Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just for You

My heart is filled with a song for You my lover today. I dreamt of you and I wish I were still asleep. Waking up now, my entire being is singing to You and I am so delighted to know You. I remember the wonderful times we have together when You and I sit and discuss in the early hours of the morning and your warm and gentle touch would ignite my spirit and keep me alive throughout the day. It is sweet to remember the wonderful times when we dine together and with a smile on your face, You instruct me in the way I should go. I really do cherish those times at the beach when You would carry me in your arms and all I wanted to do was just forget about the troubles of this world and remain with You. When You cuddle me in your arms and we see the stars together, You would tell me that the plans You have for me are those of peace and not of evil to bring me to a good and expected end. You are so loving my Dear. I love it when You gaze at my form and commend my beauty saying that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Several times my future would appear unsure and I would be afraid but You would comfort me and remind me that the good work You began, You will complete it in me. When afraid to embark on life’s journey, You reassure me with your words of peace saying You will never leave nor forsake me. The other day, our enemy came and You told me to resist him and he will flee from me. I could go on and on about your mercies and love which are new every morning. Thank You Lily of the valley, Shepherd of my soul and the Living Spring of my life and heart. I love you sweet Jesus.

Yours in tune,


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