Monday, January 20, 2014

Future Focus with KJK - MOVE ON!

You are greater than your past. You are stronger than any moment of failure. You can rise like smoke up a chimney. You were meant to spiral to the sky. All the chilling drafts of broken promises should not deny you the gift of life.

Never forget that you are alive, sometimes you could be weak, sometimes strong but alive. You could be right some day and wrong some night, but you didn't stop waking up the next morning.

The morning is God's gift of another day to pass the exam. How sincerely prepared are you? What book are you reading? Who have you been spending time with and relating with lately? Where have you been going of recent? It’s time to get intentional about project YOU. That's our focus at Creative Concept this year - INTENTIONAL GROWTH.

Therefore dear, do not become so preoccupied with the pain that you forget to push the baby you are meant to give birth to this year. For when the pain is at its peak; that's when you have to push. PUSH!

Someone called me during the week for counseling and he said that he is considering committing suicide. Hmmm! No time to sit and cry, you don't have to be suicidal. Push!

This is not the time to give up. Push! because this year God is about to birth a PROMISE through you. Don't look around, it could be discouraging except if you are looking out for opportunities. The answers begins first from within, J.C Maxwell wrote that "more gold has been mined from the thoughts of man than has even been taken from the gold coast of Ghana"

This will be your best year ever. Nothing shall be missing, nothing shall be needed.

KUNLE JOE KOMOLAFE is the President of Creative Concept, Leadership and Goal-Getting expert. With proven result spanning over 14 years, an author, dynamic inspirational speaker and life coach. You can have him speak at your next conference, seminar, retreat, convention for your City, Company, Commission, Church or Campus. Contact: BB- 2378C69B

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