Monday, January 6, 2014


Future Focus Monday Broadcast with KJK: 01


Active people use the Internet to grow themselves and learn about their world…passive people use it for the fun of it watch more TV.

Active people strategise their life plans and work to accomplish their goals…passive people wait for a miracle.

Active people cook their dinner fresh…passive people microwave something frozen.

Active people walk around a new city they are exploring…passive people take cabs.

Active people spend their lives pursuing their dreams…passive people have a midlife crisis.

Active people don’t wait for opportunity, they create it…passive people need it handed to them.

Active people analyze all their options and choices before making a decision…passive people go with whatever is easiest.

Active people build their own…passive people buy it.

Active people are artists, writers, builders, influencers, trendsetters and decision makers…passive people just are.

Active people volunteer, give calls to action, help others and make their world better…passive people complain.

Active people make art…passive people negatively criticize it.

Active people read and have an infinite thirst for knowledge…passive people haven’t read a book since graduation.

Active people are passionate…passive people don’t know the meaning of the word.

Active people spend their weekends pursuing their dreams, talents, potentials and inspiring others…passive people spend them on the couch, dates and hang-outs.

I could go on and on but hope this helps you adjust and make changes this week.

This week, choose to be ACTIVE.

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