun 13:57

    Utibe: Just a few days ago I wondered how to get cash to do some stuffs. And move around so like Bro Nath did to start dis project, I took the longest stroll and was praying in tongues with so much boldness at some point I would "lose" it as in blow it loud not minding d busy road n streets

    And from within I began I began to chant scriptures like incantations

    From Ps 23;1, Phil 4:19, Deut 8:18 infact it was like I was engaged in a battle against being cashless

    I got home n still couldn't stop

    Just yesterday, I got a call to come over and like refueling a car my finances were refueled

  42. Jun 2 Sun 14:04

    Ikechi Ugwoeje Photography/Video:

    Greetings everyone. @Bro Nath, Praying in the spirit increases the intensity of our light. You know the light you require to light up a room is different from what you need to light up a stadium at night. The more we spend time praying in tongues the more our capacity to light up our generation. Some people's heart are so hardened that the intensity of light required to light their candles is a more than the regular. Our lights will shine brighter this week in Jesus name!

  43. Jun 2 Sun 16:31

    TONIA..: One of my fire brand Pastors abt 8yrs ago made a statement that inability to pray in the Spirit is more like being in a warfare and fighting the devil with a "toothpick"!!! Hmmmmm, now I understand much more what she meant...all these testimonies abound because the hands of the devil have been tied to an extent and he's been rendered powerless over what's been happening in this house and PERSIST we must till this light is seen everywhere we are found, also contacted by many out there in the world!!!!

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi: @Tonia the devil was completely defeated thousands of year ago. Jesus defeated him and gave us the victory! Glory to God

    TONIA..: Halleluyah! Indeed how awesome 2b fighting a battle that has already been concluded and d Victors declared!!!

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi: @Tonia @Everyone: That's why Paul called it the "Good Fight of Faith". It's a good fight because we were declared winners even before the fight started.

  44. Jun 2 Sun 23:46

    ‘Lanre Kunnuji Olaminrewaju: The Apostles were in one accord in the upper room, studying the scriptures and waiting to be filled with the Holy Spirit. At the turn of the 2Oth century was the Welsh revival which influenced the Azuza street Revival. Seymour and others were gathered on Azusa street Los Angeles, studying the scriptures and praying for revival. With globalization, many words have been redefined. For instance this forum is called a room; a chat room. We’re here gathered, studying scriptures and praying for revival. Notably, an effect of waiting on God in both cases sited earlier is an emergence of a generation of Spirit filled children of God whom God used to transform their generation. There's obviously something about being in one accord in a room, WAITING on God for a revival. I see an emergence of a new generation of men and women who would shake this generation for God. What has started here is beyond what anyone one ever thought of. God's raising a generation from here. Watch out!
    Seymour prophesied that about 1OOyrs from their time there would be similar revival but not in one place, it would be all over the world.

    Seunfunmi Nwaolisa: Wow, Praise God

    NATHANIEL BASSEY: Wooooow !!!!

  45. Jun 3 Mon 17:08

    KAYDEE: Want to thank God for this project. As I read the testimonies in this chat room they energize my faith. My prayer this project has been that of seeking God to help develop fruits of his spirit in me that I lack (patience, longsuffering). Anyway, as usual I have experienced temptations and I see that I've become more patient and am not so easily angered as I usually am. I just feel calm in VERY ANNOYING situations and I know God is really working on me. I am grateful. Thank you all

    NATHANIEL BASSEY: Hallelujah ! Hallelujah !!!

    Lanre Kunnuji Olaminrewaju: Kaydee, Glory to God

    Steward Benparousia™® : @kaydee: no member of this group would remain the same

    NATHANIEL BASSEY: Kaydee your testimony is inspiring

    KAYDEE: @Nath Thank God, am so excited and surprised.. The holy ghost really does work especially when we ask of him...never felt such calm in these situations...I KNOW literally am changing I can feel it.. the Spirit has led me to do a better study on Jesus...the way he reacts to situations, his manner of speech etc...& I’ve been learning. After all, we are to be like him....The best part of it all is that am learning to LET go even when am so right....its amazing...

  46. Jun 4 Tue 07:21

    NATHANIEL BASSEY: Saw this on Facebook. Be blessed

    Let us remind ourselves of who we are. Declare this boldly today

    I am love, love is my nature. This is the nature of my Father God, who in dwells me, inhabits me and enriches me and fills me up with Himself.

    This love of God is shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit. Not by my feelings, emotions or anything else. I endure long and I am patient and kind. I am not envious nor do I boil over with jealousy. I am not boastful or vain glorious. I do not display myself haughtily.

