Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hear ye the words of this Conqueror
I am a true product of the Creator
Those of the lower class call me a Monster
Like one of the Four around the Throne of my Father
At the sight of me, they falter, cringe and cower
In this Kingdom and theirs, 
I am the totem of Authority and Power
Don’t be fooled to assess me by my calm mien
To those upon whom I prey, I am an Alien
We may walk the same plane as species with a generic name
But the hunters know I can NEVER be their catch or game
So I say, to he who has an ear, let him hear
To those at the bottom of the food chain, be filled with fear
If they told you I was fasting, you were deceived
You’ve trespassed my domain just in time for me to feed
Don’t assume I’m ignorant just because I’m calm and quiet
If I didn’t go after it, then it wasn’t part of my diet
My path is quite different and my route is pristine
I am of a higher order and breed than the average feline
That’s why I speak and decree like my Creator
And again I say, hear ye the words of this Conqueror


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