Thursday, January 3, 2013

On Board Flight FT2013

Dear Papa,

Even the ears of a deaf man under the sound of your voice during the Cross-Over Service would have popped open because simply put, that was HEAVY!

A plane can't travel faster than the pilot and even those in first class still sit behind the pilot...

As the Captain On Board Flight FT2013;

May your life EFFORTLESSLY be at the forefront of the breakthroughs in The Refuge of House On The Rock this year to the intent of being an infallible proof of the Fast Track Mandate.

May the Clarity of the Voice from Heaven's Control Tower to your heart this year be interminable as you receive orders to steer this plane in the direction of Heaven's Agenda.

May the Wisdom to give Divine Instruction which prevents destruction, rest on you as you marshal out directives to the "Cabin Crew" of Pastors, Ministers, Deacons, HOD's et al.

Dear Mama,

The passengers have no business knowing the discussions that go on between a Pilot and the Co-Pilot and in times of turbulence or situations needing a critical second opinion, the composure and counsel of the Co-Pilot matters...
As the Co-Pilot On Board Flight FT2013;

May the needed grace for words that are like apples of gold in settings of silver, rest on you profusely.

May the ability to hear not just the words but also the gestures of Captain PGH rest on you graciously.

You both see where we are going before we get there and you understand what those gadgets say although it makes no meaning to some of us...

May the grace to communicate the next step clearly to all on board, rest upon you lavishly.

Some of us fall asleep and even watch movies during the flight but you have no luxury of sort.

May the reward of diligence and dedication to duty, be CLEARLY seen in your lives by the time the flight is about land.

As a privileged passenger On Board Flight FT2013;

Permit me to say it's an honour to be on board a flight steered by competent hands.

Awaiting instructions aye!


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