Sunday, May 8, 2022

#22MinuteChallenge | Bible Project Reading Plan | Day 128 | The Prophets Before the Exile | Hosea 6-10, Psalm 123

#22MinuteChallenge | Bible Project Reading Plan

Day 128 | The Prophets Before the Exile

Hosea 6-10, Psalm 123

Source: Bible Project Reading Plan

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  1. After two days he will revive us. On the third day he will raise us so that we may live in his presence.
    Hosea 6:2 GW

  2. That is why I cut ⌞you⌟ down by sending the prophets. I killed you with the words from my mouth. My judgments shined on you like light.
    Hosea 6:5 GW

  3. I want your loyalty, not your sacrifices. I want you to know me, not to give me burnt offerings.
    Hosea 6:6 GW

  4. “They chose their own kings, kings I didn’t approve. They chose their own princes, princes I didn’t know. They chose to make idols with their own silver and gold. Because of this, they will be destroyed.
    Hosea 8:4 GW

  5. Samaria’s calf-shaped idol was made in Israel. Skilled workers made it. It is not a god. It will be smashed to pieces.
    Hosea 8:6 GW

  6. “The people of Israel plant the wind, but they harvest a storm. A field of grain that doesn’t ripen will never produce any grain. Even if it did produce grain, foreigners would eat it all.
    Hosea 8:7 GW

  7. ⌞The Lord said,⌟ “When I found Israel, it was like finding grapes in the desert. When I saw your ancestors, it was like seeing the first figs of the harvest. But they went to Baal Peor and worshiped shameful idols. They became as disgusting as the things they worshiped.
    Hosea 9:10 GW

  8. They say many things. They lie when they take oaths, and they make promises they don’t intend to keep. That’s why lawsuits spring up like poisonous weeds in the furrows of a field.
    Hosea 10:4 GW

  9. “Break new ground. Plant righteousness, and harvest the fruit that your loyalty will produce for me.” It’s time to seek the Lord! When he comes, he will rain righteousness on you.
    Hosea 10:12 GW

  10. I look up to you, to the one who sits enthroned in heaven. As servants depend on their masters, as a maid depends on her mistress, so we depend on the Lord our God until he has pity on us.
    Psalms 123:1‭-‬2 GW