Thursday, March 5, 2015

THE FOURTH WATCH | Nathaniel Bassey

...Also the Lord has been impressing upon my heart the importance of the 4th watch of prayer; 3am-6am
Mark 6:48

Beloved we must pray at all times, but there is something about the 4th watch!
This is a time when deals are sealed. 
This is a time to determine the course of the day.
It's also a time when we disrupt the operations of the demonic.
And enforce the counsel and plans of heaven for our lives and cities.

Medically, I understand this hour is called the "dead of the night"
The time death occurs the most.
This time is also the hours that precede the breaking of the dawn.
It is a strategic time; a time to download and tap into supernatural intelligence.
A time of the miraculous.

In the text above Jesus walked on water. And he CAME to the disciples
We must take advantage of these hours; We must!
Set an alarm, ask for the help of the Spirit, get friends to wake you up. However you do it, find a way.
Pray, speak in tongues, worship, declare. Commune with the Father.
You will tap into secrets at this time.

Also because there is less distractions, God's voice will be clearer
Our spirits sharper and alert to receive instructions.
Let's overcome laziness. And by the grace of God we will have victory. 
So wake up and settle some issues. Access is granted!
Those who rule the day don't sleep at night. Selah.
God bless you all


Thursday, March 5th 2015 05:27am - 05:40am

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