Monday, March 15, 2010


Upon the heavens above, He sits and looks
He watches everything even the springs and brooks
There is nothing hidden from His view
Nothing occurring ever appears to Him as new
He has made every living thing for His glory
Every tree and fruit, that man may not go hungry
I have watched and seen that all living things
The creeping, swimming, walking and those with wings
Pledge their allegiance to Christ the King
To His Almighty feet, His tribute they bring
They have no job on this earth than to eat and sleep
Yet His loving mercy gives them His blessings to keep
I have had questions about His love for me
Whether or not He harkens to my plea
Then one day, in the midst of those dire straits,
He sent His word to me when I no more could wait
He did not use a preacher or usher, pulpit or pew,
He came to me in a language perhaps known to a few
The heavens declare His glory, the skies His handiwork
Is a Scripture that proves creation does talk
When I received the word, it came quite as a shock
Like manna from heaven, water from the rock
Who did He use, what did He say?
When was it received? Was it night or day?
Well, it was through an animal that chews the curd
Through whom, of all creatures, God sent His word
To me it is like the days of Balaam the prophet
Who received an invitation promising to his pocket
And God called him to order from his fa├žade
When his donkey saw an angel on guard
What that animal said to him, this one said to me
When all his provision and care I no more could perceive
In just seven words, I got the message
That earlier on I had read in a passage
“Can’t you see He cares for us?” it said
Just as Psalm 50 verse 10 says, that’s where I had read!
You see, God has engraved us on the palm of His hands
And trials and storms don’t change the fact that His Word stands
I have come to know that there is no greater love
Than that which God sent from above
This Lord Jesus Christ is the purest form of love
Approved by the father with the descent of the dove
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son
That whoever believes in Him should not perish but have life – an eternal one
There is indeed no greater love
Than Christ, sent from above

Bayor Martins – Copyright ©2nd August 2002

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