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Deuteronomy 8:11-14,17-18, Psalm 35:27
To truly walk in Kingdom wealth, you must know how to attract, manage, multiply and preserve financial resources.
The absence of financial resources in your life punishes you, impedes the quality of your living, the advancement of the kingdom and your potential to be a blessing. Money is not what destroys men, it’s the disposition of the heart of the one in custody of it. (money is amorphous). You cannot attain a position of influence if you are poor.
Definition: the presence/availability of abundant financial resources + the time to use it + peace of mind.
In the world system, wealth is at the expense of either health, peace, family etc
Once Jesus is out of the equation, frustration is imminent. There is a void so large that only the size of Jesus can fill in a man; nothing else sustains that ability.
Whatever requires that Jesus is out of the equation to prosper is demonic. You can prosper with the dignity of Kingdom integrity.
Peace is my highest definition of progress. May you never be so poor that all you have is money.
In this Kingdom, you must score 5/5 (Five Levels of Prosperity) to be said to be wealthy.
Both the physical and spiritual laws are called Kingdom laws. The power of God backs them.
1.      The Law of Mental Transformation: your thoughts will eventually translate to your physical reality. Your belief systems and your thinking have a relationship with your financial level and your destiny. Prov. 23:7 – your mental state has a lot to do with your financial reality.
Genesis 11:1-6 – everything in life (the Kingdom) is built twice; first in your mind and then physically. If you try to build physically without first building it mentally (spiritually) you will lose it. God was attracted to man’s thoughts. Imagination made the building a tangible edifice in the spirit realm. Your mind is an architect of your possibility. You don’t have to move to a physical location to prosper. Let your mind work with the Word of God to start building your tomorrow.
Your mind is an extraordinarily fertile garden. It will grow any seed (ideas you allow in - failure, limitation, success, victory, faith etc). You must pay attention to what you drop in your mind.
Proverbs 4:23: Your prosperity will be in greater measure, a result of your paradigm and philosophy, than a result of your surrounding or the economy. No matter what changes in the economy, if you don’t change in your mind, you will remain poor. Likewise, no matter what changes in the economy, if you change your mind, everything changes. On an individual level, the economy is not the reason you are poor, it is largely your ideas (ideology/paradigm).
If you attempt to change your physical reality without first changing your mind, your mindset will compel behaviors that will force your life to return to a level that reflects your thinking. In aerodynamics, this concept is called cybernetics. Same principle applies in the working of the thermostat.
Evolve to a superior version of yourself. Your mindset has an assignment to ensure your physical reality is consistent with the level of your thinking. Anytime your physical reality is higher than your mindset, it fights it until it returns to the level of your thinking.
Your mindset is the authorized escort to lead you to where you want to go. It goes to that realm to verify, then picks your body to that realm. The Spirit’s backing of this law enforces that whoever has been transformed should not remain at a level that is below that transformation.
Don’t live a fake life; why fake what can be real? If you eat tomorrow’s bread today, you will be hungry tomorrow. The real way to grow is to change. The moment you find yourself looking for money, you have missed the law. Don’t look for money, it is not missing. It is attracted by who you are becoming; becoming is greater than doing. Your evolution/transformation is greater than what you do.
Daniel 11:32 – it starts with knowledge, transformation and then action. Don’t reverse the order. The wealthy are wealthy because of the mindset powering their business and not the business they are doing.
Your body is a slave (obedient) to your thinking. The real man is your mind. Don’t change clothes or other physical dimensions of the man until you have changed the mind. Don’t blame (or berate) people having results while you are in a condition occasioned by your thinking.
It wasn’t the oil and one vessel that brought increase, it was the oil and many vessels. The prophet told her to go borrow many vessels. A person collecting rain in a cup can make it look like a downpour was a drizzle.
Don’t rush the seasons in your life. Grow through them, don’t just go through them. Focus on growing and everything around you will grow too. Every level has a blessing attached to it and you get them by growing into that level. Everything you are looking for is also looking for you but not this version of you. These results were designed to follow growth and when you are there, they will be also (even if you try to push them away).  Don’t be ashamed of your process. Don’t try to give a narrative of your success that is not true.
Until you can give to the Kingdom without inconvenience, you are not there yet. There is a level that you get to, your helpers must remember you; the fact that they cannot remember you, shows you are not obeying the law. The money you are paid is what your mindset has instructed that you should be paid.
Your physical environment will gradually and eventually, reflect the true state of your mindset. You renew your mind by:
a.      gaining access to superior and Word-based ideas and information.
b.      Repetition until conviction is established. Hearing once will not bring transformation, you must hear again and again.
