Tuesday, September 10, 2019



1. Godly Seed: God refers to children as seeds (Malachi 2:15)

As seeds, they have the potential for greatness which in turn makes them a delight to their parents.

Seeds create excitement and hold the promise of a future harvest. Godly seeds will produce godly generations (Matthew 13:38).

Your children carry amazing potentials that guarantee their greatness in life if you give them the proper conditions for their growth and development. Your children are your extensions. Whatever God has promised you and is doing in your life are ordained to continue with your children (Genesis 9:9).

God relates to you and your children on the platform of your understanding and walk with Him (Isaiah 59:21).

Children are to be handled as precious seeds (Psalm 22:30).

Agree with God and inspire children to the great destiny he has ordained for them (Psalm 112:2).

2. The Crown Of Old Men: Proverbs 17:6

Children as crowns beautify your life; they are evidences of your input in life. Knowing this should propel you to put in your best in their upbringing. They are your pride and glory as you get older.

3. A Blessing: Hebrews 11:23, Proverbs 10:22

Your children are meant to be a source of joy to you not to be a concern or a liability.

They are God's delight sent to make your life a delight not to ruin it.

4. Heritage of the Lord: Psalm 127:3

Don't be possessive of your children; they belong to the Lord. God only gave you the privilege and the responsibility to birth them.

Every parent and guardian is a caretaker of their children and wards and they will be responsible to God to give account for what whatever happens to them.

If you will relate with your children as "an heritage of the Lord" you will be free from fears and anxieties over them.

God owns the children; parents are only caregivers.

Your children belong to God and He takes care of His own. Leave them in the care of the One who owns them and do your own part. Put your trust in him to keep them especially when you are not physically with them.

5. Prominent Seeds: Isaiah 61:9

The Bible says that your children shall become prominent, not hidden among the Gentiles.

Everyone that sees your children from henceforth will begin to acknowledge them.

His plan for your children is so great that no one will be able to withstand them.

Agree with God's word and commit yourself to work with Him to see His promise fulfilled in your children.

See them as what God says they are, and join with God to say what He said about them to them continually.

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