Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Psalm 2013:1-12

To the Chief Musician. On a three-valved horn. A Psalm of Bayor.

1. May the LORD thy God bless thee and thy seeds.

2. They shall smite all thine enemies at the gate (plus those hiding in thine habitation).

3. Their names shall be great and although as their parents thou art great, very great, thine greatness will be a fraction of theirs in their generation causing men to call thee an exalted parent of nations.

4. All that thine heart desireth to see them be, do and have (not have, do and be), the LORD thy God will cause thine steps to be ordered into the right places, meeting the right people and executing the right plans for its actualization.

5. Thine head and that of thine spouse shall be lifted amongst thine equals in your time and the times to come.

6. Favor shall be the hallmark of thine times.

7. Thou art blessed and highly favored.

8. Mine heart rejoiceth at the knowledge of thee and the great things yet to come thine way.

9. I beseech thee to not let the book of the law depart from thine handheld devices, laptops and plasma tvs so that thou mayest continually lay the path for thine seeds and generations yet unborn.

10. Stay blessed thou highly favored vessel of the Maker of Heaven and Earth.

11. The Lord smiles on thee and a mind blowing testimony awaiteth thee on the other side of every act of obedience.

12. Thine experience shall be one of such that shall cause NATIONS to fear the LORD thy GOD whose you are and whom you serve.


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