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You did not just happen; you were created. You are, therefore, not a child of circumstances.

Life without a bearing is a burden.

Men of purpose are known to be men of impact.


Many people are frustrated because they have not cared to discover what they were designed for.

A discovery of what you are created to do is called purpose. Doing what you are created to do is what makes you become what you are created to be.

Finding what you are created to do and doing it will turn you into a man and woman of value.

Purpose is what gives meaning to life. You are only guaranteed to get the best of results doing what you are created to do.

If everywhere is your destination, you are sure to get nowhere. Life is a journey, and only those who have a definite destination record progress. Only those going somewhere ever get anywhere. Anyone going everywhere gets nowhere, for there is no such destination as "everywhere".


It is not what you want to be that matters, but what you are created to do, the reason for your existence, that matters most. 

Purpose does not target position, but is designed essentially for contribution. It is not designed for status, but for service. That is why only service oriented dreams ever see the light of day.

Discovery of purpose is essentially a discovery of your area of service.

Service is the only way to actualize your purpose and fulfill your destiny.

True greatness is a product of genuine service. It is your degree of commitment to service that determines your ultimate height in the race of life. The power of purpose is manifested in service.

Visionary Encounters

A heavenly vision can also be delivered through prayers of enquiry.

God is committed to leading us in the way to go and teaching us the way to profit.

Natural Endowments

A discovery of such deposits in most cases is a pointer to the task you are created to undertake in life.

Your passion can be defined as things that get you emotionally caught up in your actions and reactions to certain things or issues.

You are either running with a vision, going on a mission or burning with a passion.

Living for self makes a slave, but living for others makes a leader.

Spiritual Bearing

Most Christians crash when they allow a little success to disconnect them from God.

When you stop seeking God, you start sinking in the sea of life. Remember, it is His purpose you are running with, not yours and you sure must require His backing.

Visionary Bearing

Not every good idea is God's idea. 

If you keep pace with God, you won't lose your peace.

Every child of God who does not desire mishaps on the journey of life must always crave to be led by the Lord.

Role-Model Bearing

Find out those who have gone ahead of you in the area of your discovered purpose, and link up with them, particularly with the secrets that made them.

It takes having role models to play your role well.


Great men always live in the reality of their future ever before they arrive there!

If you cannot dream it, you may never dare it, and if you will not dare it, you cannot damn it. A dream in this context is defined as the mental picture of the future.

It is your mental picture that defines your actual future, for as a man of thinks in his heart so is he. Show me a dreamer indeed, and I will show you another leader in the making. Every great dreamer ends of a world changer.


"You Don't Need A Century To Effect A Change; You Only Need Effective Preparation To Provoke Unusual Transformations!"

Dr. David Oyedepo

Source: Ruling Your World (Chapter 3)
Copyright © 2005 by David O. Oyedepo

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