Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dear Brother | Happy Birthday S.A.M: Samuel Adewale Martins


Though you’ve known me for three, the over two decades that I’ve known you have been a blessing in no small way.
You've always been there and have never been afraid to mentor, coach, reprove, instruct, innovate, postulate, eradicate…you get the point!
If life was like a battle field, suffice to say…

Thanks for being like Joshua…
A warrior
A Trailblazer
Bold as a Lion
You don’t take ‘NO’ for an answer
A visionary
Kingdom Fighter...etc

Thanks for being like Hur…
An inspiration
A motivator
A voracious reader
Informed in and about the market place/secular front
A man of excellence and integrity
Kingdom Financier...etc

Thanks for being like Aaron…
A translator and interpreter
Strong support
A man under authority
An able and available vessel
Kingdom Minded Brother...etc

Thanks for being like Moses…
A priest in and on the home front.
Seated as a true “Otunba” that you are, yet you are not just seated.
A man after God’s own heart.
A man of the Word
A man of prayer
A prophet indeed both to our nation and clan.
Standing in a seated position, seeing farther than the next generation does on its feet.
Kingdom Minded Father...etc

But most especially,

Thanks for being a Brother and a Friend.

I don’t know if I’ve said much of what the rest of us would say in thanks to God for your life, but on behalf of these four Powerful African Women: Precious 1, Princess, My Twin and Fruitful Vine; our sisters, our spouses, First Lady, Demiladeogo & sibling(s), aunties, uncles, friends, loved ones (and all those seriously ‘beefing’ you right now) this is saying...


Quite a few people will ‘Like’ this note. Some know you, others may not and yet several would want to know you. Either way, please note that it’s just a fraction of those of us who want to celebrate you on this wonderful day of yours.

Happy Birthday S.A.M: Samuel Adewale Martins

Your Bro,

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