Thursday, January 10, 2013

Your Excellency | Word and Worship Leaders

I have a measure of respect for presidents and kings who can cause men to rise to their feet in applause by the mere sound of their voice.

However, there are some people who by virtue of The Sound behind their voice; get even presidents and kings on their knees in worship of The King of kings.

They are called Worship Leaders or better still, 'Presence Bringers'...

To every True Leader in Worship or Word reading this missive;

Thank you for being a channel and a voice to this generation.

May the oil on your life ceaselessly flow.

May nations answer when you call for one.

May your supplies arrive before the need presses in.

May the Voice behind your voice and behind you be constantly audible and ALWAYS louder than the voices from the crowd and the noise of popular demand.

May that Voice which spoke the world as we know it into existence, accompany your every word to see that none of them falls to the ground.

Like a mirror, may people have to adjust to the right and proper way of living as they bounce their standards for life off the radiance of your pristine personality.

May the 'question-mark-issues' in your life that make people ask 'why?' concerning you, become exclamation marks that'll make people say 'this is God at work in your life!'

May the voices from lips that have the ears of kings and the attention of presidents, mention your name for good in the corridors of power.

May you indeed Finish Strong as one who wasn't merely singing or speaking about Him but rather as one who did so from an abundance of intimate and personal knowledge of Him.

May Heaven's applause of your welcome Home be much more than the sure celebration you'll get when you're full of years and your job's done on this side of eternity.

Thanks for being you Dear Minstrel.

I celeb-rate you; I rate you a celebrity. 

May you NEVER lose relevance. 

May you know HONOUR and FAVOUR from GOD that NO MAN can take credit for.

God bless you...and that's an understatement.

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  1. He's the reason behind every song, every smile, d joyous expression on our faces when voices are lifted to Him! The greatest pleasure of a worship leader is when thousands of hands are lifted in harmony and in one accord to the One True King! Tanks for reminding us of the reason behind d songs!

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  3. God is to be praised with the voice. As worshipers our entire body is fashioned as an instrument of praise. Thanks for the compliment.

  4. Glowreeyah BraimahMarch 5, 2013 at 8:42 AM

    The role of a worship-leader is quite a humbling responsibility.It is quite sad that some people hustle and jostle for it or take the 'job description' for granted through mis-aligned and selfish agendas.However,it takes a lot to stand before God's people inspite of personal loss,lack and controversy!Overall and above all else,it is an honour to lead kings to the King!

  5. Wat a God inspring word. I'm blessed