Sunday, March 3, 2013

Three Wires | 03.03.13

 Great One,

Three wires: Live, Neutral and Earth, work together to power a device.
The Live wire supplies the power.
The Neutral wire takes the current back to the service panel.
The Earth wire is an added wire for safety with low resistance, having the quickest path to ground.

This third month of Resurrection and RECONNECTION;

May the 'Live Wires' of your destiny arise; Those who ensure the flow of Current (Currency) to finance your dream.

May the ‘Neutral Wires’ of your destiny show up; Those who are prudent with resources and are brimming with energy to ensure that your vision is fulfilled.

May the ‘Earth Wires’ of your destiny be ever present; Those who are just there for you. They’ve got your back and won’t bulge in their stance so that no harm comes to your purpose.

THIS is 2013 
"It's Morning; Ekaaro o!"


  1. God will continue to be your strenght n reward you. You are already a blessing to your generation, and you will always be in Jesus name. Thanks. Motunrayo

  2. Wow,this is awesome.Gob bless you richly and abundantly...:)...

  3. M.O.G, God bls u mightily more! Enjoy greater Grace & Glory...

  4. Glad to know people like you. You are valuable, thank you for the uplifting

  5. Wow! You speak like an oracle for the Lord. This indeed is the power of a passionate life, Romans 12:11. Your zeal and earnest endeavour for God will continue to be aglow and burning with the Spirit. God bless you.
    Mrs Erhijakpor

  6. Thank you so much for blessing my life, so shall it be unto u too. God bless u. Blossom For Christ.

  7. Thank you and the Good Lord Strengthen you. Amen

  8. You are already an "earth wire". Thanks for being a brother. - Zee

  9. BAYOUR; glad to hav met you. Congratulation all together my dear. Regards.
    Prince Tunde Morakinyo

  10. Synthia Bryan-IsiramenMarch 16, 2013 at 1:51 AM

    Amen. I pray same and more for you too Bayor!