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No matter what your goal is, whatever your purpose in life may be will require your personal preparation to ensure a speedy actualization.

Outstanding performance in the future is a product of qualitative preparation today.

Preparation entails planning, programming, and seeking for necessary helps.

The quality of one's preparation determines the quality of his result in any examination.

Safety is not guaranteed in the air without adequate and detailed checks on the ground.


Planning can be defined as a step-by-step design towards the accomplishment of a given task.

Praying without planning is playing without knowing. And planning without programming is living in the woods, while programming without pursuit is dining with the dead.


The planning process begins with fact finding and intelligible arrangement of such facts is what is called planning. We can only plan effectively with facts. That is, identifying the essential issues involved in achieving a given task, and strategically placing such facts in the most appropriate place to achieve the desired goal.

The time you spend in planning is not wasted time; it is time invested, because the quality of your planning determines the speed at which you accomplish your goal.


Programming dictates the steps. Programming schedules the actions; it is essentially about timing the required action towards accomplishing a set goal.


First looking out for resource materials where relevant facts can be gathered.

Secondly, seeking help from above through prayers.

This is the position: we plan with facts, program with sense, and pray with faith.

God never plans for anyone; it is every individual's responsibility to plan.

Planning is a non transferable responsibility. There is no substitute for it.

Preparation must be comprehensive before you can obtain outstanding results.

For every set objective, no matter how divinely inspired, preparation is a non-negotiable factor, if it must be actualized.


There is a place for financial planning in the pursuit of any purpose. Everyone needs to be financially literate for a successful adventure in life. You will always have something to do with money as long as you're living here on earth.

Therefore, no matter how spiritual you are, to pretend that money is not essential is to make a mockery of destiny. 

Man's dignity naturally demands financial resources. 

One unique truth about the Bible is that there is no management principle from Harvard, Yale or anywhere else under heaven that compares with the principles contained in it. 

Applied gospel is the world's last hope.


Money can be simply defined as a medium of exchange for goods and services. There is nothing mystical about money  It is neither a product of chance or luck; it is simply the end product of goods and services.

Cheap money erodes human dignity, whereas money properly earned enhances his value. There is no shortcut: money is either earned or should not be expected.

The first thing to do in your financial preparation is to seek to be adequately financially informed for the pursuit of your goal. 

If you can think enough what you have is enough to set out with.

You do not need money as much as you require financial skills.

I am talking about being in touch with the investment opportunities around you and how to invest wisely.

It is important not only to build resources for the pursuit of your purpose, but to also develop adequate financial management skill of the same. God will not put in your hand more than you are capable of effectively managing.

You need to be constantly aware of your economic environment in order to become financially successful.


"Those who think on paper think better."

Dr. David Oyedepo

Source: Ruling Your World (Chapter 4)
Copyright © 2005 by David O. Oyedepo

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