2.      The Law of Value: a measure of your skill, gift, or ability whether acquired or inherent. Proverbs 18:16. Your value is a measure of your usefulness to the marketplace. It is also a measure of your ability to solve problems and provide solutions that are needed and useful within the context of a civilization. Your value decides who pursues you and who rewards you. We get paid and rewarded for bringing value to the marketplace. You must discover and develop problem-solving-skills and abilities if you want to prosper. Become a master at providing solutions and you will never be ignored. Rewards answer to value with no prejudice for age, gender, religion etc. Be too good to be ignored. May you be so valuable that while you are sitting down, many people’s prayer requests will be looking for you. (Gen. 41:38)
Genesis 41:14,33-43
Every blessed man is looking for people of value. Value is an enhancer of favor.
3.      The Law of Productivity: the quality or ability to create, make or enhance products and services. Productivity is the ability to refine and develop your value and turn it into products and services that are needed and useful, then serve it with excellence to a targeted consumer base. Your value may be qualified for commendation but not yet reward; turn your value into productivity. Contend for productivity.
It is only when you serve kings that you get the reward of kings. Never stop developing yourself until you are in the palace serving kings; that’s where the gold and treasures are. Serve your way through excellence into the presence of the king. Being valuable is not enough; your value must be refined, packaged, and served with excellence to command a reward.
Fight mediocrity like you fight Satan. It is the sponsor of a mediocre and defeated life.
Productivity requires exposure; this broadens your horizon beyond your current scope of sight. It expands your mind and your thinking. Positive exposure is very necessary if you will be productive. Productivity also requires creativity and innovation.
Competence and excellence are magnets attracting people, resources, and opportunities into your life. Decide to be competent, productive, and excellent.
4.      The Law of Increase: Matthew 25:14-30, Increase is a law. 
2 Corinthians 9:10 – important words; bread, multiply, seed, increase
For every blessing of financial increase (salary, favor, increase etc), there is always seed and bread. The assignment of bread is to satisfy your present need while that of seed is to ensure you are not hungry tomorrow. Eating your seed or sowing your bread is a waste. Don’t focus on seed and forget bread. Likewise, don’t focus on bread and forget to sow.
Every seed is small. There is no seed that is a tree until planted/sown. Summon the courage to decline things that will eat your seed. If you don’t respect the seed in ten thousand, one million will never come.
Don’t regret the mistakes of yesterday, start now. Practice savings. The percentage you save should be determined by the amount of time you have. Your sprint should be in correlation with what’s chasing you. You can’t be saving 20% of your income at age 40.
Two major reasons to save money: Emergencies and Investments.
Money multiplies mainly through investments. Investment is the acquisition of assets. Spend your life acquiring assets that will pay for your liabilities. Every time you spend all you have; you punish your future. Be frugal, especially when you are rising. Build systems that can replenish you. Live many layers below your true worth to build the capacity necessary to maintain that level. You must know how to retain wealth; strong men retain wealth – Proverbs 11:16
Like prosperity, there are 5 levels of investments: spiritual, mental, physical, financial (and relational).
In the Kingdom, we have an advantage – the prophetic dimension of wealth. 2 Chronicles 20:20-25
God has built an advantage in the economy for the saints in the light. The prophetic dimension of wealth is not a license for laziness, it is a system of advantage incorporated in God’s economy to prove to creation that there is a God that backs the saints.
Hosea 12:13, 2 Kings 7:1
There are times when your fishing will not bring fish; this has nothing to do with your nets or skill; it is because there are powers that can stop the fish from coming. At such times, you need the prophetic advantage in addition to business acumen.
Luke 5:1-5
There is a “nevertheless” in the equation of the believer. When the prophetic ministry is administered within the boundaries of Scriptures and balanced by the principles mentioned above, it can work wonders in a man’s life. There is something called “prepared blessing” in the Kingdom.
1.      The power to get wealth is an engracing by the Holy Spirit upon an individual or an organization that attracts to the life of the individual; people, opportunities and resources.
2.      An empowerment upon an individual or an organization to provide extraordinary solutions to the needs of men, leading to all kinds of rewards; principally financial rewards (including power, influence, honor etc).
Matthew 10:41
The prophetic advantage comes into the life of a believer to lift and bless.
Two keys that provoke the operation of the prophetic:
a.      Honor: to God and the prophetic vessel that speaks over your life.
b.      The Power of Sacrifice: Psalm 50:2. It takes a sacrifice to end cycles. When God wanted many sons, He buried His own son. (Psalm 126:6). There are times when under divine instruction, both the seed and bread can go; casting the bread upon many waters. (Ecclesiastes 11:1-2).

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