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Good parenting is the greatest investment you can ever make on your children.

Parenting is a fundamental responsibility of every father, mother or guardian to their children and wards and their success or failure in this duty determines the destiny of our world.

"Children are the world's most valuable resource and it's best hope for the future." - John F Kennedy

 A child not trained is a destiny lost.

Every parent and guardian must embrace the privilege of shaping the future of their children by accepting the task of teaching and grooming them in the way of the Lord.

You are responsible for looking after them and bringing out the best in them. It is a great work, but with God all things are possible.

As a parent you are expected to be a lot of things to your children - a tower of strength, a pillar, a disciplinarian etc. This is because the impact parents, especially a mother, makes in the life of a child are beyond comparison.

The character of an adult is formed through childhood influences. So to have the adult you desire, mould the child that will transform into that kind of adult by following the Biblical principles of parenting.

You must embrace and uphold Biblical principles in your parenting efforts.

What Is Parenting?

Parenting is the art of child-rearing through the instruments of instruction, teaching, coaching, correction and discipline.

Effectiveness in fulfilling the demands of parenting calls for well-defined ethical standards.

Parenting includes caring, training, mentoring and influencing.

1. Caring: to provide what is necessary for someone's health, happiness, sustenance and protection.

Caring also means placing their need above your own as you nurture them.

Every born child craves and desires to be cared for.

2. Training: every child needs training and molding.

Parents are to assume the position of a coach to their children and wards by being models and moulders.

3. Mentoring: a mentor is a trusted counselor, guide, tutor and leader.
In order to guide your children on the issues of life, you need to mentor them.

"A mentor is someone who has had an experience and is using that experience to develop another..."

You are the best mentor your children can ever have, don't leave this duty for another person. The effect your mentoring input will have on your children far outweighs that of another person's.

To mentor them convincingly, give them advice that are practical from your personal experiences.

4. Influencing: be a positive influence on your children. This becomes possible if you are not distant from them. You have to get to a level where your children are free with you because you are involved in their affairs.

You are to develop friendship with them so they can trust you.

The Task Of Parenting

Parenting is work and there is reward for every work, so to reap the rewards, do the work.

The way you raise them will determine the honor they will give you in future.

Parenting begins right from the birth day of the child.

Source: Biblical Principles Of Parenting (Chapter 1)

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