Sunday, March 29, 2009


I walked into a clock sellers shop,
And indeed it was a stop
To the feeling of all elements
And a start to Selah moments
I looked closely if I could find
A wall clock that spoke my mind.
None could I see but this I know,
They all had something different to show.

Some said a quarter to eight
Is what makes the others late.
Others said "it's 10'o clock in the morning,
Why should people still be snoring?"
"Well…" answered several others
"We say it's 12'midnight and no one bothers!"
I watched in wonder as they all talked,
It was quite amazing to hear their tick-tock.
I stood for what seemed like eternity
As though being thrown into uncertainty
Of knowing who to believe in
Since no one seemed to be lying.

Then it dawned on me there as I stood,
That there was something else I could do.
To look round for a particular one,
In whose direction no one would turn.
Old, dusty and quite well on in years,
All the other clocks were not his peers.
Covered with webs, as though in tears,
I could hear him say "cast on me your cares,
I am the way, I speak the truth,
Unlike these other ones still in their youth.
You see, they don't speak the truth as people say
Because actually, they are right just twice a day.
But from generation to generation, come what may,
I Am that I Am, the Life and only Way.
All these ones claim to know me,
But in the real sense, they don't even see me!
I am not too bothered because the time is almost due
When I'll tell them all, 'I never knew you'
But as for many that will do what I do,
They have in store, something very good.
As for you, consider this a privilege,
To be given this kind of knowledge.
My grace is sufficient for you.
Because I live so will you.
Go tell my people to know who they follow
And stop living their lives so shallow.

Suddenly, I snapped out of this vision,
And immediately I knew my mission.
Indeed, I have been sent to every nation
Because I am a chosen generation,
A royal priesthood and a holy nation.
A peculiar person that I may show forth,
The praises of He, who has brought me forth,
Out of darkness, into his marvelous light.

Today I stand to show you the plight
Of many who do not see the Light.
Like I walked into the clock seller's shop,
And had to make a stop,
Please make a choice today.
If "Jesus I love you", you are yet to say.
All you need to do is love Him and surrender all
And I know he won't let you fall.
He listens to every sinners call
As many that will give him their all.

The clock is ticking, and time is going.
Don't be deceived into waiting
Make haste, now's the time for you
Come receive Jesus and have life anew.

- © 12th February 2001 by 'Bayor Martins

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