Sunday, March 29, 2009


I had done so many wrongs,
I wasn't home for so long.
I squandered all that I had,
I wasn't a very responsible lad.
One day I came to my senses,
All at once, I saw my lapses.
They had robbed me of my position,
When I took my decision
I now wanted to retrace my steps back,
But all was gloomy and dark.
I struggled with the darkness of doubt,
As I decided to make a turn around
I headed home in shame and despair.
I had treated my loved ones badly, so unfair.
But to my surprise, as I got home,
I saw my father saying "welcome".
I begged to be his servant or slave,
A new robe, a fat calf and a party was what he gave.
He then turned to me and said
"Though you were gone for so long,
My heart was with you all along"

- Copyright © 2005 'Bayor Martins

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