Friday, March 30, 2018


In the beginning, there was a garden,
Beautifully adorned like a little fair maiden.
East of Eden; a place of delight and pleasure,
An enchanting paradise made by The Creator.

To further add zing to what the eyes could see,
The Creator planted in it, all sorts of trees.
Now, there were these two planted in the middle,
One was for life, the other to know good and evil.

From Eden, a river flowed into the garden,
To keep it succulent, lush and evergreen.
To have the garden kept and worked,
The Creator put in it the man he had formed.

For his food, he could take from any tree.
To eat from them, he was indeed free.
But of the fruit of the middle tree, it was forbidden;
Like the tithe, nothing from it could be eaten.

The consequence of man breaching this clause,
Brought the serpent and the ground under a curse.
The man was driven from the Garden of Eden,
To work the ground from where he was taken.

Who were those in the garden with the tree of life?
The Creator, the serpent, the first Adam and his wife.
Now, who is in the Garden since man has been driven?
Because all I see is cherubim and a sword flashing.

Wait, what’s this groaning I hear in the garden?
Someone making an appeal to the Father in Heaven?
Why, that’s The Creator’s Son praying in agony,
But the garden is different, this one is Gethsemane.

His brow furrowed as He considered the cost,
Such a great price He would have to pay for the lost.
Three times He prayed if the cup could be gone,
But He always added “Thy will be done.”

So, who were those in this garden of His agony?
The Creator’s Son, Peter and two sons of Zebedee.
Now who’s in the garden moments after His prayer?
A large crowd with swords led by the betrayer.

Events led to Him being scourged and then crucified,
Hung high, spread wide, on the cross He died.
Then taken to the garden beside Golgotha,
He was laid in the tomb owned by Joseph of Arimathea.

So, what’s this crying I hear in the garden?
As though His body has been taken;
It’s Mary, seeking and weeping,
Before being aware the Saviour had risen.

As in the beginning, where there was a garden,
Beautifully adorned like a fair little maiden,
At the end, we see the garden of delight,
In the heavenly city without day or night.

So, who will be in the garden with the tree of life?
The Creator, the last Adam and the church; his bride.
These, via obedience, have the right to the tree of life.
Those outside include those who love and practice a lie.

If you’re yet to accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord,
Please do; the price’s been paid by His blood.
No time to waste my friend; make no delay!
Accept God's priceless gift of salvation today!

‘Bayor | 29.03.2013 + 30.03.2018

Scriptures: Genesis 2 and 3 | Luke 22:39-52 | John 19 | Revelation 22


  1. Wow. Nice piece. Thank God for salvation. - Jules

  2. Awesome!!! Beautifully written. More grace. Martina Aderonke Fatogun.

    1. Thank you Mom Ope, God bless you abundantly.

  3. Lovely write up. God bless you

    1. Thank you Man of God; God bless you and yours too.

  4. Great. Outpouring of a grateful heart and a passionate heart longing for or appealing to those outside the garden to come in.
    Inspired write up from deep meditation and truly Inspiring to readers.


    1. Thank you as always sir; God bless you and all yours.

  5. This is simply phenomenal. More Grace and Anointing to You. Are you going to run this write-up as a narration to 'Third Day'? - Otunba

    1. Thank you Otunba. Great idea; I'll work towards it. God bless you mightily.

  6. Covenanted Word Of God. God will continue to bless you. Fanwo

    1. Chairman himself! God bless you real good.
      Thank you and amen to your prayer.