Friday, November 15, 2013

Song Robbers or What???? | Nathaniel BASSEY

When 'gospel singers and musicians' steal the music and songs of others just to 'make it', I really begin to wonder if some gospel musicians are even saved to begin with.

A friend of mine sent me a message that really broke my heart. Please read.

"Hello Nath, somebody has released one of Preye's songs. One of the two she worked on with Emmanuel. I have the person's contact details. Apparently, he used to come to our church. After hearing the song he swapped churches then went to record. His video is on Silverbird TV Port harcourt. What do you think I can do?"

A few months ago, a 'music minister in the same town, recorded one of our songs, shot a video, all without permission, and then calls on the day of release to inform me.

Do we know God at all? Is this thing about having a hit by all means?

I forgave the other guy and decided he could go ahead, but sometimes folks need to know things have to be done in order and in truth.

Please if you are a music minister and have such tendencies, STOP IT!
Don't build your ministry and life on lies and deceit. Seek God, and He'll show you your place and portion.

Nathaniel BASSEY

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