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#22MinuteChallenge | Bible Project Reading Plan | Day 164 | The Wisdom of Israel | Ecclesiastes 5-8, Psalm 9

#22MinuteChallenge | Bible Project Reading Plan

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The Book of Ecclesiastes

Day 164 | The Wisdom of Israel

Ecclesiastes 5-8, Psalm 9

Source: Bible Project Reading Plan

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  1. Don’t be in a hurry to talk. Don’t be eager to speak in the presence of God. Since God is in heaven and you are on earth, limit the number of your words.
    Ecclesiastes 5:2 GW

  2. Daydreaming comes when there are too many worries. Careless speaking comes when there are too many words.
    Ecclesiastes 5:3 GW

  3. When you make a promise to God, don’t be slow to keep it because God doesn’t like fools. Keep your promise. It is better not to make a promise than to make one and not keep it.
    Ecclesiastes 5:4‭-‬5 GW

  4. The sleep of working people is sweet, whether they eat a little or a lot. But the full stomachs that rich people have will not allow them to sleep.
    Ecclesiastes 5:12 GW

  5. There is a painful tragedy that I have seen under the sun: Riches lead to the downfall of those who hoard them.
    Ecclesiastes 5:13 GW

  6. At last I have seen what is good and beautiful: It is to eat and drink and to enjoy the good in all our hard work under the sun during the brief lives God gives us. That is our lot ⌞in life⌟. It is a gift from God when God gives some people wealth and possessions, the power to enjoy them, ⌞the ability⌟ to accept their lot in life, and ⌞the ability⌟ to rejoice in their own hard work. These people won’t give much thought to their brief lives because God keeps them occupied with the joy in their hearts.
    Ecclesiastes 5:18‭-‬20 GW

  7. It is better to look at what is in front of you than to go looking for what you want. Even this is pointless. ⌞It’s like⌟ trying to catch the wind.
    Ecclesiastes 6:9 GW

  8. The more words there are, the more pointless they become. What advantage do mortals gain from this?
    Ecclesiastes 6:11 GW

  9. A good name is better than expensive perfume, and the day you die is better than the day you’re born. It is better to go to a funeral than to a banquet because that is where everyone will end up. Everyone who is alive should take this to heart!
    Ecclesiastes 7:1‭-‬2 GW

  10. It is better to listen to wise people who reprimand you than to fools who sing your praises.
    Ecclesiastes 7:5 GW

  11. Oppression can turn a wise person into a fool, and a bribe can corrupt the mind.
    Ecclesiastes 7:7 GW

  12. The end of something is better than its beginning. It is better to be patient than arrogant.
    Ecclesiastes 7:8 GW

  13. Don’t be quick to get angry, because anger is typical of fools.
    Ecclesiastes 7:9 GW

  14. Don’t ask, “Why were things better in the old days than they are now?” It isn’t wisdom that leads you to ask this!
    Ecclesiastes 7:10 GW

  15. Wisdom is as good as an inheritance. It is an advantage to everyone who sees the sun.
    Ecclesiastes 7:11 GW

  16. Wisdom protects us just as money protects us, but the advantage of wisdom is that it gives life to those who have it.
    Ecclesiastes 7:12 GW

  17. Consider what God has done! Who can straighten what God has bent?
    Ecclesiastes 7:13 GW

  18. Wisdom will help a wise person more than ten rulers can help a city.
    Ecclesiastes 7:19 GW

  19. Don’t take everything that people say to heart, or you may hear your own servant cursing you.
    Ecclesiastes 7:21 GW

  20. Whatever wisdom may be, it is out of reach. It is deep, very deep. Who can find out what it is?
    Ecclesiastes 7:24 GW

  21. I find that a woman whose thoughts are ⌞like⌟ traps and snares is more bitter than death itself. Even her hands are ⌞like⌟ chains. Whoever pleases God will escape her, but she will catch whoever continues to sin.
    Ecclesiastes 7:26 GW

  22. I have found only this: God made people decent, but they looked for many ways ⌞to avoid being decent⌟.”
    Ecclesiastes 7:29 GW

  23. The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.
    Psalms 9:9 GW

  24. Those who know your name trust you, O Lord, because you have never deserted those who seek your help.
    Psalms 9:10 GW

  25. Make music to praise the Lord, who is enthroned in Zion. Announce to the nations what he has done.
    Psalms 9:11 GW

  26. Needy people will not always be forgotten. Nor will the hope of oppressed people be lost forever.
    Psalms 9:18 GW

  27. Arise, O Lord. Do not let mortals gain any power. Let the nations be judged in your presence. Strike them with terror, O Lord. Let the nations know that they are ⌞only⌟ mortal. Selah
    Psalms 9:19‭-‬20 GW