Saturday, August 8, 2015

Thank You Jesus | Testimony of Divine Protection

We testify of God's Divine Protection;

Several weeks ago, on our way back from church, we were driving over the bridge (Berger roundabout between Utako Market and Wuse Zone 6 in Abuja, Nigeria) and a man overtook our car but the car in front of him wasn't going as fast as he was.

We were on the right lane on the bridge when he did this and as I sighted him, I took my leg off the gas pedal and slowed down a bit almost the same time my wife saw him and said "careful dear..."

It was raining that evening so the man's brakes failed him and he started to skid off the road veering towards us; he missed us by inches and toppled over the high sides of the bridge - we would have been pushed over...but God...!

It looked like a movie stunt as we heard the loud banging of the car as it fell over.

We are hopeful it wasn't fatal because we didn't see the car by the next morning.

We thank God for His preservation.

Now, our major gratitude to God isn't just for this one that we saw but for the several others He's delivered us all from that we do not (and may never) know.

Please join us in saying "Thank you Jesus!"

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