Saturday, December 31, 2016


At the Crossover Service last year of House on the Rock – The Refuge Abuja, Pastor GoodHeart told us to ask God for just one thing that we wanted Him to do for us in 2016 and I asked Him for a change of address...

We started looking around for a place in January and on the 2nd of February, Psalm 44:3 became our reality when we moved into our home.

A few weeks later on the 18th of April 2016, we welcomed our beautiful daughter; Melissa OlokikiJesu Martins. God gave Diva, my excellent wife, such grace and carriage during the pregnancy that many didn’t know she was due on hearing the news of ‘Kiki’s arrival.

One other very significant blessing we experienced as a family in 2016 was “on-time-provision”. Psalm 23:1 became our perpetual reality as finances flowed in; sometimes from unexpected sources. There was hardly a month that we didn’t experience miraculous provision; often times before we prayed for it.

God further proved Himself as “The God That Makes Me Look Good”; not merely in appearance but in work competence. Times without number, I solved problems I had no skill set or prior knowledge of. In those moments, the Sweet Holy Spirit would whisper a solution that was spot on.

I thank God for miracles of preservation and protection; we drove countless times on the same roads that claimed several lives and property.

I thank God for the privilege and opportunity to serve in music and writing.

I thank God for the several other things memory might fail me to recount.

My family would like to use this medium to say a big "Thank You" to Jesus.

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