    I am not conceited, arrogant or inflated with pride; I am not rude, unmannerly and I do not act unbecomingly of a child or saint of God. I do not insist on my fleshy rights or my own way. I am not self seeking; I am not touchy, fretful or resentful. I take no account of evil done to me; I pay no attention to a suffered wrong.

    I do not rejoice at injustice and unrighteousness­ but I rejoice when righteousness and truth prevail. I face up boldly and courageously to anything and everything that comes. I am ever ready to believe the best about every person. My hopes are fadeless under all circumstances and I endure all things without weakening. I never never never fail. (1 Corinthians 14: 4-8 AMP)

    I am a love child

    Of the love God

    Born of love

    Into His love family

    Love, Mercy and Compassion flow out of me to others. The gifts of the Spirit manifest themselves through me. The Spirit manifests Himself through me in love.

    I am a labourer in the Lord’s harvest field and I am faithful to His calling on my life.

    I am the righteousness of God in Christ, so I am bold as the Lion of Judah. I am a faithful and fruitful witness of His gospel everywhere I go!

  47. Jun 4 Tue 23:42

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi: Something striking happened tonight. We got home and I needed to quickly get dinner ready. The gas wasn't coming on. There wasn't light either so I couldn't use the micro oven or the electric cooker. This was few minutes to 10pm. 10pm was prayer time & I was getting irritated with the fact that nothing was available for my use. When it was prayer time, I sat down on one of the chairs in the kitchen and I said "Holy Spirit, help me. I have to fix this situation. Everyone can't starve tonight with me handling dinner. Let the gas come on or the light returned." I wasn't done talking when the alarm for the light went shouting. As I got using the light, the gas came up too. And this is just one of many cases. I see the hand of the Holy Spirit on even the minute things of my life. He truly is Lord of All in my life now! I am more than ever before sensitive to Him in all things. He tells me what to wear, what to do, when & how to do what to do, what exactly to say & how to say it, etc. It's been amazingly beautiful

  48. Jun 5 Wed 03:29

    Joshua: Praying in any language we understand is loaded with selfish requests BUT praying in the spirit is so selfless because HE gives us the utterance. Also, praying in our own language is too loaded with calories and it causes FAT but praying in d spirit is so healthy you feel so light after taking the heaviest dose of it. Anyone that wants to convert fat to muscles, DON'T go to the gym yet, start with praying in the spirit and see how fast those FAT will give way...try it!

  49. Jun 6 Thu 16:47

    TONIA..: Also important 2knw; Hab 2:1 says "I will stand upon my watch and set me upon d tower, and will watch to see what He will say unto me...l. One very silent, but important par of dis project is 'sensitivity' we must b alert 2watch what He will Say. Cos as we fan d flames of d fire, strange happenings bcom d order of d day; jst as we've bn experiencing

    Pat Ackem-Vinger: And He likes the dependence...your depending on Him for even the small things.

    TONIA..: But der's still far more to come

  50. Jun 6 Thu 17:49

    Steward Benparousia™® : I really love what I'm reading here

    It reminds me of what I read in a book many years ago "The Holy Spirit my Senior Partner"

    When you trust Him with the "little things", He shows up and leads you thru the "difficult" ones.....for with God ALL things are possible, nothing is hard and the other easy. To Him, ALL is possible.

    That was when I replaced "impossible" with "HIMpossible" in my dictionary.

  51. Jun 6 Thu 22:11

    L.K.O: Last night I was listening to a message on Youtube, Benny Hinn's teaching on "walking with the Holy Spirit". After the teaching he made some specific prophecies based on the Holy Spirit's revelation. In fact at a point he mentioned someone's name. Afterwards he prayed for all those trusting God for financial breakthrough. And I was really trusting God to come through for me as regards my outstanding school fees which is due by the end of this month. So I put my hand on the laptop screen as Benny Hinn prayed for financial breakthrough. Guess what? About 15mins to 5am, which is 15mins to 4am Nigerian time, my older brother called to say he was thinking about my fees (he had not called me in a long time, at least not in the past 2 months), and he started discussing how we would pay the outstanding fees. This can’t be a coincidence o people of God, this is God in action, I'm still dazed. So let's trust Him more o.

  52. Jun 6 Thu 23:02

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi:
    @Ikechi, when you work round the clock, there are excuses not to be committed to such a project. But that's where self discipline comes in- doing what you ought to do when you ought to do whether you feel like it or not. Moreso, knowing what you want to derive from it, you cannot just give up or give in!

    Ikechi Ugwoeje Photography/Video:
    @ARM yes o! Against all odds!!!

    ARM- 'Amaka Rachael Mordi:
    There are times when I am so tired and sleepy but I wud sit on the bare floor rather than knee or lay on my bed just so I am awake to pray. Hmmm!

    Ikechi Ugwoeje Photography/Video:
    I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me!