Saturday, April 15, 2017



The message below is for those people on your contact list that you do not want to block but would prefer they would simply #ForwardWisely.


Thank you for keeping in touch via this platform.

I appreciate that you want me to be informed and "current" but please, when it comes to broadcasts and forwarded messages, kindly do me a favour by NOT sending such messages to me especially when such posts are words, photos or videos that contain the below:

1. Negative news that increase fear and unnecessary suspicion in the name of “security alert”.
It's even more annoying when such a message has been making rounds before I left school.  ("Yobe is boiling..." e still neva done?) Avoid Lagos-Epe road now, blah blah blah ...oh please!
At least confirm the validity of the message before forwarding...IF you have to forward it.
I hope you know pictures can be doctored and videos can be acted?

2. Nudity, vulgar language or coarse jokes that have a tendency to pollute the mind.
Some jokes, especially sex "jokes" are simply the stench announcing the depraved state of someone's mind.

3. Messages that have a “clause” (or curse) that if I don’t forward to 15 people within 15 minutes...yeah right! I will so "break the chain"
"Some Christians are about to be executed in..."? Do we really need a "Guilt Pill" before knowing we need to pray without ceasing?

4. Jokes or statements about this country that makes saying the National Pledge look like a huge waste of time.
Don't you think what you are saying should be along the lines of what you are praying?

5. "Prayers" that look more like an incantation from a shrine.

6. Posts that can incite religious or tribal sentiments. Wars have been started because of "mere" words.

7. Posts that involve God and the devil in a conversation...dem be mates? (BTW, my name is not Job)
Then there are those between Satan and his demons. Biko, were you in attendance ni?


Please note that the list above is not exhaustive.

In summary, just #ForwardWisely period! If it irritates or annoys you, most likely I would feel the same.

Thank you.


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