Friday, June 17, 2011


A man of noble character, who can find?

His entire personality reflects his state of mind.

Amongst people of like manner, he may look a bit small,

But when it comes to substance, he’s standing high and tall.

He may not be known by many,

But he surely stands before kings and royalty.

All my life, I’ve watched him closely,

And I've come to discover just recently,

That great men are not just born, they’re raised,

That’s why faithful parents and guardians are to be praised.

Truly a man diligent in his work,

Won’t need to work round the clock,

Before his heart desires are met,

Saving him a lot of sweat.

Rejoice, rejoice o ye noble man,

For your life is in God's plan.

His words are true about you,

Every morning they are new.

You will flourish like a palm tree,

And leap like calves set free.

You will bear fruit in your old age,

Setting the standard as though a teenage.

Ignore what circumstances have to say,

Just rejoice and be glad ‘cause its your birthday.

To you Dad, with lots of love,

Thanks for being a blessing sent from above.

Prof. T. Ade Martins, 17th June, 2011

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