Saturday, June 5, 2021

Light | #JustALine

 Obviously, you had an amazing week! Looking back, I observed one subject seemed to show up in many ways. Light.

Here are a few thoughts:

Darkness can’t stand the entrance of light. Once it shows up, darkness flees.

Some people leaving your life, has absolutely nothing to do with you.

A shadow announces the presence of light. Looking away from the shadow makes it more likely to see the light.

The problem is proof that a solution exists. According to Ryan Holiday, The Obstacle Is The Way.

Who knows, you might be the light at the end of someone’s tunnel. A representation of possibilities beyond seeming prevailing darkness.

Please Keep Shining! Someone, somewhere, needs your light to navigate all the way to themselves!

+ Bayor

Please see what Aubrey Marcus had to say about light in the book Own the Day, Own Your Life at the link:

In order to improve the means of sending these insights across you, we plan to add a link to from this month so as to update the database and serve you better. Sounds good?

Blessings Always!

+ Bayor |

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