Wednesday, June 5, 2019


I read through the book of Ruth a few times just to catch a glimpse of the kind of favour she enjoyed. A non-Jew entering the lineage of Christ and one of the only two women to have a book named after them in the Bible. The only non-Jew with a book in the Bible, and in the old testament for that matter.

Now as Jews - Esther, Nehemiah, Joseph and Daniel already had a covenant promise that placed them on a platform that made favour inevitable. However, all the favour they enjoyed was ultimately for the saving of a nation - The Jewish nation. Ruth did not have that platform. She was heathen until she abandoned all to follow Naomi. And Ruth enjoyed an unusual favour that was ultimately for saving humanity not just a nation.

I came to this conclusion:

Favour after the order of Ruth is a favour that breaks ALL protocols (even if it is an established law and/or spiritual principle that is not backed up by grace). In essence; in this dispensation, even government laws, policies and constitution not in line with grace can be broken for favour to work in my life.

Imagine the king of Saudi Arabia giving you the invitation to give a ministration before a national event starts. That's how wild understanding this level of favour is making me think right now.

Favour after the order of Ruth means you are neither deserving nor entitled to it, but you get it!

It is different from the favour that says you deserve to be blessed, but you get MORE than you are entitled to get. This is the sort of favour Esther and other Jews got. They were blessed already. But favour got them more than they were entitled to get. What the Ruth order of favour delivers is for global impact and not just national impact.

May we gain understanding and position ourselves in Jesus name.

I declare I am favoured after the order of Ruth. I believe and I say Amen.

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